40 Best-Sellers On Amazon That Are 50% Cheaper Than Competitors

Let's face it: Whether it's a new pair of sunglasses or a luxe eyelash serum, it's tough to treat yourself when it costs more than your grocery budget. And, honestly, you never quite know what you're getting when you try to buy a similar (and cheaper) product online. The key is to comb through lists and read the reviews, especially when it comes to best-sellers that cost way less on Amazon.

You know an item works if enough people are buying it so it shows up on a best-seller list, even if it isn't the exact same brand as the one you were spying. But here's the secret: A lot of products are pretty much the same thing in different packaging, and reviewers will be the first to tell you if something's not up to par. They'll also let you know when to grab that automatic curling wand or professional-grade blender that works just as well as the big-name brand for half the price.

There are even some Amazon best-sellers that work so well, reviewers swear they're even better than the more expensive brands. Take, for example, Amazon's totally customizable leggings that fit like a hug against your body. One reviewer writes, "These are the holy grail of leggings."

The fact is, there are tons of products that work amazingly well and won't cost a fortune. Here's a round-up of some of Amazon's most affordable, reviewer-approved best-sellers.

1. A Cooker That Makes Eggs In Six Minutes

Not only is this egg cooker super-affordable, it's also extremely easy to use. With the flick of a switch, you can boil, poach, or steam eggs in less time than it takes to brew your coffee in the morning. It holds up to six eggs and includes a measuring cup so you know how much water to add depending on how you want your eggs. The lid is BPA-free, and you can even put parts of this cooker straight into the dishwasher when you're done.

2. An Ionic Hair Straightener Professional Stylists Swear By

This professional hair straightener has over 28,000 positive reviews, and for good reason: it works flawlessly without damaging your hair. This little tool can straight or curl your hair, and the micro-sensors prevent the ceramic plates from heating up too much to cause breakage or heat damage. The plates also feature literal tourmaline crystals that help evenly distribute heat so every strand gets styled for luxe, silky hair every time. It even comes with a protective sleeve you can slip this straightener into when you're done.

3. The Blender That Can Literally Crush Ice

This professional-grade blender can pretty much do it all — it blends, chops, and literally crushes ice. That's because the base features 1,000 watts of power for tons of speed, and combined with the six extra sharp blades, you can blend anything from whole raw veggies to huge chunks of ice without a hitch. The pitcher can even hold 72 ounces so you can make one smoothie for now and save another for post-workout later.

4. A Dutch Oven That You Can Use On Any Cooking Surface

If you're looking for a pot that does it all, this 6-quart Dutch oven is definitely it. It's made from cast iron and features a durable enamel coating that won't chip, and the lid seals tightly shut to lock in heat. This pot is big enough to make an entire meal in, but it's still small enough to sit comfortably on a stovetop burner. You can also transfer it from stovetop to oven in a snap, and it's oven-safe up to 400 degrees.

5. The Blender That Can Sense What's Inside

Reviewers swear this five-speed blender is a total steal for the price on Amazon. For one, the motor can sense the bulk and weight of the ingredients inside the pitcher and then adjusts its speed to power through them all. And you don't have to stick to smoothies. You can also chop, puree, blend, stir, and pulse ingredients to make soups and sauces. On top of that, the pitcher is completely stain-, shatter-, and scratch-resistant, and it's also dishwasher-safe.

6. A Cloth That Erases Your Makeup

This super soft cloth erases your makeup without any harsh chemicals or tough exfoliants. The secret is in the microfiber fabric — just get it wet, and the fine threads cling to your makeup while still going easy on your skin. You can use this cloth for your eye, lip, and face makeup, and when you wash it, it comes completely clean.

7. A Blanket That Feels Like A Hug

Not only is this weighted blanket extremely cozy, but it also wraps you in a hug while you're sleeping. The inner layers are filled with small, glass beads that give it weight while still allowing for airflow, and the sewn-in pockets ensure the beads stay in place instead of sliding all through the blanket. Any standard size duvet will fit over this one, but reviewers mention a cooling bamboo cover works great to prevent you from overheating.

8. The Bluetooth Headphones That You Can Use In The Water

For less than 20 bucks, these Bluetooth headphones are a ridiculously good deal. For one, they feature nano-coating over the buds to protect the sound fidelity and mechanics from sweat, rain, and pool water. They also feature ear hooks so they stay in place while you're working out, and they're completely hands-free. Plus, the battery lasts for up to 10 hours at a time so you can wear them all day without recharging.

