40 Products On Amazon That Are Cool As Hell

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It wasn't that long ago when Amazon.com was shaking up the literary world by selling books online. Fast forward to today, and the site is a one-stop shop for literally everything from the latest tech to bulk boxes of tampons. But it's not the the convince of being able to buy groceries and gadgets in one place that makes shopping on Amazon so appealing — by the nature of stocking everything under the sun, the site is also a treasure trove of hidden gems that are cool as hell.

And when I say "cool" I don't just mean a trendy pair of sunglasses either (although they have them, too). I'm talking about weird but genius products that are actually useful — like a tool that makes hanging pictures easier or an herbal tea that boosts your brain function. And for those skeptics out there who might think that some of these items are too good to be true — don't worry. These bizarre but brilliant products often have a ton of positive reviews from verified buyers, so you can rest assured you're not being sold snake oil.

And now for your shopping pleasure, ahead are 40 of the coolest products on Amazon.

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