As NARS Launches New Orgasm X Blush, Here's How To Create The Perfect Glow


In the depths of your makeup bag there's probably at least one blusher. Maybe it's part of your holy trinity of beauty products, alongside a good mascara and lipstick (ok, holy quartet, we all need a decent liquid liner, too). But, do you really know how to get the most out of your blush? One man who definitely does is makeup artist François Nars, the creator of arguably the most famous shade of all time, Orgasm. "[Blush is] a beauty essential," he assures me.

To recap, NARS was founded in 1994 and quickly established itself as one of the most inclusive beauty brands on the market, covering a broader spectrum of shades than many other lines. Orgasm first launched in 1999, and, as beauty junkies will know, it revolutionised the blush scene with a universally flattering, pink-gold hue.

Surely it can't get any better than that? Think again. From 15 March, NARS are adding 10 new shades to their core blush range. And the latest, super-charged Orgasm X is a strong contender for the best in the collection, with even more pearly shimmer than the original.

So, where did Nars get his love of blush from? "That was passed down from my mother," he tells me. "For her, it was the most important part of her daily makeup ritual. I remember she almost never left the house without it, and for the few times she did, she would pinch her cheeks for that healthy-looking glow."

From application technique to the right brush, experimenting with shades and achieving the perfect glow – here are François Nars' top tips to getting the most out of your blush.



How & Where You Apply Blush Is Key

"How and where you apply blush is more important than what colour you use," Nars tells me. In what might be news to some of us, he says, "cheek colour shouldn’t be limited to the apples – no one blushes only on their cheeks". Instead, follow Nars' advice and "always blend a bit into the hairline, along the jawbone, and on the tip of the nose". Think along the same lines as you would when applying bronzer.


Use The Right Blush Brush

The aim with blush, Nars tells me, is to "create a natural-looking, all-over hint of colour". And some brushes work better than others to achieve that effect. Choose fluffy over more compact bristles, press into the blush and sweep across the face, as above. Remember, we're looking for an overall glow, rather than block-colour contouring.


Don't Be Afraid To Mix Shades

Revealing a trade secret, Nars shares: "Makeup artists always apply more than one blush – combining and blending for that perfect colour." The new range, therefore, is created with the customer and the artist in mind. "I wanted to create a lineup that made [mixing shades] easy for makeup artists as well as customers." Try layering the red shimmer, Savage, over the more satiny Aroused, for a blush with real depth and glow.


Go Easy On The Amount Of Blush

The magic of blush is that it works to brighten every skin tone and face shape, but there's definitely a fine line between radiance and OTT rouge. It's much easier to apply a touch more, than scale it back once you've over-applied. So, always keep the learnt wisdom of Nars' mother in mind – we're aiming for the perfect pinched cheek, "healthy-looking glow".