9. These Athletic Leggings That Are Completely Customizable

You don't have to settle for leggings that don't quite fit with these build-your-own leggings by Core10. When you checkout, you can choose if you want a high waist or mid waist fit, and if you want your leggings in short, regular, or tall. They also feature mesh panels to keep you cool and side panel pockets to hold your keys or phone. Plus, reviewers rave about how soft these leggings are. Available sizes: XS-3X

10. This Heated Brush That Straightens Your Hair

This brush straightener saves you time in the morning with its quick-heat bristles. It works similarly to a traditional straightener — plug it in and it heats up in about 60 seconds — but the bristles themselves release heat as you brush, so your hair is smooth and straight with one stroke. The liquid crystal display allows you to monitor the temperature as you style, and the the rotating wire allows you to brush from multiple angles.

11. A Hand Mixer That's Easy To Store

Not only is this hand mixer super powerful, but it's also extremely compact. It weighs in at only 2 pounds, and it features a clip on its side to attach the beaters when you're finished — making it simple to slip this little kitchen tool into just about any cabinet or drawer. Bonus: It comes in a variety of eye-popping colors so you can match your mixer with your kitchen.

12. The Yoga Shorts That Have A Pocket For Your Phone

No need to pack your purse with these stretchy yoga shorts. Each pair features a side pocket that's wide enough to hold a smartphone, wallet, or keys. They're made from a poly-spandex blend that stretches with you as you move, and feature gentle compression. They're also 100 percent moisture-wicking, so you can wear these shorts to hot yoga to help you stay cool in the studio. Available sizes: XS-XL

13. A Robot Vacuum That Cleans By Itself

You never have to think about cleaning the floors again with this robot vacuum. It's slim enough to fit beneath couches and tables, yet it's powerful enough to pick up all those pet hair tumbleweeds that tend to get stuck in corners. It's also completely self-guided and self-recharging, so you can set it to auto-clean and let it do its thing. But if you want a little more control, you can use the included remote to guide it around your home for a more personalized clean.

14. This Hydrating Serum That Evens Out Skin Tone

This luxe facial serum is made from 30 percent organic Vitamin C to nourish and brighten your skin, promoting an even skin tone. It also features Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid to soften skin, keep it hydrated — and replenish collagen and important nutrients that can become depleted over time. Reviewers swear by this serum, writing it's been the best addition to their skin care routine, especially for only seven bucks.

15. A Vegan Marula Oil That's Ultra-Nourishing

This vegan oil works perfectly to moisturize your face, but you can also slather it on your arms or legs for an extra layer of hydration. It's sulfate-, paraben-, and cruelty-free, and gently traps in moisture so chapped skin can heal. Some reviewers have even used this oil as a mask to heal over-processed hair, as a massage oil, or even to help heal dry cuticles and cracked heels.

16. The Linen Pants That You Can Wear Everyday

These linen pants work perfectly to dress up an outfit or wear out while running errands. They're extremely lightweight and breathable, and they feature an elastic waist and a drawstring for maximum comfort. These pants also come in short, regular, and long sizes so you can be sure they fit flawlessly. They're also completely machine-washable, and the best part? There's multiple pockets on the sides and back. Available sizes: XS-XXL

17. A Gel Moisturizer That Won't Clog Your Pores

This gel moisturizer is extremely hydrating without clogging your pores. The key is in the ingredients — it's made with hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in your skin. This acid component pulls in and holds onto water without the weight of heavy creams and lotions. On top of that, it's dye-free, fragrance-free, and so gentle that you can use it daily under your makeup.

18. The Slip-On Sandals That Are Waterproof

Not only are these contoured slip-ons super cute, but reviewers insist they're comfortable, too. They're constructed of EVA foam that's both washable and waterproof, so you can wear these slides just about anywhere. They also feature adjustable, double buckles for a perfect fit, and the padded foot bed literally molds to the shape of your foot. One reviewer even writes, "These are the best shoes I've ever bought." Available sizes: 6-10

19. These Mirrored Sunglasses That Block Out UV Rays

These aviator sunglasses protect your eyes by blocking out 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays. The lenses are also anti-glare and mirrored to reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it, and the frames are constructed of a sturdy metal material that won't bend. They come with a microfiber pouch to prevent scratches and a super soft cloth you can use to clean the lenses — plus, there are even multiple lens colors to choose from.

