40 Brilliant Inventions On Amazon Prime That'll Start Making Your Life Easier In Just 2 Days

It may seem unfair, but it's blatantly true: life gets harder the longer you live it. Remember those kindergarten days where you got to spend all day coloring and had to be forced into taking a nap? I'd do anything for more naps — and more products that make things like doing my hair in the morning, fixing broken electronics, and tracking my steps a little simpler. Luckily, getting older also equates to getting a little more than a quarter for a weekly allowance, which means you can shell out on products that make your life easier without having to ask mom for an advance.

Whether it's one of the more weird but innovative products like a shower liner with see-through pockets so you can watch your tablet while you bathe, a sink attachment that helps you defrost food up to seven times faster, or a dedicated avocado container designed to keep your avocados from turning brown and mushy, these are all products that relieve stress and do their best to make your life easier almost immediately, even if it's just a little bit.

Sure, they won't take you back to two-month summer vacations and having the crust cut off your sandwiches for you, but they're pretty close.

1. A Soap That's Instantly Effective On All Types Of Odors

De-Fishing Soap Liquid Soap, $16, Amazon

If you've ever gotten the smell of fish or garlic on your hands, you know how hard it can be to get rid of it completely — and while the De-Fishing Soap liquid soap is strong enough to eliminate that odor, that doesn't mean you can only use this soap with food odors on hands. Made without synthetic deodorizers and with a low pH so it's gentle on skin, just throw a few teaspoons of this soap into the washing machine with even the most pungent sports equipment, and they'll come out smelling practically brand new.


2. The Tool That Lets You Easily Scoop Out Coconuts

That! Inventions Coconut Oil Tool, $14, Amazon

Made from food-grade silicone and designed with a serrated edge that's child-safe, the That! Inventions coconut oil tool makes removing hardened coconut oil from both jars and actual coconuts a breeze. The extra-long handle makes it easy to reach the entire jar down to the very bottom, and if coconut isn't your thing, no problem — this coconut tool even works as a pint-size ice cream scoop and spoon.


3. An iPhone Case With Different Lenses For Your Camera

Ztylus iPhone Camera Kit, $46, Amazon

Compatible with the iPhone 6 and 6s, the Ztylus iPhone camera kit is a brilliant case with four different lenses that fit over your phone's camera lens to give you a variety of shots to choose from: fisheye, CPL, wide angle, and macro. And if you're afraid it might be more fun than functional, fear not — it's made from premium matte polycarbonate to keep your phone safe, and there's even an integrated metal kickstand for convenience.


4. The Wine Bottle Opener That Makes Popping A Bottle Easy

Cork Pops Original Wine Bottle Opener, $12, Amazon

"This little tool is a lot of fun and definitely gets my friends' eyes to go wide the first time they see me use it," one Amazon reviewer raves about the Cork Pops original wine bottle opener, "It's so fast and efficient." Each bottle opener comes with an included cartridge that will open approximately 60 bottles of wine, and each opener is easy to clean — simply wipe it down with a damp cloth after use and you're ready to go.


5. A Hair Styler That Combines Three Tools Into One

MHU Professional Three-In-One Hot Tool $37, Amazon

You could clutter up your vanity with a bunch of different styling wands and gadgets, or you could save yourself some space with the MHU professional three-in-one hot tool. Not only does this hot tool combine a hot brush, curler, and hair straightener into one, but it also features high-quality bristles and an extra-long cool tip to keep you from accidentally getting burned. And because the plates are coated with tourmaline ceramic, you can be sure that your locks will be coming out damage- and frizz-free.


6. The Large Blanket That Folds To Fit Right In Your Pocket

Matador Pocket Blanket, $30, Amazon

Have you ever found yourself outside wishing you had a blanket so you could sit down on the ground without getting yourself dirty? Keep the Matador pocket blanket in your purse or bag to use anywhere you find yourself wanting to sit down, or maybe even take a quick nap during your morning commute. Ultra-compact and lightweight, this pocket blanket folds out to be 63-by-44 inches and is water-, puncture-, and tear-resistant.


7. A Cutting Board That's Made With Antimicrobial Technology

Spigo Antimicrobial Cutting Board, $14, Amazon

A dirty, filthy cutting board is just begging to spread harmful bacteria into your food — so why not use a cutting board made with antimicrobial technology? The Spigo antimicrobial cutting board is made with antimicrobial protection to keep your food safe for consumption, and and the non-slip backing keeps it from moving all over your countertop — and there's even a soft rubber grip handle so that pulling it out of storage is a breeze.


