42 Comically Strange Products On Amazon That Are Actually Practical AF

By Emily Estep
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With so many products on Amazon, there are bound to be a plenty that are weird, to say the least. However, just because these comically strange products on Amazon turn heads doesn't mean they aren't surprisingly practical, too. What at first seems like a super odd item may become a staple in your daily routine.

If you think about it, most new product ideas almost always seem strange at first. The first person who pitched the use of an actual iron to style your hair probably got an odd look (or 12). And whoever first pushed the idea of a television remote was probably laughed at as the laziest person in the room.

More broadly — people even used to think that carrying around a mobile phone was a ridiculous idea, and now, no one can live without one. Who knows what bizarre, new products of today will become the must-haves of tomorrow?

The oddball practical products in this list are innovative and clever, offering unique solutions to all sorts of little hassles. From an exercise cushion that helps you improve your balance and core strength just by standing on it to a colorful multi-use kitchen tool that replaces half of your cutlery, these weird Amazon items are actually practical AF.

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