40 Incredible Beauty Products On Amazon Backed By Fiercely Loyal Amazon Reviewers

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If the usual drugstore brands aren’t supporting your unique beauty needs, it might be time to try out some of the lesser-known products making waves in the beauty world. You may not have heard of these holy grail beauty products, but they're backed by fiercely loyal Amazon reviewers who tell it like it is. Sure, you may think of Amazon as the place to binge-watch episodes of Transparent or to finally pick up that book your friend keeps talking about, but Amazon isn’t just for entertainment — there's a whole universe of Amazon beauty products just waiting for you to discover them.

The difficult thing about purchasing beauty products is that nothing out there is a one-size-fits-all product, no matter how hard brands want you to believe that. That’s where the Amazon community comes in: These reviewers give detailed accounts of the products they love and the ones they regret buying.

But the sheer volume of beauty products on Amazon makes it all too easy to fall down a rabbit hole of mascaras, serums, and confusing (err, unique) cleansers. Instead of getting sucked into an hours-long Amazon search, I suggest starting your journey with these 40 incredible products that reviewers love.

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