8. The Tool That Lets You Grab Hard-To-Reach Objects

Ram-Pro Flexible Magnetic Grabber Tool, $9, Amazon

If you've ever dropped anything down a drain, you know what a hassle it is to get it back — and if you haven't, then save yourself some stress and grab a Ram-Pro flexible magnetic grabber tool before it happens. The bendable steel grabber arm is able to extend 24 inches and can hold up to 4 pounds. Unlike other grabbing tools, this one stays bent to the shape you set it to, which means you can also use it to grab items in your kitchen, garage, or anyplace you simply can't reach.


9. A Carabiner Clip That Works Practically Anywhere

Lulabop Heroclip, $20, Amazon

Unlike other carabiner clips, the Lulabop Heroclip is made with a rotating, folding hook that allows it to attach practically anywhere —whereas traditional clips require a loop or post of some sort. Able to hold up to 50 pounds and made from solid aircraft grade aluminum, this clip can be used all the way from camping and hiking to simply organizing a collection of purses in your closet.


10. The Silicone Mold That Lets You Make Your Own Ice Pops

FoodWorks Silicone Ice Pop Maker, $12 (6 Pack), Amazon

Perfect for saving money on store-bought popsicles and popsicle sticks (and of course, they let you customize your own with real fruit juices), the FoodWorks silicone ice pop maker lets you squeeze out your treat so that you get every drop, even as it begins to melt — and you can even pop the lid back on and save any leftovers for later. And come winter if you don't feel like eating popsicles anymore, these ice pop containers can double as storage for dry snacks in lunches or on-the-go.


11. A Glue That's Moldable, Waterproof, And Permanent

Sugru Moldable Glue, $22, Amazon

If you're looking for a glue that can do it all, look no further — the Sugur moldable glue bonds permanently to almost anything, and then once it sets, it turns into a durable, tactile silicone rubber that won't budge. It's waterproof, temperature- and shock- resistant, and it's able to insulate electricity up to 24 volts. It can also bond to glass, ceramic, wood, metal, plastic, and more. Reviewers use it to fix the wires on chargers, old sneakers, and more — and create shelves or holders for all their cords so they don't fall off their desk.


12. The Fitness Tracker That Doubles As Your Personal Fitness Coach

Moov 3-D Fitness Tracker, $60, Amazon

Unlike other fitness trackers where you have to check the interface or your phone for feedback, the Moov 3-D fitness tracker gives you real-time audio coaching for running, cycling, cardio boxing, and body weight exercises. It's even waterproof so that you can wear it while swimming laps, and it'll track what kind of stroke you're doing, how many strokes you've done, and give you suggestions on ways to improve.


13. A Pillow You Can Stuff To Customize Your Comfort

Sweetnight Adjustable Pillows, $43, Amazon

Back and neck pain can ruin your quality of sleep like no other, but with the Sweetnight adjustable pillows you can remove or add stuffing as needed to keep aches and pains away. The ergonomic and high-density memory foam helps keep your posture aligned, and the breathable rayon cotton cover is both hypoallergenic as well as resistant to dust mites — and as an added bonus to make your life easier, these pillows are also machine-washable and will not fall flat or become lumpy after use.


14. The Leave-In Conditioner That Protects Your Hair From Harmful UV Rays

Sun Bum Leave-In Hair Conditioner, $14, Amazon

Whereas other leave-in conditioners focus on moisturizing, the Sun Bum leave-in hair conditioner combines three benefits into one formula: conditioning, detangling, and UV color protection. Made with coconut oil and sunflower seed oil to infuse a boost of hydration and shine into your locks, this leave-in conditioner is safe for all hair types — including color-treated hair — and is free from any alcohols, parabens, silicone or dyes.


15. A Compression Eye Mask Stitched To Alleviate Direct Pressure On Eyes

Brownmed IMAK Compression Eye Mask, $12, Amazon

If you're looking to soothe tired, puffy eyes without any expensive creams or treatments, why not try the Brownmed IMADK compression eye mask? Featuring unique stitching so that any direct pressure on your eyes is alleviated, this eye mask can be frozen for maximum soothing effect, yet won't get so stiff that it's uncomfortable to use because of the filling. Perfect for relieving migraines and sinus pain, this mask can also be used to comfortably block out light while sleeping.


