40 Fascinating Things You'll Find You Can't Live Without That Are Under $40 On Amazon

I have a lot to thank the internet for: maps with step-by-step directions to lead my road trips, super honest restaurant reviews, and cute videos of interspecies friendships. (A baby orangutan becoming best buds with a cheetah cub? Yes, please.) However, I can also thank the internet for all these fascinating products on Amazon that I just discovered — and you can, too.

I love all the things on this list because they're totally unique — and I'm pretty sure I would have never even known about them if the internet didn't exist. I mean, there's only so much you're going to find when you go out shopping, but Amazon — with its endless number of pages and products — has room for just about everything. The other thing I like about all these items is the fact I can peruse them without having to venture out of the house (and receive them in super-fast time, thanks to Amazon Prime). What can I say? I don't like looking for parking at the mall.

And just like the internet — which I absolutely cannot imagine living without — I also can't imagine living without knowing about all these unexpected, useful, and totally fascinating products.

1. This 3-Tier Steamer For Fish, Veggies, And More

This three-tier electric food steamer is a fast and foolproof way to steam veggies, rice, fish, meat, and more. Just fill it with water, plug it in, and set the timer. Then, the turbo steam ring will begin working within 40 seconds. The three steaming trays are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and nest on top of each other for easy storage.

2. A Phone Holder With A Super Long, Flexible Arm For Easy Viewing

With an 33-inch long gooseneck arm, this phone holder is the perfect way to FaceTime or watch videos while hanging out on the couch or lying in bed. Compatible with most phone types, it features a padded 360-degree rotating clip so you can always get the best angle. Attach it to your headboard, side table, or desk.

3. The Vacuum Pump That Keeps An Open Bottle Of Wine Fresh For 2 Weeks

Keep your pinot, cab franc, or chardonnay fresh for up to two weeks after opening the bottle with this ingenious wine saver. Just insert one of the four stoppers, then use the vacuum pump to remove all the air. Then, your wine will test just as fresh the next time you pour a glass.

4. This Smart Notebook That Creates Digital Versions Of Handwritten Notes And Drawings

After taking notes or drawing by hand in this smart notebook, you can blast a digital version of them to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, email, and more. The notebook is filled with 36 reusable grid pages that are compatible with the accompanying FriXion pen. Choose from colors like black, navy, red, and teal.

5. This Grape Cutter That Makes Bite-Sized Snacks

Press down on the plunger of this grape cutter and the serrated blades will slice grapes, grape tomatoes, and olives into quarters — perfect for salads or tinier bites. It's dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and comes with a snap-on cover for easy storage.

6. The 2-In-1 Color Stick That'll Give You A Natural-Looking Glow

Swipe on this two-in-one lip and cheek stick to give yourself a romantic, just-came-in-from-the-cold glow. Made from hydrating ingredients like coconut and jojoba seed oils, the formula absorbs and blends easily into skin and lips for a natural, non-cakey look. It's available in five shades like nude, pink, red, coral and plum. Reviewers have written that it's "very pretty," "feels good on your skin," and "blends beautifully."

7. A Massager That's Perfectly Shaped For Working Out Knots In Your Neck

Work out the tightness in your neck with this unique, U-shaped neck massager. It's outfitted with two rotating silicone balls that mimic the kneading hands of a masseuse, loosening up knots and easing muscle tension. Plus, it's super lightweight and features ergonomic handles, so your hands shouldn't get tired while you're using it.

8. The Rose Water Shampoo And Conditioner That Strengthens And Hydrates Hair

This sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner set works to keep hair moisturized, strong, and resistant to breakage. Vitamin B5 and rose water boost protection and promote growth, while mint, rose, and lily of the valley make everything smell delicious. The set is free of common additives and safe for color-treated and chemically-treated hair.

9. This Adjustable Organizer That Keeps Your Pans Safely Stacked

I love this pan organizer. Instead of having to lift each pan up to get to the one on the bottom — the way you have to when they're nested on top of each other — you can simply slide it out. The eight dividers are totally adjustable, so you can customize the rack to maximize storage space.

10. An Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser That Has 7 Color-Changing Options

Treat yourself to an aromatherapy session with this ultrasonic essential oil diffuser. Instead of using heat, it breaks the oils down into micro-particles, ensuring their integrity and effectiveness. The quiet diffuser features seven color-changing options, a one-, three-, and six-hour timer, an auto-shutoff function for safety, and a rotating spout so you can point the mist wherever you like.

11. An Ergonomic Hedgehog Cheese Grater That Stands On It Own

Have a little more fun when you're shredding cheddar, parmesan, and mozzarella with this cheese grater that looks just like an adorable hedgehog. The hedgehog's four legs rest firmly on a cutting board while you grate, and the curved back gives your hand ergonomic benefits. It's BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Use it to zest citrus and grate ginger, too.

12. The Silicone Scrubber That Makes It Easy To Exfoliate Your Back

Clean and exfoliate your skin in hard-to-reach places with this back scrubber that boasts a 14-inch handle. The dual-sided scrubber features small bristles for lathering up and exfoliating, along with large bristles to massage muscles and stimulate circulation. And since the brush is made from silicone, it'll dry quickly. Choose from pink, blue, and green.

