42 Under-$20 Products That Have Topped Amazon's Best-Seller Charts For Years

When it comes down to it, quality matters. It's easy to get tempted by cheap prices and major discounts, but really, what does it matter if you just have to replace that kitchen knife set or miniature blender again in a few months? This is where charts and ratings are key. In fact, a lot of amazing products on Amazon's best-seller charts are extremely affordable.

Here's the thing: Customers wouldn't keep buying and reviewing these products if they didn't actually work well, no matter how unique (or downright odd) a product is. Take this facial serum made from snail secretions. Thousands of people trust this serum to repair sun damage and give their skin a glow-up. And if that many people have vetted this stuff, well then, I can give it a try, too.

Plus, a lot of these Amazon best-sellers are genius products that don't cost a fortune and may actually save you money. Who would have thought that a lint shaver would save your blankets and sweaters and it costs less than 20 bucks? Or that you can totally skip the pedicures for awhile after using a luxe foot peel that leaves your skin silky smooth?

To help you find your next favorite product, here's a round-up of some brilliant things that have been topping the Amazon charts for years, and for good reason.

1. This Foot Peel That's Completely Natural

This foot peel mask helps dry, cracked skin literally shed off your feet after a few days of using it. At first glance, it looks more like a plastic bag than a mask, but that only adds to the appeal. You start but cutting a small hole in the bag, slipping your foot through, and sealing it off. The natural botanicals inside, including soothing aloe vera, go to work on your skin while you lounge. Reviewers swear by these masks, saying only two treatments removed even the roughest, driest skin and left their feet silky smooth.

2. A Clay Mask That Makes Your Pores Look Smaller

There's a reason why this clay mask consistently tops Amazon's best-seller chart — it's a miracle worker. It's made with oxygenating bentonite clay that gets deep into pores to clear out any dirt or debris, making them look smaller once your face is clean. There are no additives, fragrances, or animal products, and over 3,000 reviewers absolutely rave about the quality of this mask.

3. A Storage Organizer That Holds A Ton Of Stuff

Not only can you use this storage organizer indoors or outdoors, but it holds up to 35 pounds of, well, everything. You can snap in brooms, mops, baseball bats, and more — and with the no-slip grip, this durable organizer keeps everything in place until you're ready to use it again. There are even six retractable hooks so you can hang cleaning or sports supplies to keep everything together.

4. An All-Natural Deodorant That's Made With Minerals

With over 1,000 positive reviews, this little roll-on deodorant is a fan favorite. It's made with all-natural mineral salt, which can prevent unwanted odor from forming on the skin without all the added chemicals. And there aren't any in this deodorant — there's no aluminum, parabens, silicones, or artifical dyes and fragrances. Plus, it's vegan and cruelty-free so you can feel good about using it.

5. The Drain Protector That Catches All Your Loose Hair

This drain protector does the job of the most powerful chemical cleaners without ever pouring a drop down the drain. Just pop it into any standard size tub drain and let it go to work. This genius little device picks up all your loose hair and stops it from clogging up the drain as you shower. To clean, remove the Tubshroom, clear out the hair, and pop it back in again.

6. This Blender That Makes Smoothies On-The-Go

Make your favorite shakes and smoothies on the go with this personal blender. It's super simple to use — just drop your favorite ingredients into the 14-ounce jar, snap on the lid, and blend. When you're finished, you can actually drink straight from the jar. The whole thing is dishwasher-safe and small enough to take with you in your backpack, carry-on or to store on a shelf at home.

7. A Super-Soft Cloth That Erases Your Makeup

This luxe cloth wipes away makeup with water only — no harsh chemicals or soaps to be found. First, wet the entire cloth with warm water to activate the fibers. Then wipe away your makeup with the short fiber side, and flip to the long fiber side to exfoliate. This cloth is so powerful that it can remove even waterproof and HD makeup with just a few swipes. Plus, it's even machine-washable and stain-proof.

8. A Garden Hose That's Ridiculously Flexible

This all-weather garden hose holds up to its name — it's so flexible that it can bend around trees, hedges, and just about anything else without a single tear. The outer cover is completely abrasion-resistant, and the ends are made from anodized aircraft aluminum so they can't be crushed. On top of that, it's even safe to drink from on a hot day and it's super easy to coil up when you're finished.