20. A Lightbulb That You Can Control With Your Voice

You can pair any hub with this smart lightbulb to shut off the lights with just your voice. This bulb also dims and brightens according to your commands — or you can put it on a schedule so it shuts off on its own, even when you're not home. Plus, it uses up to 80 percent less electricity than regular bulbs, putting some serious cash back in your pocket.

21. A Serum That Makes Your Lashes Luscious

This lash serum packs a one-two punch: it helps you grow new lashes and fuller eyebrows while making the ones you already have look thicker and fuller. It's made from two professional-grade, pro-keratin peptides — plus organic green tea, saw palmetto, and nettle root for added nutrients. Just apply this vegan, cruelty-free formula to your lash lines and eyebrow roots daily for results within a couple of weeks.

22. This Pack Of Sports Bras That Are Seamless

You get four sports bras for the price of one without compromising on quality. These racerback bras are made from fabric that's moisture-wicking, and the keyhole in the back allows even more cool air to flow in. Each bra also features a stretchy, elastic band to help it stay put while you're working out, and the seamless cups offer medium support for running, walking, or your favorite studio classes. With over 5,000 positive reviews, it's easy to see why reviewers can't say enough good things about these sports bras. Available sizes: S-1X

23. A Styling Tool That Automatically Curls Your Hair

Forget fumbling with your curling iron with this automatic styling tool. Here's how it works: place the iron close to your hair, turn the dial, and allow the 1-inch barrel to gently wrap your hair around it. The tourmaline-ceramic plate evenly heats your hair within seconds, and the wand releases it for perfect, silky curls. The handle is made with heat-resistant plastic so you won't burn your fingers, and the LCD display allows you to control the temperature as you curl.

24. An Everyday Tote That Can Hold Your Laptop

This roomy canvas tote is ridiculously cute and functional. It features a 13-inch main pocket — which is big enough to fit a 12-inch laptop, e-reader, tablet, or notebook. There are several smaller, inner pockets for your pens, keys, and other small items, and the entire bag is washable. It even has a longer strap so you can choose to wear it over your shoulder, or across your body, and the bag itself weighs less than a pound so it's lightweight enough to carry all day.

25. The Stud Earrings That Look Like Real Diamonds

These round-cut studs add a little bling to your outfit without the hefty price tag. The stones are high-quality cubic zirconias, and the posts and backs are plated with sterling silver so they won't leave behind rust or other marks on your skin. Even reviewers with metal allergies can wear these earrings without any reaction, and others comment on how sparkly and bright they are.

26. A Miniature Steamer You Can Travel With

No worrying about wrinkled clothes when you bring this miniature steamer with you on your trip. It weighs just about as much as an iPad when it's empty, and at only 7 inches tall, it's easy to store in your carry-on or suitcase. This steamer can hold up to 750 milliliters of water at a time, which provides up to 15 minutes of continuous steaming. Plus, the 9-foot cord makes it easy to steam everything from suits to blankets to curtains without a hitch.

27. A Faux Leather Tote That's Buttery-Soft

This faux leather tote bag is both adorable and costs less than a lunch date. The high-quality outer shell is extremely soft, and the main inner pocket is spacious enough to fit a notebook or tablet. There's also a smaller, inner pocket that's the perfect size for a smartphone, keys, or a few pens. And at the top, a single button protects your valuables while still allowing you space to easily reach inside.

28. A Bottle That Keeps Your Water Cold All Day

This stainless steel bottle keeps your drink cool for up to 12 hours, no matter how hot your house or office is. It's double-insulated and completely leak-proof, so you can shove it in your bag without worrying about spills. The drinking spout is also folded into the lid to protect it from outside germs and debris, and the clip handle can snap onto any backpack or purse handle.

29. A Diffuser That You Can Program

Not only does this essential oil diffuser make your home or office smell amazing, but it also lets off a cool mist to add moisture to the air. Just lift the shell to add a bit of cool water and your oil of choice, then either hit on and let it go until the water runs out, or program your own cycle to release mist when you're in the vicinity. There's also an option to turn on the lamp feature, which lights up the diffuser in a warm white or seven brilliant colors.

