40 Hidden Gems You Can Find On Amazon That’ll Change Your Life

It might seem like a bit of an exaggeration to claim that there are material items out there that can actually change your life — but, if you’ve ever used a product as brilliant as a melatonin-infused lightbulb, you’ll know that it’s not. With the whole wide, sometimes weird world of innovative hidden gems on Amazon, incorporating a few of these must-have gadgets into your life has never been easier. Below, you’ll find 40 genius products that make everyday tasks so much easier. Some of them solve pesky little problems, and some simply make the daily grind a little bit more enjoyable. Check them out now — you can thank us later.

This 18-in-1 Wallet Tool That Ensures You’re Prepared For Anything

It’s the same size and shape as your average credit card, but the Wallet Ninja ensures that you’re ready for just about anything that comes your way. It has 18 tools that help you open beers, fix your eyeglasses, tighten bolts, open boxes, and even stand your cell phone up. It’s also made from incredibly strong heat treated steel.

This Bulb That Helps With Melatonin Production So You Can Fall Asleep

While most bulbs emit blue light, which alters your circadian rhythm, this Lighting Science good night bulb supports your body's melatonin production, so you fall asleep faster and get a good night's rest. It creates a soft warm light for reading or for bedtime routines, and reviewers say, "This light actually helps me fall asleep at night!"

This Bamboo Brush For Less Breakage, Less Static, And Less Bacteria

Both the bristles and the handle on this awesome brush are made from natural bamboo, making it antibacterial and much more gentle on strands. It’s great for both wet or dry use, and the bristles have tiny bamboo nodes that massage your scalp and improve circulation. “Since these bristles are wooden, they don't produce static and it snap and break your hair like plastic brushes do,” raved one reviewer.

This Extractor Kit That’s Way More Hygienic Than Using Your Fingers

With nine different tools, all high-quality and precision sharpened to prevent damage to your skin, there won’t be a blackhead, whitehead, blemish, or pore you won’t be able to extract. The Aooeou professional extractor kit is made from stainless steel to prevent rust, corrosion, and stains, and everything is easily washable to prevent the spread of germs. It even comes in an attractive storage case.

This Magnesium Spray That Seemingly Helps With Everything From Insomnia To Stress

Magnesium is supposed to be the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, and deficiencies can lead to cramps, sleep issues, high stress levels, and headaches. This Dead Sea magnesium oil helps all of those things, and since it's topical and your body can absorb as much as it needs, you don't have to worry about overdoing it. It's pure, sourced from the Dead Sea, and comes in a convenient spray bottle.

This Memory Foam Pillow That Stays Cool On Both Sides

This memory foam pillow has a bamboo-polyester blend cover that promotes ventilation, keeping both sides of the pillow cool all night. The memory foam contours to the shape of your head and neck and supports you properly even if you like to sleep on your stomach. It’s also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mold, and bacteria. To keep your pillow extra fresh, you can safely toss it in the washer and dryer.

This pillow has shredded memory foam so you can adjust the pillow to feel exactly as you want it to. The cover is dust mite-resistant, hypoallergenic, and machine-washable.

The Clips That Keep Your Purse Off The Dirty Floor

Putting my bag on a bar or restaurant floor skeeves me out like nothing else. The Clipa 2 hangs out on your handbag strap until you need it, and then it flips open and clips onto tables, chairs, bars, headrests, or anything else. It's also strong, durable, and comes in multiple colors.

These Safe Odor-Absorbers That Actually Work

Freshen up any pair of shoes with these PURGGO bamboo charcoal odor eliminators. They act like a big sponge; as air passes through, odor molecules are trapped, leaving your shoes (or anything else) smelling clean. They're also non-toxic and don't use any harmful chemicals.

The High-Quality Brushes That Change Your Makeup Game

Made with quality synthetic bristles and premium wood handles, this Anjou makeup brush set is an insanely good deal. It comes with everything you need for foundation, blush, shadows, brows, contouring, and liner, and reviewers say they're "soft brushes that work great," and they're "very durable."