9. The Handheld Spiralizer That Makes Perfect Zoodles

With almost 3,000 positive reviews, this handheld spiralizer is a major hit among veggie noodle enthusiasts. The key is in the design — this spiralizer features a wider opening and thicker blades that use up more of your zucchinis and carrots to make even more noodles and cut down on waste. It also comes with a cleaning kit and two recipe e-books so you can make sure you're getting as much use out of this nifty little device as possible.

10. A Charcoal Toothpaste That Whitens Your Teeth

When you first brush with this black charcoal toothpaste, it may be a bit of a shock compared to traditional pastes, but reviewers swear it's worth it. This toothpaste is made with activated charcoal, organic coconut oil, and baking soda, which are all-natural cleaning and whitening agents. It's also infused with natural antiseptics like tea tree and peppermint oil to help kill odor-causing germs without any harsh ingredients.

11. This Salt Lamp That Helps You Relax

This salt lamp is made from real salt minerals from the Himalayan Mountains. The base is also made from lightweight neem wood, which won't shrink and warp over time. This lamp gives off a warm, amber glow that helps you relax before your drift off to sleep. One reviewer wrote: "This salt lamp is very soothing and calming especially after a long day of work."

12. A Razor That's Slim Enough For Your Eyebrows

These little razors are perfect for shaping your eyebrows without plucking — or to exfoliate the skin or rid the face of any unwanted hair. They feature slim blades and an ergonomic, curved handle that makes it easy to shave and trim any unwanted hair. And at less than five bucks for a pack of six, they're a total steal. Reviewers even mention they use these razors on wet or dry skin without any irritation.

13. A Travel Mug That Automatically Seals Shut

This travel mug features an automatic lock and seal that keeps your drink from spilling. You don't even have to hit a button—every time you close the lid, the spot seals off so you never lose a drop. Just tap the button on the side to open up the seal before you take the next sip. This mug also features a double-insulated barrier so your drink stays hot for up to seven hours and cold for up to 18 hours.

14. A Lightweight Gel That Leaves Your Curls Frizz-Free

If you have wavy or curly hair, this miracle curl plumper is a must-have. It's made with wheat protein which nourishes and hydrates your hair. It's also infused with lemongrass and chamomile to soothe frizz and add major shine. Plus, this gel is paraben-, cruelty-, and sulfate-free — and is completely vegan as well. Reviewers absolutely rave about this stuff — one wrote, "Trust me, this product is worth EVERY penny!"

15. The Diffuser That Doubles As a Humidifier

Not only does this essential oil diffuser make your room smell amazing, it works as a cool-mist humidifier, too. You can add a few drops of your favorite oil to use it as a traditional diffuser, or you can fill up the water tank without a scent to moisten the air in your home. You can even set a timer so it shuts off after an hour. It also features an LED light ring around the bottom that changes to 14 different colors for a little added ambiance to any room.

16. The Fabric Shaver That Removes Fuzz From Your Clothes

This fabric defuzzer literally shaves your clothes to remove fuzz, lint, and pilling. Here's how it works: Just flip on the switch to turn on the blades, then choose from three depth options according to which fabric you're working with. Then apply it to the fabric. That's it. This brilliant little device removes fuzz and refreshes your sweaters and blankets in a snap.

17. A Set Of Essential Oils That Holds Up To Name Brands

It's easy to get your collection started with this set of essential oils for sinuses and coughs. It comes with six blends and oils, all used to help you feel better when you're sick: Breathe Blend, Peppermint, French Lavender, Health Shield, Lemon, and Head Relief Blend. One reviewer wrote: "I enjoyed each of these oils in my diffuser or topically with a carrier oil. I find the combination of lemon, lavender and mint to help with my seasonal allergies."

18. A Salve That's Made From Rosebuds

You can use this rosebud salve on your lips, face, or hands to help heal dry, cracked skin. This brand of salve has been around for ages, and includes creamy, moisturizing ingredients as well as the star ingredient: rose oil. Rose oil helps to calm inflamed skin, heal irritation, and take the sting out of cuts and burns. Plus, it smells lovely.

