41 Of The Freakiest Products On Amazon That Are Incredibly Useful

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Sometimes you've gotta think outside the box to get stuff done. When it comes to shopping online, some of the freakiest products on Amazon also happen to be the most useful — and if you look past the weirdness, you'll start reaching for them every day.

When you stop and think about it, it makes sense: If a task is extra-annoying to complete, it just might take an innovative solution to solve it or get it done. That's why smart products like a wacky steamer that's shaped like a pig face (I'm not kidding, it's actually a thing) command so much attention: They're weird, but they also offer a creative way to fix problems. You won't only see the wacky face after you learn how easy it is to steam your veggies with it.

So long as you've got an open mind, there are plenty of ways that you can alleviate stress and make chores less of a burden. On Amazon, there are plenty of strange but brilliant products out there to help, but the ones featured in this slideshow are some of the oddest — and most practical — that you'll find across the site. From funky beauty products to household items that'll make you do a double take, these are some of the most unforgettable items available online now.

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