42 Comically Strange Products On Amazon That Are Actually Practical AF

With so many products on Amazon, there are bound to be a plenty that are weird, to say the least. However, just because these comically strange products on Amazon turn heads doesn't mean they aren't surprisingly practical, too. What at first seems like a super odd item may become a staple in your daily routine.

If you think about it, most new product ideas almost always seem strange at first. The first person who pitched the use of an actual iron to style your hair probably got an odd look (or 12). And whoever first pushed the idea of a television remote was probably laughed at as the laziest person in the room.

More broadly — people even used to think that carrying around a mobile phone was a ridiculous idea, and now, no one can live without one. Who knows what bizarre, new products of today will become the must-haves of tomorrow?

The oddball practical products in this list are innovative and clever, offering unique solutions to all sorts of little hassles. From an exercise cushion that helps you improve your balance and core strength just by standing on it to a colorful multi-use kitchen tool that replaces half of your cutlery, these weird Amazon items are actually practical AF.

by Emily Estep

1. A Budget-Friendly Pressure Point Massager That You Can Massage Yourself With

Pressure Positive Company Indexknobber, $9, Amazon

You can apply consistent, forceful pressure to any pressure point on your body with this massage instrument. It's made of a durable polymer that won't break, and it has a grooved handle that minimizes fatigue in your hands and elbows. One Amazon user raved, "Amazing little tool. It's basically a really strong thumb that doesn't get tired and can apply a LOT of pressure to wherever you need it."


2. A Balancing Cushion That Improves Posture, Core Strength, And More

VIVE Wobble Cushion, $20, Amazon

With this balance cushion, you can work on your posture, improve your balance, and even strengthen your core just by standing. The balance disc inside the cushion relieves back pain, too, and the cushion can be used to reduce muscle fatigue. You can easily plop the cushion on your chair or work, use it to relax at the end of the day, or make it part of your wind-down workout routine. It also has a textured, non-slip surface that's easy to use anywhere.


3. A Peanut-Shaped Massage Ball That Eliminates Headaches

HealPT Peanut Massage Roller, $17, Amazon

This peanut massage roller can be used anywhere on your body, but is particularly effective at easing headaches and massaging the spine. The dense, silicone device stretches out muscles and relieves pain, whether you're sore after an intense workout or have chronic pain concerns. The peanut shape makes it safe and effective to use on the back, too, without putting any unnecessary pressure on the spine.


4. A Pack Of Nearly Universal Tablet Stands That Fit In Your Pocket

MoKo Tablet Stand, $8 (2 Pack), Amazon

You will be able to prop up your phone or tablet anywhere you go with this tablet stand that's super lightweight and fits right in your pocket. Measuring less than 4-inches wide, it has six adjustable slots and adjustable angles, so you can basically use any device no matter its shape, in either portrait or landscape mode. Plus, it has rubber pads on the bottom to prevent it from sliding.


5. A Bathroom Squatting Stool That Folds Neatly Out Of The Way

Squat N Go Stool, $20, Amazon

This squatting stool can change the way you go number two — all by aligning your body into a more natural position that streamlines the process — and then, you can fold up the stool and put it away. Once folded, it's only about 7-inches wide, so you might even be able to fit it into your luggage.


6. A Set Of Eye Treatment Masks That Have Natural Bamboo Charcoal

AMOVOL Eye Treatment Mask, $18 (10 Pack), Amazon

These eye treatment masks stretch to fit snugly on your face directly over the eye area, so you can target dark circles and keep skin hydrated and plump. The main ingredient of the masks' serum is nourishing bamboo charcoal, which won't cause irritation on sensitive skin. It also contains skin-soothing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, and rose flower oil.


7. A Seat Cushion That Reduces Back Pain And Improves Posture

ComfiLife Seat Cushion, $24, Amazon

This seat cushion was ergonomically designed to support your body while reducing pressure to your tailbone. Over time, this improves your default posture and can reduce the amount of back pain in your life. Whether you're dealing with chronic pain from a condition or are just a terrible sloucher, it can make a huge difference. It's made of durable memory foam that won't lose its shape, and you can remove the cushion's cover for easy washing.


