42 Products So Weird & Cool That They've Reached Cult Status On Amazon

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If enough people back a certain product — regardless of what that product is (or what problem it's trying to solve) — it usually fosters a group mentality. "If they all love it, then I will love it," right? Amazon is ripe for this kind of bandwagon. With rave product reviews and five-stars galore, it's no wonder why even the strangest items create impressive followings. This list of Amazon products so weird and cool they've reached "cult status" will make you believer.

These products can solve the problems you never knew you had — or better, they'll fix those small annoyances you assumed were inevitable. Shop for items like versatile avocado slicers, electric boots to keep your feet warm, and memory foam pillows with built-in cooling layers. You'll hit "Add to Cart" as soon as you see the command strip for your blow dryer, the soap pack made with different kinds of beer, and the LED lights made for your car.

With thousands of orders and incredible word-of-mouth followings, these products sell out fast — but they're always restocked to keep their followers happy. Because once you use one of these items, you'll want to tell all your friends so they can also purchase them.

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