40 Legitimately Awesome Things From Amazon That We're Starting To See Everywhere

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Whether you're scrolling through your Instagram feed or taking in your surroundings with your eyes wide open, you're probably noticing more than a few legitimately awesome things from Amazon starting to pop of everywhere. Of course, you may not have realized that said things are, in fact, from the mega online retailer — but they are.

More often than not, Amazon is seen as a shopping destination for weird-but-genius items, crowd-pleasing relaxing innovations, and the occasional accessory under $15. While some of these things can also be described as "awesome," the word is more reserved for items like mini humidifiers, unique wine glasses, USB salt lamps, and best-selling clay masks (all of which you can purchase with a few clicks).

Sure, you might not have ever known that you needed these products — but given their popularity on Instagram and in real life, it's high time to give them a whirl in your regular routine. Who knows, you might find out that these fan-favorite selections are popping up left and right for a reason. Considering the fact that many of them have hundreds of positive reviews, I wouldn't doubt it for a sec.

So, what're you waiting for? Meet your match (or select a few) by exploring the following products. The editors on Bustle's commerce team have been noticing them left and right — and they've hand-picked this list just for you.

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