41 Absurdly Popular Products That Are Causing A Fervor On Amazon

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The Borg were a race of half-machine, half-beings on Star Trek who were notorious for their rampant success with greedily assimilating beings into their hive-mind collective. They all thought as one — the same ideas, the same impulses, the same goals. I'm thinking about the Borg today because when it comes to these absurdly popular products that are causing a fervor on Amazon, resistance is futile.

For example, plenty of people own up to being affected by insomnia every year — and I can't tell you how popular this weighted blanket has become because it can really help. Not only does it feel like a full-body hug, but they say it's so good at lulling you into a deep sleep that it actually increases the amount of melatonin your body produces. And then there's this zombie mask that's just a fraction of the price of the name-brand version: let me tell you, this stuff is a-may-zing, and buying some won't mean you to have to take out a second mortgage or eat falafel for the rest of the month.

I'm all for being an individual, standing out from the crowd, but there are times you should jump on the bandwagon, and in this list, I'm giving you some good reasons to get hopping.

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