30. This Neck Massager That You Can Wear

Relieve neck and back pain with this wearable Shiatsu massager. Just put it around your neck and slip your hands into the handles. The massage rotates to work on stiff muscles, while the micro-heat sensors simulate the temperature of your hands to add heat to your neck. There are even three different intensity modes to work on everything from chronic pain to a crick in your neck.

31. A Hair Mask That's Made With Silk Proteins

Go ahead and cancel that salon appointment with this extremely nourishing hair mask. It's made with a blend of pure Argan oil and actual silk proteins that add collagen and elasticity to your locks. Just apply this luxe mask to dry, damaged hair, let it do its thing, then rinse. Reviewers swear this stuff is just as good as pricier brands and salon treatments.

32. A Vacuum Sealer That Preserves Your Food

Not only is this vacuum sealer extremely affordable, but it can also save you tons of money on your groceries. The kit comes with five bags, an air hose, and the sealing machine. To use, just place your produces or meats in a bag, then press a button for the machine to vacuum out any air and seal the bag to preserve your food safely. Plus, the machine itself is super slim and lightweight, making it easy to store in a drawer.

33. An Essential Oil Starter Kit You Can Use Around The House

These therapeutic-grade essential oils can be used all around your home, and they're half the price of other kits out there. Each 10-milliliter oil is high-quality — and has no artificial dyes, fragrances, or added chemicals. This starter pack features eight of the most popular oil to use in everything from diffusers to home made cleaners, including: rosemary, frankincense, orange, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender, and peppermint. Some reviewers have even used these oils as skin cleansers and topical acne treatments, too.

34. A Humidifier That's Whisper-Quiet

This cool mist humidifier moistens the air without making a peep. It features a 2-liter tank and can run for up to 17 hours continuously so you can let it go all night long. You can also control the amount of mist this little machine emits with the adjustable knob. There's even a night light feature, making this humidifier perfect for a kid or baby's room.

35. The Coffee Maker That Brews While It's In Your Fridge

If you like your coffee cold, this iced coffee maker actually brews while it's hanging out in your fridge. Just fill the insert with your favorite ground coffee, slip it into the 50-ounce carafe with cool water, and put the whole thing in the fridge. You'll have delicious, robust iced coffee 24 hours later. Plus, this carafe is slim enough to fit on most fridge doors so it won't take up room while it's going to work.

36. These Toe Separators That Relieve Pain

These little toe separators offer big-time pain relief, especially if you're struggling with bunions. They're made of cooling gel that cradles your toes while gently re-aligning them to release tension and pressure. You can even wear them inside your socks or shoes, and many reviewers comment that they can't even feel them in their shoes after awhile. One reviewer even returned more expensive separators in favor of these.

37. A Culinary Knife With A Textured Handle

This 6-inch produce knife is just as good as the name brands for less than half the price. The blade is made from super high-quality Japanese steel that can cut through even the toughest skins and rinds, and the handle is ergonomically-designed for an easy grip. It's also textured so your fingers won't slip while you slice and dice in the kitchen.

38. The Silicone Food Huggers That Save Your Produce

Say goodbye to the plastic wrap with these innovative produce savers. When you want to save half of an orange, onion, banana, or other produce, just stretch a silicone Food Hugger around it to create a leak-proof seal. The silicone creates a barrier between the exposed fruit or veggie and air to prevent oxidation and rotting. And when you're finished, you can throw these savers in the dishwasher and use them all over again.

39. A Pet Grooming Tool That Removes Nasty Tangles

If your pet has long, thick hair, this unique grooming tool can finally offer them some relief. It features a dual, rotating head that's sturdy enough to rake out mats and tangles in the undercoat — yet it won't pull or cause pain. In fact, the rounded edge of the comb teeth actually massage your pet's skin while they go to work on their fur. Plus, with regular use, this little brush can prevent mats and major shedding altogether.

40. A Tablet That Plays Your Music And Movies

This new and improved Fire tablet does everything its competitors do but at less than half the price. You can easily sync it to your Amazon account to play all your favorite shows, movies, and music, and the unlimited cloud storages ensures you'll never run out of space. On top of that, the extended battery life allows you to read, browse, or enjoy media for up to seven hours before you need to plug it in, and even then, this little tablet charges at lightning speed. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.