8. A Garlic Peeler That Keeps Garlic Out Of Contact With Your Fingers

HIC Garlic Peeler, $6, Amazon

Never again must you suffer from the unwanted odor of garlic that you can't seem to wash off your hands, thanks to this convenient and quick garlic peeler. Just put a clove of garlic into the non-slip device and roll it between your hands to get a perfectly peeled clove. It has grooves on the outside that prevent your hands from slipping, and the silicone device won't harbor bacteria, either.


9. The Durable Kitchen Multi-Tool That Can Chop, Mash, And Blend

Love Creative Zing! Multi-Tool, $9, Amazon

This nylon kitchen utensil can instantly replace various other tools: It functions as a chopper, a blender, and a mixer, all in one. You can use it to break apart ground meat, smash avocados for guac, blend sauces, and mash potatoes. It's safe to use on non-stick cookware, easy to wash, and comfortable to hold in your hand — and it's made of a sturdy nylon material that will last for years.


10. A Spray Bottle That Disperses A Fine Mist To Keep Your Face Hydrated

OKACHI GLIYA Nano Mister, $28, Amazon

With this chic nano mister, you can evenly spritz your face throughout the day to combat dry skin and refresh makeup or eyelash extensions. It holds plenty of liquid and can be sprayed for up to 10 minutes before needing a refill. The bottle disperses mist so evenly that it's akin to a cloud, so you won't end up with droplets of liquid that mess up your makeup. The device even has a built-in mirror, so you can see exactly what you're doing.


11. A Set Of Eye Masks That Heat Up To Promote Blood Circulation

BestFire Hot Steam Eye Mask, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

With a warming vapor, these eye masks gently soothe your eyes to reduce fatigue and relax your senses. The masks are also hyper moisturizing, hydrating the skin around your eyes without causing irritation — and the heat encourages blood circulation, which is what heals your skin and allows it to regenerate. Plus, you don't need a microwave to warm them up, because they generate heat automatically.


12. A Reversible Travel Pillow That You Can Use As An Eye Mask, Too

Ostrich Pillow, $45, Amazon

This lightweight travel pillow works as both a neck pillow that supports your head and an eye mask — whichever makes it easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. The pillow is covered in high-quality cotton that's super soft, and it has flexible microbeads inside that conform to your shape. You can also turn the pillow inside out to switch up the colors, and reviewers say things like: "Ridiculous as it might sound, this may be one of my favorite possessions."


13. A Motion Activated Night Light That Swivels In Any Direction

Run Mall Motion Sensor Night Light, $12, Amazon

As soon as you get within range, this small but powerful night light illuminates to give you a safe path. The light is situated on a swivel base that allows you to turn it in any direction you want, and you can switch it to just say on, too. It also has a built-in, rechargeable USB battery — and because it has a built-in magnet and included tape, you can stick this on any surface you choose.


14. A Ball Of Himalayan Rock Salt That You Can Use As Deodorant

Zen Life Himalayan Salt Ball, $16, Amazon

Made of 100 percent pink Himalayan salt — with zero additives, dyes, or fragrances — this salt ball can be used as both a body refresher and as a natural, aluminum-free deodorant. A single ball can last you for years, making an eco-friendly and budget-conscious purchase. It also comes with its own cotton carrying case for storage. Best when used on freshly cleansed skin, it removes odors without chemicals.


15. A Clever Drain Snake That Gets Out All The Hair And Debris

FlexiSnake Drain Millipede, $6, Amazon

Nearly 2,000 Amazon users have been using this drain millipede to clear their sink drains with success. A combination of more than 4,000 tiny hooks and loops work together to grab hairs and other debris, and the device can clear about 18-inches of drain. With proper cleaning and care in between uses, it's infinitely reusable, so you'll never have to worry about clogged drains again.


16. An Eye Mask That's Filled With Lavender To Help Soothe You

Happy Wraps Lavender Eye Mask, $12, Amazon

Filled with organic flax seed and natural French lavender flowers, this opaque eye mask blocks out light completely, while the aromatherapy properties of lavender help you relax. You can use the mask at room temperature for basic aromatherapy, and you can also heat it up to relieve sore, tired eyes at the end of the day. The mask is available in multiple colors, each covered with a silky fabric that's comfortable to wear.


