42 Multi-Functional Products On Amazon You Need — Because Items That Do Only One Thing Are So Last Year

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When you're pressed for time, space, or have a limited budget, you just can't fill up your home, purse, or work environment with hundreds of tools and gadgets. These are the multi-functional products on Amazon you need — because items that do only one thing are so last year.

These products are part of a major effort to simplify your living space and cut down on costs by producing one tool or device that does the work of several tools or devices. If you wanted to do so, you could buy up hundreds of cooking tools that measure, whisk, and scoop. But why fill up your cabinets until they're bursting when there are adjustable teaspoons with slide covers to ensure precise measurements, or egg whisks that double as milk frothers for delicious lattes?

This list includes everything from multi-tasking makeup products like an electric makeup brush (which is seriously awesome at delivering flawless makeup application) to multi-functional hair tools that suddenly transform into a screwdriver and ruler. You'll feel like a real-life secret agent when you own these genius products loved by practical people everywhere.

More importantly, these products will save you money and time, help you when you're in a fix and need a spare tool, and give you back some of that precious closet and storage space your home desperately needs.

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