16. The Pillow Spray That Helps Reduce Anxiety Before Sleeping

This Works Deep Pillow Spray, $29, Amazon

Clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster and feel more refreshed upon waking up, the This Works deep pillow spray works by blending lavender, vetivert, and wild chamomile together without any unnecessary chemicals to give you a spray that helps calm the mind and body, relieve anxiety, and allow you to peacefully drift off to sleep. "It's like magic," one Amazon reviewer raves. "Friends slept over and wanted to try — they both said they haven't slept so well in months!"


17. A Charging Cable That's Small Enough To Fit On A Keychain

inCharge Charging Keychain, $13, Amazon

How many times have you been caught with a dying phone and no charging cable to be found? With the inCharge charging keychain, you can discretely carry an iPhone charging cable so you'll never get caught needing to borrow one again. Measuring in at only 1.5 inches when folded, this keychain easily fits on your backpack, purse, or lanyard, without adding any extra bulk or messy wires.


18. The Tablet Stand That's Built To Work On Uneven Surfaces

Nbryte Tablift Tablet Stand, $40, Amazon

Trying to balance a tablet on a stack of pillows so you can watch your shows in bed is a waste of time and effort — especially when you can just buy this tablet stand. Designed to be universal and work with any tablet (as long as it's 10-millimeters thick or less), this stand has flexible legs that allow you to mold them into practically any stance so your tablet is balanced, and then fold them down to a compact size when not in use.


19. A Vanity Mirror That Streams Music While You Get Ready

Bella Royale Bluetooth Vanity Mirror, $50, Amazon

Able to rotate a full 180-degrees so that you can get the best angle when applying makeup, the Bella Royale Bluetooth vanity mirror requires no batteries and charges via USB. And while it's nice that the brightness of the 20 LED lights is adjustable, the coolest part of this vanity mirror is that it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that lets you stream and play music while you get ready.


20. The Tool That Helps You Thaw Frozen Meat Safely

Thaw Claw, $12, Amazon

I can't tell you how many times I've come home from work only to find there's nothing for me to eat because I forgot that all my food is frozen — but with the Thaw Claw you won't have to risk speed-defrosting your food in the microwave, as this handy gadget attaches to your kitchen sink and keeps your food submerged so that it defrosts up to seven times faster. BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, it fits all sink types and requires no assembly.


21. A Bookmark That Makes Holding A Book Open With One Hand Easy

Thumb Thing Page Holder And Bookmark, $8 (3 Pack), Amazon

Holding a book open with one hand is almost impossible to do — unless you like having pages flop back and forth while you read — but that's no longer the case with this page holder and bookmark. Simply put the gadget on your thumb and press it into the spine between the pages — they'll stay separated, and you can easily hold the book using just one hand.


22. The Essential Oil Spray That Helps Relieve Migraine Headache Pain

Seven Minerals Magnesium Essential Oil Spray, $17, Amazon

Formulated using pure magnesium oil and therapeutic-grade organic aromatherapy oils, the Seven Minerals magnesium essential oil spray helps stimulate blood flow and relax your nervous system for natural migraine headache relief. Simply spray on your forehead and temples — no need for swallowing tablets or inhaling it through your nose. It also contains relaxing and calming essential oils like lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and basil.


23. A Body Wash That Detoxifies Using Bentonite Clay

Fireworks Supply Company Natural Body Wash, $15, Amazon

Bentonite clay has been used for centuries for its ability to naturally heal and detoxify skin while washing away bacteria, and this soothing body wash is chock-full of it. The Fireworks Supply Company natural body wash is not only bursting with bentonite clay, but its blend of essential oils and plant extracts (think rosemary, aloe, and shea butter) help to hydrate and rejuvenate dry and tired skin. Perfect for camping as it's safe for rivers and streams, this body wash has no chemical fragrances and is cruelty-free.


24. The Non-Toxic Fly Trap That Works For Up To 30 Days

Aunt Fannie's Fruit Fly Trap, $8, Amazon

Fruit flies can appear at the drop of a hat if food gets left out for even one day, but with Aunt Fannie's fruit fly trap you won't have to worry about the little critters buzzing around your head incessantly —all you have to do is open the jar and it'll start working immediately. Non-toxic and safe to be near both people and food, this fruit fly trap is powerful enough that it lasts for up to 30 days, though it is at its most potent within the first two weeks.