17. A Set Of Sheet Masks That Soften Up Your Dry Hands And Feet

Epielle Hydrating Gloves And Socks, $14 (12 Pack), Amazon

This assorted pack of gloves and socks work just like sheet masks — but they're for your hands and feet. They're packed with different combinations of shea butter, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, and avocado oil, so they hydrate your skin without causing any irritation. After a few uses, you'll find that cracked hands and callused feet soften up quickly, and you can even put them on before sleeping to wake up with baby-soft skin.


18. An Herb Mincer That's Easier And Safer To Use Than A Knife

Zyliss FastCut Herb Mincer, $16, Amazon

With high-quality stainless steel blades, this herb mincer cuts up herbs efficiently and with little effort. Just roll this genius little gadget over your herbs of choice, and you can either grasp the handle of the device or place your hand flat on top of it. The mincer also comes with a safety guard to protect your hands in between use, and the tool is incredibly easy to clean.


19. A Pair Of Cloud-Like Pedicure Sandals That Protects Fresh Nail Polish

Pedi Couture Pedicure Sandals, $18, Amazon

Perfect for at-home pedicures or for taking to the salon with you, these pedicure sandals keep your toes separated so that fresh nail polish doesn't get ruined before it's fully dry. They're made with extra comfortable foam that makes it feel like you're walking on a cloud, and the toe separators won't irritate sensitive skin. Plus, the sandals are available in multiple colors.


20. A Unique Massager That Can Work Any Angle Of The Body

Body Back Self Massager Tool, $20, Amazon

This massage tool has a bizarre design that makes it ideal for various uses on the body. It has a blunt side for broad, soft massages, an edged side for direct massaging and penetrating deep into tight muscles, and a serrated edge for massaging your fingers and toes. Basically, this massage tool can relieve pain wherever you ache. It's also compact enough to throw in your bag, so you can work on pressure points throughout the day.


21. A Curling Iron That Automatically Styles Your Hair For You

VAV Automatic Curling Wand, $35, Amazon

This automatic curling wand does most of the work for you — it has a rotating barrel and tourmaline ionic technology that boosts shine and reduces frizz. And since it heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the curling iron works for even the thickest hair. Amazon users love how quick it works, with one raving, "This curling iron takes 10 minutes, but when does my stylist does this look, it's like two hours."


22. A Fan That Plugs Right Into Your iPhone To Keep You Cool

Pandawell Phone Fan, $5, Amazon

With this nifty little fan, you can cool yourself down with the power of your smartphone. The fan plugs right into the charging port and offers a gentle breeze of air — and the wings are made of a soft material that are comfortable to touch and won't hurt you when they're spinning. Plus, it's available in multiple colors to match you phone case.


23. A Power Bank That's Charged By The Sun To Keep Your Phone At Full Strength

PLOCHY Solar Charger Power Bank, $40, Amazon

As long as the sun is shining, you can charge your phone with this solar-powered power bank. In fact, when the bank is at full strength, it can charge a smartphone up to 10 times. The power bank comes with a micro USB cable, although you can obviously use your own or a lightning cable, too. You can charge multiple devices at the same time with the power bank, and it optimizes the charging speed depending on the device.


24. A Silicone Trivet That Expands To Hold All Your Hot Pots And Pans

Joseph Joseph Expandable Silicone Trivet, $14, Amazon

This silicone trivet stand can be stretched to fit basically any pot, pan, or casserole dish in order to protect your tables and countertops. You can even expand it to its fullest amount and put multiple pots on it at the same time. It's made of silicone, so it's easy to clean and withstands tons of heat, and when you're done with it, you can collapse it for easy storage.


25. A Paper Towel Holder With A Shelf That You Put On Your Fridge

My Refrigerator Rack Paper Towel Holder, $18, Amazon

This paper towel holder attaches to your refrigerator with super strong magnets — meaning you can save space on your countertop. It's surprisingly sturdy, able to carry up almost 5 pounds, and it even has a built-in shelf for you to stash other kitchen essentials. You can use it for more than just paper towels, too, as it's the perfect shape for plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and parchment paper, too.


