40 Brilliant Inventions On Amazon Prime That'll Start Making Your Life Easier In Just 2 Days

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It may seem unfair, but it's blatantly true: life gets harder the longer you live it. Remember those kindergarten days where you got to spend all day coloring and had to be forced into taking a nap? I'd do anything for more naps — and more products that make things like doing my hair in the morning, fixing broken electronics, and tracking my steps a little simpler. Luckily, getting older also equates to getting a little more than a quarter for a weekly allowance, which means you can shell out on products that make your life easier without having to ask mom for an advance.

Whether it's one of the more weird but innovative products like a shower liner with see-through pockets so you can watch your tablet while you bathe, a sink attachment that helps you defrost food up to seven times faster, or a dedicated avocado container designed to keep your avocados from turning brown and mushy, these are all products that relieve stress and do their best to make your life easier almost immediately, even if it's just a little bit.

Sure, they won't take you back to two-month summer vacations and having the crust cut off your sandwiches for you, but they're pretty close.

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