42 Fun Little Gems On Amazon Under $14

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Remember going to the dollar store as a kid? There was something indescribably glorious about strolling in with a crisp single bill in hand, knowing you could afford to buy almost anything in the store. Now, you can have the same experience when you're online shopping — just by browsing an array of surprisingly affordable Amazon products.

On this list, except everything caps off at $13. Also, instead of putting pants on and dragging yourself to a brick-and-mortar store, these cheap deals on Amazon bring you the euphoria of the dollar store from the comfort of your couch. Basically, this list is more like the dollar store’s grown-up older sibling.

The point is, every single item on this list costs just 13 dollars or less. And these products aren’t junk, either. From a creativity-inspiring edible shot glass mold to these totally bizarre fart-neutralizing butt pads (yes, really), each of these items has a ton of glowing four-and-five star reviews on Amazon — reviews by real people who love them enough to spend their time writing about it. Intrigued? Keep clicking to find some of the best steals Amazon has to offer — after all, what do you have to lose but 13 bucks?

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