26. A Memory Foam Pillow With Refreshing, Cooling Gel On One Side

Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow, $28, Amazon

More than 1,000 Amazon users love this double-sided pillow — it has cooling gel on one side and cozy memory foam on the other for the perfect temperature every time. When it's warm outside, the cooling gel will keep you from sweating, and it when it's chilly, you can snuggle into the memory foam. The pillow also has a hypoallergenic fine mesh cover that is removable and machine-washable, keeping your pillow fresh and hygienic.


27. A Set Of Cleansing Pads That Remove Dirt Without Drying Out Your Skin

Magift Cleansing Pads, $8 (2 Pack), Amazon

These silicone face cleansing pads are just dense and exfoliating enough to clean your face and remove everything from your pores without stripping your skin or drying out your face. They have a finger loop on the back for better control, and there are two types of scrubbing nubs on the pads for different degrees of scrubbing. The cleansing pads are infinitely reusable with proper care, too.


28. The Exfoliating Lip Pumice Product That Hydrates Your Lips, Too

Beauty Junkees Lip Pumice Exfoliator, $10, Amazon

Made with an exfoliating formula that also includes hydrating oils, this lip pumice exfoliator gets rid of dry, peeling lips — and reveals healthy, hydrated lips in their place. Castor seed oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, and more join forces in this exfoliator to really nourish your lips after you've gotten rid of all the dead skin on top. The product is also cruelty and gluten-free.


29. A Therapy Mask That Heals Acne With Blue Light

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Treatment Mask, $20, Amazon

This acne treatment mask utilizes light therapy to target acne and promote skin healing — and even though it looks a little weird, it has reviewers saying things like: "I love this mask. It works wonders. I saw amazing results in 1 week of using this every day for ten minutes." The mask uses blue light to heal acne, without the presence of any UV light that could be dangerous to your skin or eyes. The device is easy to use, and each treatment only takes about 10 minutes.


30. An Essential Oil Diffuser That Disperses Cool Mist Without Heat

PureGuardian Essential Oil Diffuser, $30, Amazon

This essential oil diffuser functions as an ultrasonic humidifier to quietly disperse a fine mist without the use of any heat. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and the device will offer instant aromatherapy benefits to the whole room. Because it doesn't rely on heat, you never have to worry about the diffuser overheating, but it turns off automatically when its canister is empty nonetheless. It's also made from BPA-free materials.


31. A Contraption That Turns Your Plastic Bags Into Trash Bins

Lunies Hanging Trash Bag Holder, $7, Amazon

Ideal for when you're chopping up veggies and suddenly have a pile of onion skins and carrot shreds to dispose of, this trash bag holder can be installed over any cabinet door or drawer to instantly solve that problem. You can put any plastic bag inside the holder, and it won't fall out as you fill it up with garbage. This makes it easy to re-use all the plastic bags that accumulate from grocery store visits.


32. A Cute Wine Preserving Device That Keeps Your Wine Fresh

Air Cork Wine Preserver, $28, Amazon

Your wine will stay fresh even after you pop the cork if you take advantage of this wine preserver. Basically, you lower a balloon into your bottle of wine and then squeeze the cute, grape-shaped pump. This inflates the balloon until it creates an air-tight seal, and one wine preserving balloon should last you for about 80 uses — but the preserver comes with a back-up, just in case.


33. A Pair Of Moisturizing Socks That Pamper Your Feet With Gel

NatraCure Moisturizing Gel Socks, $20, Amazon

These gel socks are perfect for when your feet are in need of some serious hydration — because the gel lining that slowly releases therapeutic oils, vitamins, and botanicals into cracked heels. The socks are ideal for slipping on before bed when you want to wake up with extra soft feet. They are even designed with individual toe pockets for additional comfort, and they're also hypoallergenic and safe to use on sensitive skin.


34. An Eyebrow Tint That Creates Brows That Last For Days

Etude House Tint My Brows Gel, $9, Amazon

Nearly 2,000 Amazon users stand behind this brow gel that lasts for days at a time. You basically paint the desired shape of your brows with gel, wait for it to dry for a few hours — or even overnight — and then peel it off. The result is a perfectly tinted brow that can last for up to a week. It's available in three shades to accommodate multiple hair colors.