13. This Brilliant Container That Keeps Herbs Fresh For Up To 2 Weeks

Triple the life of your herbs with this ingenious herb saver. Just place the herbs in the clear shell and fill the reservoir with a bit of water to keep them hydrated. Refill the unit every few days, and your herbs will remain fresh for up to three weeks. Use it with basil, mint, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and more.

14. These Himalayan Salt Blocks That Help Soothe Aches And Pains

These Himalayan salt blocks for feet are pretty unique — but reviewers swear by them, claiming that they're "calming and soothing" and feel "very good on sore, tired feet." Made from pure Himalayan salt, they help draw out toxins and work to ease ache and pains throughout the entire body. Quickly warm them in the oven (at the advised heat setting) and rest your feet on them for 15 minutes at a time.

15. A Hair Catcher That Lets Your Water Drain In The Shower

This cylindrical hair catcher traps hair before it goes down the drain and features perforations throughout its walls that allow water to flow freely through. (That way, you don't have to shower while standing in a pool of suds.) It fits standard 1.5-inch tub or bathroom drains and is a great way to avoid having to use chemical drain cleaners to clear clogs.

16. This Dual-Sided Closet Organizer For Your Delicates And Accessories

Get more closet and dresser drawer space with this dual-sided closet organizer. Made from sturdy Oxford cloth, it snaps right onto a regular clothes hanger and features 42 mesh pockets that are perfect for socks, underwear, tanks, scarves, belts, and accessories. And since it displays everything, you won't have to search through a jumbled drawer for your ankle socks.

17. The Shower Head That Changes Colors Depending On The Water Temperature

Cue up your favorite playlist and dance in the tub with this disco-worthy, color-changing shower head. The LED lights are powered by water and change colors according to temperature: blue for cool water, green for warm, and red for hot. The chrome shower head is angle-adjustable and features five output settings: power rain, economy rain, pulsating massage, hydro-mist, and water-saving mode.

18. This 3-Layer Memory Foam Pillow That Lets You Adjust The Height

If you're like Goldilocks when it comes to pillow height, this adjustable memory foam pillow is for you. It's filled with three layers of memory foam: Remove a layer for lower loft or add it back in for extra support. The memory foam is infused with cooling gel, and the washable cover is made from super soft, temperature-regulating bamboo.

19. A Charcoal And Essential Oil Cleanser That Prevents Breakouts And Soothes Skin

This charcoal facial cleanser works to detoxify skin while preventing breakouts by removing dirt, oil, and impurities. It also has the moisturizing benefits of shea butter and coconut oil, as well as essential oils for a pleasant scent. It's non-GMO, fragrance-free, and safe for sensitive skin.

20. A Tiny Trash Can You Can Hook Onto Your Cupboard Door

As an absolutely genius way to streamline your cooking routine, this hanging trash can hooks right onto a kitchen drawer or cabinet door. It works by catching any crumbs, peelings, or wrappers you might brush off the counter. Hot tip: Hook it onto your bedside table for tissues, too.

21. This Skin-Smoothing Mask Made From Clay Found In The California Desert

This tried-and-true clay mask is made with calcium bentonite clay harvested from the California desert and sun-dried for up to six months in super hot temperatures. When mixed with a little apple cider vinegar, this mineral-rich formula has the seemingly magical ability to curb oil production, clear clogged pores, and improve skin texture. Reviewers say the mask is "worth the hype" and makes skin dramatically "brighter and smooth."

22. A Charcoal Mouthwash That Helps Brighten Your Pearly Whites

This mouthwash made from activated charcoal will leave you with minty breath, but it'll also help brighten your teeth the natural way. Plus, its whitening benefits are boosted by soothing ingredients like coconut oil and tea tree oil. The mouthwash is even alcohol- and fluoride-free.

23. These Wireless Earbuds That Come With A Charging Case

Offering Hi-Fi stereo sound and deep bass, these wireless earbuds are nano-coated for water-resistance, so you can wear them during heated workouts. They feature comfortable gel caps and a built-in mic for taking calls. The earbuds play for four hours on a single charge, but the charging case gives you an additional 14 hours of listening time. Choose from five colors.

24. A Highly Rated Manicure Kit That Makes Your Nail Polish Last For 14 Days

Give yourself an at-home manicure that lasts for up to 14 days with this highly rated manicure kit. The kit comes with four products that'll help you ace your polish job: a three-in-one solution that removes polish while cleaning and prepping nails, an ultra-strong base coat, a top coat to lock in color, and a fast-acting nail dry.

25. The Drink Holder That Helps You Prevent Spilling Your Coffee On Your Laptop

If you've ever spilled a drink on your desk, you know the absolute panic of seeing that liquid creep toward your laptop. Keep that from happening with this clever drink holder that clips onto desks, coffee tables, and side tables with a damage-free silicone clamp. It's compatible with cups, bottles, and to-go mugs of most sizes — and it comes in lots of color options.