A Back Stretcher That Reduces Pain, Fixes Posture, And Increases Flexibility

With this back stretcher, you can relieve back pain from tight muscles and poor spinal alignment by stretching out your back at home. It has three settings to choose from and 10 high-strength magnets that target your neck, lumbar, and spine to increase blood flow. In addition to reducing back pain, the stretcher can correct posture and improve flexibility over time. It even comes with a bonus foot massage roller.

A Gentle But Effective Way To Remove Facial Hair

Because it's USB rechargeable and uses highly effective gentle blades, the VereBeauty Flawless is a pain-free way to remove facial or body hair. It comes with a flat head for chin, lips, and cheeks, and a rounded head for nose hair removal. It also won't cause breakouts or irritation.

High Powered Handheld Flashlight,

This flashlight has five modes of brightness and can even flash an SOS emergency signal if needed. It's made of aircraft grade aluminum and can withstand extreme temperatures, and it can shine a light at a distance of over 600 feet. It has 2,000 rave reviews, and one reviewer writes: "This product is comparatively modest in its advertising claims but OUTSTANDING when you get the item in hand and in action. So read the ads, believe what it says and be prepared to feel amazed rather than hyped when the product arrives."

This Minimalistic Phone Holder That's Trending Like Crazy

This magnetic phone mount keeps your phone securely attached to your car dashboard so you can view your GPS easily and safely. Just use the adhesive backing to attach the magnets to the back of your phone and dashboard. It's even strong enough for lightweight 8-inch tablets. And when you're ready to get out of your car, the phone or tablet detaches effortlessly from the magnet.

A Hypoallergenic Shampoo For Your Makeup Brushes

You're always hearing that you should clean your makeup brushes regularly to prevent the spread of bacteria, but with what? This Ecotools brush shampoo, because it's eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and really effective. A little goes a long way, and reviewers say it "cleaned off six years of makeup in about six seconds," leaving them super soft.

This Elastic Strap That Adds Flexibility To Your Workout

This stretching strap can improve your flexibility and balance from home without risking injury. It’s very beginner-friendly and comes with both an instructional ebook and access to a couple of hours of an accompanying professional trainer video. You can use it to accompany a standing yoga routine or workout, or you can use it separately to target specific muscles. The strap is lightweight, easy to carry, and simple to store.

These Magnetic Laces So You Never Have To Tie Your Shoes Ever Again

The Zubits magnetic solution threads through your existing laces to create a clasp that secures your shoes in a matter of seconds. The magnet is strong enough that they stay closed while you’re using them, and when you want to take them off, all you have to do is pop your heel upwards. They’re also great for kids and people with limited movement and they come in a bunch of different sizes and colors.

This Tool That, According To Reviewers, Is “The Best Thing That You Can Keep In Your Kitchen”

Open bottles, jars, twist-offs, and two types of cans with the 5-in-1 kitchen tool — it even breaks the seal on wine. It’s ergonomically designed to grip and open most containers with minimal effort on your part, and reviewers say it’s “the best tool that you can keep in your kitchen” if you have arthritic hands, or if stubborn jars consistently throw a wrench into your cooking routine.

This Genius USB Antenna Strengthens Your Wifi Signal

Slow internet? The ANEWISH Wifi Adapter plugs right into your USB port to strengthen your signal and speed up your connection. It even comes with a feature that lets you create a mobile hotspot for your devices, so you can work on your laptop wherever you are — making it especially great for travel. One reviewer even calls it, "the best thing I have bought for my laptop."

This Drying Lotion That Helps Shrink A Pimple Overnight

If you ever wished a pimple would shrink overnight, there's Mario Badescu drying lotion. It uses salicylic acid to clear skin up, sulfur to draw out oil, and calamine to soothe and cool skin. Reviewers say this has helped a lot when they break out: "I have cystic acne with my menstrual cycle, and this is the only product I've found that clears that up over the course of a couple of nights...It's been a staple of my skincare routine for 4 years and will be for as long as it exists."

A Wearable Germ Sanitizer That You Can Carry With You

Most hand sanitizers are great for removing a high percentage of germs and bacteria from your skin when you find yourself in a less-than-pristine place. But this hand sanitizer and spray is in a league of its own: it eliminates 99.9 percent of germs on contact, including the Noro Virus, and sticks around, forming a protective barrier on your skin that keeps on repelling germs and bacteria. This convenient spray is packaged to resemble a pen, so you can store it in your purse or book bag and use it anywhere.