19. The Foldable Drawers That'll Keep You Organized

These foldable drawers will keep you organized, whether you like it or not. This set of four includes several sizes that are perfect for keeping everything from underwear to socks to bras organized. You can slip these flexible dividers right into your dresser drawers, or you use them as drawers on their own by placing them in your closet or under your bed. They've even made of durable, moisture-free fabric so they won't collect mold or fall apart at the seams.

20. A Makeup Brush Set That's Literally Got You Covered

This makeup brush set has any type of brush you could ever need. It comes with five facial brushes and nine eye brushes — including ones for the face, eyes, and lips — so you experiment with your makeup in tons of different ways. Each brush also features a durable wooden handle, soft synthetic hair, and gorgeous rose gold accents. In fact, these brushes are so pretty, you just may want to show them off in a jar on your bathroom counter.

21. A Scrubber That Attaches To An Actual Drill

You can attach this scrubber cleaning kit to an actual drill and banish dirt in half the time. It comes with three different brushes to tackle a wide variety of problem areas. There's the original round brush, a 4-inch scrubber brush for larger surface area like countertops and tile, and a 2-inch brush to tackle grout and smaller stains. All the brushes are made with nylon bristles that won't scratch your surfaces, no matter if you're using them on granite, quartz, or tile.

22. These Cut-Resistant Gloves That'll Save Your Fingers

These cut-resistant gloves can hold up to everything from chopping knives to broken glass without a single nick. The key is in the fabric — these gloves are made from polyethylene, glass fibers, and Spandex, making them four times stronger than leather. They're also extremely lightweight and thn, making it easy to maneuver knives or graters while you're wearing them.

23. A Facial Peel That's Extremely Gentle

Don't be confused by the word peel — this luxe facial gel is so gentle on your skin that it feels more like a massage than a peel. It's fortified with Dead Sea minerals and shell powder, which gives your face a major hydration and antioxidant boost. And all you have to do is apply this gel to damp skin and rub in a circular motion. Dead skin falls literally falls right off and leaves your face both soft and glowing.

24. The Cutting Boards That You Can Bend In Half

Not only are these eye-popping cutting boards fun to look at, but they're also super flexible. You can bend them as needed, or even make a funnel with them so you can easily slide food into containers or pots. They're color-coded so you can cut different types of food on them without cross-contamination, and they're even BPA-free and completely dishwasher-safe.

25. A Shelf Organizer You Can Hang In Your Closet

This hanging organizer frees up space in your closet while still keeping your clothes neat and tidy. It features five shelves you can use for everything from jeans to T-shirts to sweaters. And on the side, there are several mesh pockets that are perfect for all those odds and ends you aren't quite sure what to do with, like shoes, socks, slippers, mittens, and belts.

26. A Vacuum That Keeps Your Wine Fresh For Longer

This wine vacuum sealer has over 3,000 positive reviews with good reason: it keeps your wine crisp and fresh for up to a week. Here's how it works: Place one of the included wine stoppers in the bottle, then the vacuum on top. Pump until you hear the click. The vacuum works to remove all the air from the bottle to prevent oxidation so your wine tastes just as fresh when you open it again.

27. A Belt Organizer With Tons Of Hooks

Say goodbye to tangled-up accessories with this closet belt organizer. It's a sturdy titanium device that attaches right onto your closet shelves and won't budge. It also features 30 hooks for your belts to hang — and if you aren't sure what to do with all of those hooks, some reviewers have used this organizer for everything from scarves to jewelry to hats to keep their closets pristine.

28. These Headphones That Help You Catch A Nap

These cozy headphones are tucked into a super-soft Lycra headband so you can catch a nap while you're on-the-go. The speakers themselves are thin discs that slip into the headband without bulking it up or putting pressure on your ears. You can even slip the headband over your eyes to block out light while you sleep. Even better? The cord is braided for extra reinforcement so it won't fray or kink.

29. A Foam Roller That Releases Muscle Tension

This foam roller does the work of a professional masseuse without the hefty price tag. Even though it only weighs 1-pound, the medium density foam along with the 3-D grid put pressure on tight, sore muscles to help them release. The grid even mimics the feel and motion of a therapist's fingers, palms, and thumbs so that just a few minutes with this roller feel like a soothing indulgence.