26. These Simple Shoe Organizers That Double Your Storage Space

If your shoes are piled on top of each other in a small mountain on your closet floor, you're going to want to check out these shoe organizers. They double your storage space by letting you stack each pair — and since they're height-adjustable, you can even use them for your 5-inch stilettos. Each set comes with 10 organizers.

27. A Reusable Makeup Eraser That Even Takes Off Waterproof Mascara

This makeup remover cloth will save you so much money in the long run, since you won't have to stock up on single-use wipes. With just a little warm water, the soft cloth effortlessly removes foundation, lipstick, and eye makeup — even waterproof mascara. It can be refreshed in the washing machine and then used over and over.

28. This Wraparound Heating Pad That Feels So Good On Your Back

Deliver targeted heat therapy to your back with this wraparound heating pad. The pad features an adjustable waist strap, four heat settings, a moist heat option, and an auto-shutoff function that kicks in after two hours. The pad's cover is made from soft micro-mink fabric, and it's machine washable.

29. A Single-Serve Coffee Maker That's Actually Environmentally-Friendly

Streamline your morning caffeine routine with this single-cup coffee maker that brews directly into the accompanying stainless steel travel mug (or any other mug). The one-touch button makes it easy to operate — and because it's outfitted with a reusable mesh filter, it's more environmentally-friendly than one-use coffee pods.

30. A Food Cutter To Help You Slice Cherry Tomatoes, Bagels, And More

This rapid slicer is quite possibly the fastest way to halve foods like cherry tomatoes, strawberries, olives, bagels, chicken breasts, and chops. Just sandwich the food between the two trays to hold it in place, and then run your knife through sideways. It's BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and features a non-slip bottom.

31. This 2-In-1 Hair Dryer That Brushes While Adding Volume

With over 2,300 five-star ratings, this hair dryer is a true crowd favorite. In just one step, it detangles hair, creates lift at the roots, roundness at the ends, and volume throughout. It operates on two heat and speed settings, and it features ceramic coating and ionic technology to boost shine while preventing heat damage.

32. This Blackhead Vacuum That Clears Your Pores With Suction Power

Get a smoother, blackhead-free complexion with the help of this blackhead remover vacuum that literally suctions up oil and impurities from your pores. The USB-chargeable device comes with four head attachments for clogged pores of all sizes, and it features five suction intensity settings. The brand suggests using the lower levels for sensitive skin and the higher levels for oil-prone skin.

33. These Wireless Phone Chargers That Also Hold Your Device Up

Place your phone on one of these wireless chargers, and you can juice up without having to plug in. Compatible with most QI-enabled smartphones, the stands can deliver a charge through most cases in both vertical and horizontal positions. Each order comes with two, so you can charge anywhere in the house.

34. These Under-Eye Masks Made With Gold, Vitamin C, And More

Diminish the appearance of under-eye shadows and puffiness with these 24-karat gold eye masks. The gold detoxifies and helps promote circulation, all while the addition of hyaluronic acid works to add deep hydration and suppleness. And last but not least, the vitamin C adds brightness with every use.

35. These Eyeliner Stamps That Make It Easy To Create Wings

You can get an impressive cat eye on each side with these liquid eyeliner stamps. They're dual-ended with a pen for lining and a stamp for creating a flick. The stamps are also available in three sizes (go for a delicate wing or go dramatic) — and each set comes with two: one for your right eye and one for your left.

36. A Travel Scarf With A Hidden Pocket For Your Credit Card And Phone

This travel scarf is such a clever way to keep your valuables safe when you're running around town. It has a hidden zippered pocket that's big enough for stashing your smartphone, passport, keys, and cash, so you don't have worry about pickpockets on crowded trains or at concerts. Choose from 37 color and pattern options.

37. The Contoured Sleep Mask That Won't Put Pressure On Your Eyelids

This sleep mask features contouring over the eyes which not only prevents uncomfortable pressure on your eyelids, but also keeps your mascara from being smudged. It's washable, has an adjustable strap, and comes with a carrying pouch and earplugs. Choose from six colors.

38. This Handheld Power Scrubber That Deep-Cleans With Ease

Make your home sparkle and shine with this electric spinning power scrubber that deep-cleans with just the push of a button. The non-scratch scrubber is safe to use on all kinds of surfaces — tile, linoleum, metal, glass — and comes with three brush head attachments: a flat brush, rounded brush, and cone brush for corners and crevices

39. These Colorful Light Bulbs That You Can Control With Your Voice

With these smart bulbs, you can use voice controls to dim the lights, brighten them up, or turn them on or off (and even change the colors). You can also set them on automatic timers or control them from an app on your phone. The light bulbs are compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, and each order comes with four.

40. A Stainless Steel Orange Peeler That You Wear Like A Ring

Instead of struggling to use your fingernails to peel that juicy Valencia orange, put this handy orange peeler to work. Just slip the stainless steel ring over your finger and use the cutting end to score the orange. Then, use the flat end to remove the peel. Each set comes with two peelers.

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