These 4 Signs Will Be Spared From Saturn Retrograde’s Slowdown Effect This Month

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Retrogrades happen. But, let's get two things straight about 'em: One, they don't all mean everything will go awry, and two, they affect each sign of the zodiac differently. While Saturn's retrograde from Apr. 17 to Sept. 6 will make itself known in each sun sign, there are some signs that will be affected the least by Saturn retrograde 2018. So don't wince when you see the word "retrograde" announced in your monthly horoscope.

Saturn "will slow down the normal rate of activity so that better methods and strategies can be developed," according to Lynn Koiner, Astrological Research. You can come out from under the covers now. Retrograde isn't some monster awaiting to wreak havoc on your life! There are positive aspects to these planetary transits. We can all benefit from slowing down and doing some surfacing as well as restructuring.

Cafe Astrology says about Saturn retrograde, "the retrograde cycle becomes an opportunity period for review and reassessment. Attempts to reconnect with the purpose of our structures, limits, and duties can aid this process. Slowing down makes sense." Even if obstacles appear, it's only to help us find a new way of overcoming the issue. Reviewing past — and maybe even forgotten — projects can help us clarify what needs to be done for better success in the future.

Retrogrades aren't a ~bad~ thing that are worth fearing. It almost seems like if one planet isn't retrograde, then another is! It's not a bad thing to shift your perspective on the whole retrograde thing. But it's also not so bad when the whole retrograde thing isn't really affecting you. Congratulations to the signs below who only have some minor edits to comb through over the course of the next few months.


Always a trendsetter — you are the first sign in the zodiac after all — Aries will be showcasing their skill throughout April. While retrogrades are all about slowing down, it's hard to say you'll be doing that in your profession once Saturn turns retrograde later this April. You're a leader. And you will continue to lead yourself to success. However, leaders certainly deserve breaks. And it might serve you well to slow down and dispose of the excessive things that could be weighing you down. Cafe Astrology says, "there is some need to review, reflect, and reorganize on these levels." Take a look over your work schedule, at the very least.


If you've been working overload and have a few stress pimples freckling your chin, Saturn in retrograde could be a blessing. Cafe Astrology writes, "Putting in extra effort, following the rules, and facing realities are all important now and will lead to good things, even if you'd rather be picking up the pace. Facing up to facts with work and health matters can be in focus now, and this allows you to make solid, realistic plans of action." Slowing down is essential to self care which is something you should invest in right now. Even if it's setting up a doctors appointment or scheduling a facial. Sounds like a rough retrograde with a wave of life lessons, huh?


With Saturn moving into retrograde, you should probably not move at all. With matters of the home being affected the most, you might want to cozy up to your zip code for the next few months and make your humble abode an enjoyable place. If anything, curb your wanderlust with a Pinterest bucket list of destinations to visit once this transit has passed. Ultimately, adjustments made at home and with your family during this time will make life a lot sweeter. I wish I could Pinterest this retrograde away too.


Saturn's retrograde will make relationships and friendships come into light. People who come into your life now may not be the most trustworthy of companions. Hold off on sharing vault like sensitive secrets with new crew members. Enjoy your original inner circle for now. I know you know there are so many fishies in the sea and you might feel like you need to meet them all ~right now~, but it would serve your social life right if you just swam in place for a minute (or a few months). It's not like you don't already have friends, anyways!