This Natural Toothpaste That Brightens Your Teeth

Clean your teeth with the real ingredients in this natural toothpaste. The alkalizing formula contains natural antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients that revitalize teeth. With activated charcoal and bentonite, it’s able to lift stain-causing bacteria without the help of harsh chemicals that wear down enamel. This minty fresh toothpaste will brighten your smile and leave your pearly whites feeling incredibly clean and healthy.

An Aluminum-Free Deodorant Stick That Actually Works

This organic deodorant stick is made without aluminum and works all day long. Its scent comes from organic lavender and eucalyptus, and the deodorant contains no synthetic fragrances which can irritate skin. It’s also pH-balanced, cruelty-free, and non-toxic. The deodorant is even packaged in recyclable, BPA-free plastic, so you can recycle the empty container safely. One Amazon user happily said, “This deodorant is great! It hasn't left any moisture or stains in my clothes.”

This Charcoal Blackhead Mask With Shockingly Good Reviews

Oily, blackhead-prone skin can be a stubborn issue to deal with, which is why it's so great when something that truly works comes along. This suction black mask uses activated charcoal to suck out dirt, impurities, and blackheads from deep within your pores, while balancing oily skin. To use, prep skin with a hot washcloth to open up pores, then use the mask to get rid of any gunk.

This Set Of Lip Glosses Infused With Vitamin E

This full-sized lip gloss set has 12 colors in different finishes and colors — think reds, pinks, and oranges — and also contain Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to moisturize and hydrate lips. They're also cruelty- and paraben-free, and most are buildable to an opaque finish.

This Silicone Sponge That Is Resistant To Germs And Won’t Scratch Your Cookware

Nothing grosses me out more than a dirty sponge — no matter how much someone microwaves it. These silicone sponges are way more hygienic than your average one. That’s because they’re made from non-porous food grade silicone that’s easy to clean and won’t trap germs or food particles. The soft and flexible fingers remove food, polish glasses, clean counters, scrub vegetables, and even carry hot pans without dam

These Collagen Peptides That Strengthen Hair, Skin, And Nails

Soluble in both cold and hot liquids, these pasture-raised, grass-fed, non-GMO, Kosher collagen peptides easily mix into any liquid or food and has no taste. When consumed daily, it can improve joint health, help with hair growth, and keep nails and skin healthy. Reviewers swear by this stuff, writing: "My joints feel better and my skin looks amazing."

This Smoothing Serum That Tames Every Hair Type

This argan oil hair serum immediately gets rid of frizz and adds shine, whether your hair is oily, dry, curly, straight, or color-treated. It’s basically a universal way to immediately tame your hair when it starts to get a little wild. The serum is lightweight, so it won’t weigh you down or leave any greasy residue behind. In addition to the argan oil, aloe vera and vitamin E work together to leave your hair smoother and stronger.

This Gel, Memory Foam Cushion That Won't Overheat

On the inside, this cooling seat cushion is made of a firm, gel memory foam cushion that hugs your butt and spine, and won't overheat. And, it even has a cutout for your tailbone, which helps to align your spine and correct your posture while sitting. With over 4,000 Amazon reviews and a glowing, 4.5-star rating, this cushion is a sure-fire purchase you're bound to love. But, if you don't it comes with a money-back guarantee, to boot.

These No-Hassle Sheets That Are Insanely Soft And Ridiculously Affordable

Imagine how much better your life would be if your sheets were resistant to stains, fading, and wrinkles. This Utopia sheet set does all of that, and in addition, it's insanely soft and breathable all year long. "I ordered these by accident when I clicked One Click purchase," one reviewer admits. "Best mistake I made in a while. These sheets are so soft."

This Brilliant Tiny Steamer That Removes Wrinkles And Eliminates Germs

Remove wrinkles anywhere (without an ironing board) with this OXA handheld steamer. It's lightweight and portable, but works well on delicate fabrics as well as heavy ones, and comes with a few attachments to get rid of lint and hair. It also has a long cord, multiple accessories, and can eliminate germs on your curtains, stuffed animals, and bed sheets, too.