25. A Container That Keeps Your Avocados From Turning Brown

Evriholder Avocado Saver, $8, Amazon

Saving an avocado for later can be difficult, as any exposure to air leads to it turning brown and mushy, but with the Evriholder avocado saver, they won't go to waste anymore. It keeps the air from oxidizing your avocado, keeping it green and fresh significantly longer than regular Tupperware. "I basically buy these for everyone as a gift because they're so amazing," one Amazon reviewer gushes. "First avocado-saver product I've used that legit works!"


26. The Lip Stain With A Peel-Off Application So You Can Multi-Task While You Get Ready

Valra Peel-Off Lip Stain, $20 (Set of 6), Amazon

If you've ever struggled with accidentally smudging your lipstick or having it fade halfway through the day, why not try a lip stain instead? The Valra peel-off lip stain not only moisturizes your lips, but lasts all day: because the color soaks into your lips rather than resting on top of them. Just apply a thick layer, wait, and then peel it off — the stain will last through eating, drinking, and more.


27. A Candle That Helps Calm Your Pet While Also Deodorizing

Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care Deodorizing Soy Candle, $14, Amazon

"I purchased this candle for a colleague of mine," one Amazon reviewer writes about the Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care Deodorizing Soy Candle, "she is thrilled and swears it works to soothe her 'mean' cat." And while this candle is made to help relieve anxiety and stress in your pets, it also works to deodorize and eliminate any unwanted pet odors in your home. Free from any dyes or soy, this candle has an approximately 40 hour burn time and is handmade in the USA.


28. The Stand Mixer Accessory That Makes Cleaning Whisks A Breeze

Whisk Wiper Pro For Stand Mixers, $15, Amazon

Trying to get all the batter off a whisk is nearly impossible, which means you're going to wind up wasting a tablespoon or more of what could've been a delicious baked treat — but with the Whisk Wiper Pro for stand mixers, you can easily retrieve all the batter left clinging to your whisk. Simply pull the attachment downwards and watch it clear off all the leftover batter — and as an added perk, it'll even work as a drip catcher if you leave your whisk to rest on the counter.


29. A Shower Curtain Liner That Lets You Watch A Tablet While You Bathe

SCREENHOLDER iPad Mount Shower Curtain Liner, $25, Amazon

You know those products where your immediate thought is: "That's so wild, it just might work"? The SCREENHOLDER iPad mount shower curtain liner is exactly that, as it's literally a clear shower curtain liner with pockets that'll hold your iPad while you bathe. Made from high quality EVA material, this shower curtain is antimicrobial as well as mildew- and mold-resistant. And because there's pockets at multiple heights, everyone can use it with ease.


30. The Air Freshener That Can Be Used Over And Over Again

Mr. You Car Air Freshener, $11, Amazon

"I was a bit skeptical of these at first but have changed my mind," one Amazon reviewer writes about the Mr. You Car Air Freshener, "the area where my furnace is often has a dusty musty smell, but after hanging this the odor is nearly gone and I've only had it up for a few days." Unlike other air fresheners, this one is reusable: simply place it in the sun for a few hours and it's practically as good as new again. It's also chemical-free, because it's made with natural minerals like activated carbon.


31. A Portable Essential Oil Diffuser That's Powered Via USB

MFEEL Mini Essential Oil Diffuser, $24, Amazon

Lugging around spare batteries or a bulky machine with a cable isn't practical when you're traveling, so it only makes sense to carry an essential oil diffuser that takes up hardly any room. Weighing in at less than 5 ounces, the MFEEL mini essential oil diffuser is able to hold 100 milliliters of water and operate anywhere from three to five hours depending on the mode. And because it's made to be extremely portable, it's able to be charged by AC adaptor, USB, mobile phone charger, power bank, or car USB power supply.


32. The Lip Scrub That Uses Papaya Extract To Exfoliate

Unpa Bubi Bubi Lip Scrub, $16, Amazon

"I absolutely love this product!" one Amazon reviewer raves about the Unpa Bubi Bubi lip scrub, "I can really see the difference anytime I try and use a matte color on my lips." Formulated with papaya and witch hazel extract for effortless exfoliation, this scrub is made with absolutely no microbeads whatsoever. And as a delicious extra, the grapefruit extract even keeps your lips hydrated while they're being exfoliated.


