4 Ways To Make High Heels More Comfortable

I always thought that by the time I became an adult, I'd just know how to walk in heels. Something would kick in, my feet would become more calloused, my arches would become more defined, and I'd be able to hustle down the street in pair of stilettos like a boss. But the foot transformation never happened, and I still look like a clown wearing stilts for the first time every time I wear heels. So this new Bustle Adulting video all about four ways to make heels more comfortable is a godsend for me.

If you don't have time to watch right now (though you should save time to later, it's pretty amazing), here's everything you need to know to make high heels not feel like torture:

Tape Your Toes

Yes, it sounds weird, but just try it. If you tape your third and fourth toes together, it alleviates pressure on the balls of your feet. Just use regular household tape!

Opt For The Open Toe

A little bit of wiggle room can make a big difference when you're looking for a comfortable shoe.

Stretch It Out

Buy yourself a heel stretcher and make sure you use it on all of your new shoes. It will make the breaking in process a lot more tolerable.

Cushion It

Gel inserts are nothing to be embarrassed about. Fill your shoes with as many gels or cushions or pads that you need. You can't walk confidently if you're not comfortable.

Check out the full video below: