4 Life Crossroads We All Flail Through


Puberty, college graduation, having kids — each one of these monumental events can be viewed as the beginning to a new chapter in life. Simultaneously, these are the very life crossroads that leave us screaming “reroute!” at our existential GPS-es. Congratulations — you’re growing! Now, where’s the nearest rest stop to pull off and buy a bag of cheese puffs?

Andrea Savage has lived through it all. The writer and comedian co-created truTV’s new comedy I’m Sorry, partially inspired by the absurd and hilariously awkward experiences of her own life as an adult. And though she has all the trappings of a capital-G Grownup — a kid, a job, a marriage, and a house — she still manages to get herself into situations where she and her peers act ridiculous. Sure, in Andrea’s world, there may be more F bombs and general MA-related content than in the sandbox. But no matter how old you are, these events leave you feeling like the weird kid with a melted popsicle in her pocket on the playground.

We’ve partnered with truTV to break down the series of life crossroads that make you take a good, hard look in the mirror and ask “What am I, even?” Make sure to catch the series premiere of I’m Sorry on truTV, with two back-to-back episodes on July 12th at 10/9c.


Few people would disagree that your early teen-hood is one of the most confusing times in anyone’s life. Friendships are intense. Hormones are raging. People are all of a sudden grinding with each other at school dances. And one day, your uterus decides to start falling out of your body on monthly occasion. What a trip!

And while everyone around you is pretending to be an adult, you still feel like a kid. You might be wrapped up in popping a zit when you look at yourself every night in the mirror at this time. But a good affirmation might be “Don’t worry. Nobody else knows what they’re doing either.”

Quarter-Life Crisis

No event is more revealing than your “quarter life crisis.” Once you graduate college, you’re suddenly thrust from the soothing confines of school, childhood, and certainty, to the topsy-turvy world of being an actual adult.

You struggle with adult things, like paying your taxes, your bills, bringing yourself to the doctor, and attempting to figure out what you want to do with your life. But how are you supposed to know that if you can’t stop scrolling Facebook and stewing about how all your college peers’ lives are better than yours?!

When You Have To Explain The World To Your Kids

Congratulations! You’ve reached the point in life where you finally know that you never stop feeling like a kid. Now, in the event you decide to have kids of your own, you must ask the question: how do you start explaining the world to your own kids? Politics, sexuality, money, existence — the minds of babes must be handled gingerly. Looking on the bright side, though, you can always raise a little feminist — which the world needs more of, obviously.

The Realization That You’re Officially Old

There’s no shame in your “retired person” game. Perhaps you’ve discovered some gray hairs. Perhaps it’s an ambiguous pain in your hip. Perhaps it’s the gradual slowing of your digestive system, or the fact that your DVR is now full of documentaries. But old age is coming for all of us, and it happens in increments. But once you embrace the inevitable hurtling towards old age, at least you can feel good about going to a senior’s exercise class. They really are the only ones worth going to in the first place.

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