33. A Router That Lets You Connect To WiFi While On The Go

HooToo Wireless Travel Router, $20, Amazon

Going over on your phone's data plan can add up quickly and leave you with a network running at a snail's pace, yet WiFi isn't always available — but with the HooToo wireless travel router you can connect practically anywhere by creating your own secure network. Small and lightweight — weight in at only 1-ounce — this travel router can also be used to bridge an existing wireless network, or to backup photos and videos from your phone to an attachable USB flash drive.


34. The Makeup Tool That Gives You A Perfect Eyeshadow Crease Every Time

Ociga Eyeshadow Stamp, $13, Amazon

Designed for professionals and novices alike, the Ociga eyeshadow stamp takes the work out of achieving a perfect eyeshadow crease, making it a simple two-step process that comes out flawless nearly every time. Three different sized high-quality silicone applicators are included so that you have a variety of designs to choose from, and the crystal handle makes handling easy for increased accuracy.


35. An Versatile Organizer Designed To Hold Practically Anything

Cocoon Innovations Grid-It Organizer, $20, Amazon

Even though the picture shows it holding office supplies and electronics, the Cocoon Innovations grid-it organizer can handle so much more, because the straps are moveable and can be customized to fit whatever you need organized. Makeup, brushes, silverware — you name it, this organizer can handle it. "I was tired of digging through the bottomless abyss of my bag for a pen, or forgetting which of 19 different little pockets I put it in," one Amazon reviewer writes. "I looked into organizers and this has solved all my problems. Everything is now strapped to it and I just have to pull it out, get it, and slide it back in."


36. The Closet Rod That Hangs Over Your Door To Save Space

Hold N Storage Over The Door Clothes Rack, $20, Amazon

You could buy a lot of expensive and bulky furniture if you don't have a closet in your room, or you could get the Hold N Storage over the door clothes rack. Able to hold up to 35 pounds, this clothes rack is easy to assemble and adds more than 3 feet of closet space to your room. And if your room does happen to have a closet, just think of how useful this rack would be in a cramped front hall closet, or even as an extra towel rack in a bathroom.


37. A Waterproof Notepad So You Can Jot Down Ideas In The Shower

Aquanotes Water Proof Notepad, $9, Amazon

If you've ever had a million dollar idea in the shower, only to forget about it before you've gotten all the shampoo out of your hair, then the Aquanotes water proof notepad is for you. And even if you haven't forgotten a genius idea in the shower, you can still use this notepad for things like grocery lists, to-do lists, etc. without fear of the paper getting wet and disintegrating.


38. The Silicone Stopper That Keeps Your Beer Fresh For Later

Alexi Ricci Bar Collection Spirit Saver Brew Stopper, $8 (6 Pack), Amazon

"I'm a casual beer drinker and sometimes I don't finish the bottle," one Amazon reviewer writes about the Alexi Ricci Bar Collection Spirit Saver Brew Stopper, "these little widgets work extremely well to preserve what's left for another day without allowing it to go flat." Simply pop the stopper into your beer or wine bottle, and in the event you want an even stronger seal all you have to do is twist and press down harder — and because they're made from silicone, they're easy to clean.


39. A Kitchen Gadget That Stirs Your Pots For You

Gourmia Hands-Free Automatic Stirrer, $28, Amazon

With a powerful rechargeable engine that's designed to be ultra-quiet, the Gourmia hands-free automatic stirrer is able to effortlessly mix or stir everything from risottos to thick stews, so you can multi-task with other meal preparation — or just kick back with a glass of wine. Adjustable so that it's able to securely mount to almost any pot, this automatic stirrer features an adjustable speed control as well as removable stirring paddles for easy cleaning.


40. The Lower Back Stretcher With The Same Benefits As A Chiropractor

SOLIDBACK Lower Back Stretcher, $28, Amazon

Why pay for an expensive chiropractor when you can get a similar treatment at home for a fraction of the cost? Constructed with high-quality extra-hard EVA foam, this lower back stretcher uses its unique spiky arch design to reach deep into your muscles and completely stretch out your the lower back. One Amazon reviewer even wrote they "cannot say enough great stuff about this product," and that it "was the last thing I was going to try before yet another series of back injections."

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