35. An Unusual Travel Bag That Actually Holds Everything You Need

Forspius Magic Travel Bag, $11, Amazon

This clever bag is designed so that all of your toiletries and cosmetics sit safely inside and out of view, but once you open it up and pull the drawstring, you can immediately see all of your items. The bag is also waterproof, which will both protect your products from rain and spills — as well as anything that accidentally opens up. It even has small pockets for little items you don't want to lose. One reviewer writes: "I just love this bag. It's such a simple design but it holds all I need all in one place. Open it up and everything is right there at my fingertips. When I'm packing to travel, I don't have to sort through which cosmetics I'm taking - I just close it up, toss it in my suitcase and I'm ready to go."


36. The Charcoal Filter That You Simply Chuck Into A Jug Of Water

Kishu Charcoal Filter, $19, Amazon

Possibly the most eco-friendly way to filter you water, this charcoal filter naturally purifies water with very little effort on your part — even though it may look a little weird. Just place the filter into a jug of tap water, and it immediately goes to work to rid the water of flavors and unsavory chemicals. One filter stick lasts for 4 months, and after that, you can use it as a deodorizer stick to keep your refrigerator fresh. The charcoal comes from natural oak tree branches.


37. A Guard That Protects Your Fingers From Getting Sliced During Food Prep

Tip Tough Kitchen Knife Cutting Guard, $20, Amazon

You'll never cut your fingers again with this cutting guard. Not only does it protect your fingers from sharp blades, but it also has a gripping surface that helps you hold fruits and vegetables in place. The guard's intuitive use makes it easy for anyone to employ, and you can use it for any type of food prep.


38. A Set Of Key-Holding Magnets That Install In Your Light Switch Panel

KeySmart KeyCatch Magnetic Key Holder, $12, Amazon

Made with super strong neodymium magnets, these key holders replace the bottom screw on standard light switch plates and create an instant place to hang your keys — and because your keys will be right next to the lights, you probably won't forget them as much. It takes under a minute to install the key holder, and although the magnets are strong, they won't interfere with key fobs.


39. A Brush Designed Specifically To Exfoliate Your Lips With Charcoal Bristles

Do Kiss And Tell Lip Scrub Brush, $25, Amazon

For serious lip exfoliation, this lip scrub brush has three unique brush heads with different purposes to get the softest lips ever. One side offers a deep scrub, the dual-action brush is perfect for getting the inner corners, and the precision brush is for the outline of your lips and your cupid's bow. Plus, the brush bristles are made of naturally detoxifying, antibacterial charcoal.


40. A Wine Decanter That Enhances Flavor And Aroma In Three Steps

Final Touch Traditional Style Decanter, $38, Amazon

Perfect for anyone who buys, say, the second cheapest bottle of wine at the store, this traditional wine decanter set enhances both the scent and flavor of your wine. It includes a glass decanter, a stainless steel filter, and a double-wall glass aerator — and exposing your wine to oxygen via this decanter will enhance its flavor for a full-bodied experience. The three step process that ensures maximum aeration and filtering, and reviewers say things like "The aerator is well made and fits beautifully in this decanter as well as others, and the strainer is a nice touch too. You can't beat it for the price."


41. An Alarm Clock That You Have To Jump Out Of Bed To Turn Off

Nanda Home Clocky The Runaway Clock, $40, Amazon

This alarm clock literally runs away from you before you can sleep in, so you'll never wake up late for work again. When it goes off, it goes on the move (and can withstand a jump from your dresser) and emits flashing lights and alarm sound to make sure you are forced out of bed. Of course, you can use it like a traditional alarm clock too, disabling the wheel feature, in case you want a break from chasing a robot alarm clock around.


42. A Bag Holder That Props Open Bags Of Any Size For You

Jokari Hands-Free Baggy Clip, $5, Amazon

This bag holder props and holds plastic bags open so you can pour freshly prepared food into them without needing a spare set of hands. Its arm are adjustable, so you can use it for bags of any size. It's also a great way to dry out plastic bags that you've washed and want to reuse, which is an eco-friendly way to save some money.

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