A Set Of 13 Different Knives That Even Comes With A Sharpener

This knife set comes with everything you need, including 13 different knives, a pair of kitchen scissors, a peeler, a knife sharpener, and a knife stand. Basically, it’ll make you feel like a professional chef in your own kitchen. The knives themselves are made of durable stainless steel that won’t rust afters years of use, and they boast a wide variety of uses beyond just chopping veggies, since some are specifically made to cut steak, slice pizza, and carve meat.

This Smart Light That Gets Brighter When It Senses A Person

Whether it's in the bathroom, hallway, or bedroom, this Sensky Plug is insanely useful. It stays off all day to save energy, and turns on (or gets brighter) when it senses a human body or heat source at night. That way, you'll never again stub your toe while walking to the bathroom in the dark. It also turns off automatically after a minute of no detected movement.

A Hair Brush That’s Also A Flat Iron

Rather than lugging around a clunky hair brush and a separate flat iron, this genius mini hair straightener combines the two and shrinks them down, allowing you to achieve smooth and silky hair with one small, compact device. The tiny brush features high-density comb teeth that detangle your hair while its advanced heating technology straightens and smooths, saving you time when you’re prepping for work or getting ready to go out at night. It has two temperature settings and is suitable to use on curly or frizzy hair, too. Bonus: This brush even comes with a heat-resistant glove so you can protect your hands.

This Spinning Organizer That'll Clean Up Your Vanity

The Jerrybox makeup organizer turns your cosmetics bags and countertops into a neat freak's dream. Seven vertical layers hold up to 30 makeup brushes, 20 bottles of skin care products, and other accessories including lipsticks, nail polish, and eyeliner. It even rotates 360 degrees, and is easy to install and clean.

This Machine That Cooks Your Eggs For You In The Morning

For people who'd love to eat eggs in the morning, but don't have the time, there's the Dash rapid egg cooker. It makes omelets, hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, and scrambled eggs, and all you have to do is crack them in and press the button — it'll automatically shut off when they're done. Also, since all removable parts are dishwasher safe, cleanup is a breeze.

This Simple Mattress Cover Could Seriously Help Your Allergies

Why does this mattress cover have over 25,000 reviews? Because its hypoallergenic cotton terry surface protects against dust mites, bacteria, allergens, sweat, and other fluids. It's also noiseless, breathable, and has reviewers saying, "Wow, this has really helped me significantly with my allergies."

This Natural Serum That Grows Out Your Lashes And Brows

Made from 100 percent pure castor oil, this eyelash growth serum is gentle, effective, and works on eyebrows, too. It's cold-pressed to preserve the omega-6 essential fatty acids and vitamin E, and it comes with ten free applicators. Reviewers say, "My lashes are thicker, darker, and longer after one month!"

This Heavy Cable Organizer So Your Wires Are Always Right Where You Need Them

Deemed “the heaviest cable organizer on the market,” this compact weighted strip holds up to seven chargers, USB cables, or plugs without slipping off your desk. Since it doesn’t use any adhesive, either, you don’t have to worry about damaging your surfaces. It comes in seven colors, is made of non-toxic material, and reviewers say, “Now my numerous cables can all be found quickly, instead of me fumbling around on the ground looking for the end of each cable every time I need to use it.”

A Sleep Mask That Won’t Make You Hot And Sweaty

This ultra-effective bamboo sleep mask will offer you total blackout darkness without that hot, sticky feeling that most sleep masks create. The lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric is hyper-breathable and sweat-resistant, transporting any perspiration from your skin to the outer layer of the material where it can dry quickly. On top of that, the mask’s Bend-Freeze technology allows you to mold it to the contours of your face, delivering one hundred percent light blockage that is custom fit just for you.

This Negative Ion Air Purifier For Your Car

If your car smells like smoke, the gym, or any other stale order, the FRiEQ car air purifier can help. It plugs straight into your cigarette lighter to release 4.8 million negative ions per centimeter, plus contaminants like mold, bacteria, and viruses. "This air purifier still feels too good to be true" comments one person.

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