40 Best-Sellers On Amazon That Are 50% Cheaper Than Competitors

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Let's face it: Whether it's a new pair of sunglasses or a luxe eyelash serum, it's tough to treat yourself when it costs more than your grocery budget. And, honestly, you never quite know what you're getting when you try to buy a similar (and cheaper) product online. The key is to comb through lists and read the reviews, especially when it comes to best-sellers that cost way less on Amazon.

You know an item works if enough people are buying it so it shows up on a best-seller list, even if it isn't the exact same brand as the one you were spying. But here's the secret: A lot of products are pretty much the same thing in different packaging, and reviewers will be the first to tell you if something's not up to par. They'll also let you know when to grab that automatic curling wand or professional-grade blender that works just as well as the big-name brand for half the price.

There are even some Amazon best-sellers that work so well, reviewers swear they're even better than the more expensive brands. Take, for example, Amazon's totally customizable leggings that fit like a hug against your body. One reviewer writes, "These are the holy grail of leggings."

The fact is, there are tons of products that work amazingly well and won't cost a fortune. Here's a round-up of some of Amazon's most affordable, reviewer-approved best-sellers.

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