How These 4 Influencers Use Skin-Care To De-Stress

Whether we like to admit it or not, our stress levels are catching up to us. As much as we think we can internalize our anxieties into oblivion, their tell-tale signs can very well be showing up on our skin in the form of fine lines, dryness, or dullness. According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Shari Sperling, those signs can be even more pronounced "if you're not taking care of your skin as regularly."

"This is a good time while quarantined at home to take care of your skin," she says. "Make sure to use gentle cleansers and moisturizers daily." Kiwi Botanicals, a clean beauty skin-care line, recently partnered up with a few influencers to share how they're using their shower routine to help them relax, de-stress, and keep their skin in check. Get the scoop below on ways they've been making the most of their routines using Kiwi Botanicals' manuka honey-infused shower gel and body conditioner.

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For makeup and fashion YouTuber Shalom Blac, it starts with gratitude. "At times like this, when we don't fully have control, I like to treat my mind and body nicely," Blac says in a video she created for the skin-care brand. She shows how she wakes up and says a little prayer, then proceeds to get her work out in. Afterwards, she hops in the shower and turns to Kiwi Botanicals' Nourishing Shower Gel for a refreshing cleanse. "I really love how foamy it gets," she says in the clip. She follows up by massaging the Nourishing Body Conditioner all over, including her head, which she shaves every time she showers. In a follow-up Instagram post, she writes: "Moisturizing and treating your body with clean beauty products is so important to calm your skin and settle down from a hectic day."


We’re used to seeing lifestyle blogger Francis Lola against dreamlike backgrounds that look anything but stressful. But even she acknowledges taking care of her skin with clean beauty products gives her the boost she needs.

"We’re all living in an uncertain and stressful time," she writes in a recent caption for the campaign. "One thing I want to be certain of is what I’m putting on my skin." She focuses on moisturizing, since she says her skin feels extra dry when she’s feeling stressed. Using a shower gel infused with manuka honey helps keep things feeling extra soft and hydrated.


Gabi Gregg, most affectionately called Gabi Fresh, is known for her fierce photos and call for women to experiment with fashion no matter what skin they’re in. She’s also not afraid to get real when talking about how her skin is still somewhat of an insecurity for her. In her post for the partnership, she writes: "Between chronic acne and my auto-immune illnesses, the skin both on my face and body really takes a hit. Lately it's been bumpy, dry, and flaky (cute, right?) I'm constantly looking for new clean beauty products for my in-shower regimen that are soothing." Her discovery of Kiwi Botanicals' skin-calming products were just the prescription. "On top of smelling subtly sweet and delicious, my skin feels so much smoother and more hydrated. Better yet, there are NO sulfates or parabens."


Katie Austin, a former athlete, has a grid full of energetic workouts. For her, keeping her body healthy all-around helps her manage stress levels, but the products she uses on it have to measure up as well. "After using Kiwi Botanicals, I swear my skin felt so nourished and calm," she writes in her post. Not to mention, she claims one shower with their Nourishing Body Gel "smells like you just showered in a bed of 9837 flowers and honey." That’s courtesy of the sustainably-sourced manuka honey from New Zealand. The ingredient contains antimicrobial and mild exfoliating skin benefits that also keeps skin super moisturized.