These Are The 4 Zodiac Signs Mercury Retrograde Will Affect The Most This Winter


About three or four times every year, the universe throws us for a loop when Mercury goes retrograde. When this planet goes retrograde, what it's really doing is changing speed in its orbit around the sun, making it look like it's moving backwards. This change affects all of us here on Earth, as you probably already know, since Mercury retrograde is frequently blamed for communication and tech issues, as well as any general feeling of confusion. On Nov. 16, Mercury will go retrograde one last time in 2018, right in time for Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season (joy!). This is going to have an effect on everyone, but there are certain zodiac signs Mercury retrograde will affect the most this winter.

The planet Mercury rules communication, which is a pretty big deal. It can mess with our ability to have serious conversations, to truly understand what people are trying to say to us, and to even do things like interpret directions correctly. But it's not all bad: Mercury retrograde is about taking things slow and reflecting on the past. This time period isn't the best time to make a life-changing decision or to start something new, but it is a good time to go over things, question your motives, and look into your soul to see what you want to continue doing. Forever Conscious says, "As the planet of communication, Mercury retrograde gives us the opportunity to improve how we communicate our message, our energy, and our vibrations into the world."

Reflecting and figuring out how to move forward with your life definitely isn't the worst way to end a year — in fact, it's a really good starting point in getting a fresh start as the new year approaches us. Again, though, it's important to remember that Mercury retrograde might affect some more than others — and you'll probably want to know if your sign is going to feel things a little more intensely than some. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust to find out which zodiac signs will be most affected by this winter's Mercury retrograde.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

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This is likely going to be an odd time for relationships for Geminis. Stardust said, "Ruled by Mercury, Gemini will feel the planetary limbo of Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde will allow for zombie-ing from exes and ghosting from current flames, which may leave Gemini’s airy head spinning."

Virgo (August 23 - September 23)

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Virgo is another planet ruled by Mercury, meaning any Virgos will surely feel the effects of this retrograde pretty strongly. Stardust said, "Virgo will feel constricted by travel issues — meaning, Virgos will float off the radar, as they may have transportation or commuter issues during this Mercury Retrograde season."

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

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With Mercury retrograde happening during Scorpio season, anyone under this sign will feel some changes. Stardust said, "The backend of Mercury Retrograde will align with the sign Scorpio, causing Scorpios to change the way they feel about themselves and others, as well as their relationship with money. Word of advice for Scorpios: do not get a new look or haircut, it may be regretted when Mercury goes direct. Also, Scorpios should watch out for overspending this holiday season."

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

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Anyone who is a Sagittarius needs to be careful during this time. Stardust explained, "Mercury Retrograde starts moving backwards in the sign of Sag, opening up some clandestine relationships of the archer. Word of advice for Sag: try not to put your foot in your mouth — you may expose all your secrets yourself."