30. A Hydrating Mist That's Made With Roses

Over 5,000 reviewers absolutely rave about this hydrating facial mist. It's infused with aloe vera and thyme, both of which act as a balm for dry skin and hair. It also features natural rose water that not only smells amazing, but also helps reduce dryness and inflammation. Just a couple of spritzes of this mist leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go. The best part? It won't mess up your makeup.

31. A Baking Sheet That Won't Overcook Your Treats

These baking mat sheets are a game-changer for anyone who likes to make cookies and cakes regularly. For one, they're completely nonstick. You don't have to place any oil, foil, or parchment paper down to use these — baked goods will lift right off of the silicone. On top of that, you can even use these into ovens up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit without them melting or overheating.

32. A Cellphone Stand That's Totally Adjustable

This little cellphone stand is a perfect addition to your work desk. It's made of lightweight aluminum so you can easily transport it, but it also features a thick silicone pad so your phone won't slip while it's propped up. The hook along the bottom is also wide enough to hold any phone, no matter how thick your case is. Plus, it even rotates up to 225-degrees so you can video chat at any angle.

33. A Rich Repair Serum That's Made From Snails

It may seem strange at first glance, but over 1,000 reviewers swear this snail serum is a miracle-worker. The formula is especially thick and elastic because it's made from concentrated snail secretions. Yep, snail secretions. The truth is these secretions are chockfull of nutrients and antioxidants that leave your skin feeling soft AF with only one use. Just apply a few drops once or twice per day for an all-natural glow-up.

34. A Turbo Blow Dryer That Adds Tons Of Volume

If you're looking to add a little (or a lot) of volume to your hair, this turbo blow dryer does the trick. It features three heat and two speed settings so you can quickly dry your hair while giving it a little lift. It also comes with a finger diffuser you can attach on the end to pump up the volume even more, especially if you hair is wavy or curly.

35. A Foot Cushion That's Reusable

Even though these gel foot cushions look small, reviewers say that they relieve even the worst pain. Just place a cushion at the ball of your foot and slip on your shoes. That's it. The cushions self-stick to your skin and are easily removed at the end of the day. You can even reuse them multiple times, and they work in all different types of shoes to keep your feet protected and pain-free.

36. These Resistance Loops That Take Your Workout Up A Notch

These resistance loops add a little more oomph to your workout without all the bulky, heavy weights. Each loop features a different level of resistance. Reviewers have used these bands for everything from toning their calves and thighs to building upper body strength. Plus, they even come with their own carrying bag to keep them all together.

37. A Kitchen Tool That's Just For Avocado Lovers

This avocado slicer features three tools to slice up the perfect avocado portions every time. First, use the heavy-duty serrated blade at one end to split open your avocado. Then, use the stainless steel pitting tool to remove the pit, and the circular slicer to cut even pieces while lifting the fruit from the skin. With over 3,000 positive reviews, this little tool is a major favorite among avocado lovers.

38. A Batter Mixer That Makes Perfect Pancakes

This batter mixer is so easy to use, you'll be making pancakes every day of the week. It features a wide-mouth opening so you can add ingredients directly to the mixer. Then just drop in the wire whisk ball, seal the lid, and shake. The ball helps to smooth out all the bumps and lumps in your batter in a flash. When you're ready, squeeze the mixer like a squirt bottle straight into the pan for perfect pancakes that are just the right size.

39. A Wiper That Removes Batter From Your Whisk

This whisk and wiper combo is the perfect solution to all that excess batter that drips onto your countertops. This kit comes with a standard, 11-inch whisk and a sturdy plastic "wiper" that can be inserted over the wires. To use, start by sliding it over the whisk until it reaches the base. Then, mix up your favorite batter. When you're finished, hold onto the tab on the wiper and pull up. All that excess batter slides right off so you can use (or eat) it.

40. A Huge Pack Of Erasers That Clean Any Surface

It's incredibly easy to clean up with these extra-large sponge erasers. They're two times thicker and longer than the leading name brand, and they're ridiculously easy to use: Just wet the sponge, squeeze, and clean any surface. These erasers work on counters, walls, floors, and tile without a hitch, and they even remove tough grease stains with only a few swipes. Plus, you can rinse and reuse each sponge multiple times.

41. These Smiley-Faced Scrubbers That Pack A Powerful Punch

These smiley scrubbers are more than just cute — they also work amazingly well. For one, they're made with flex temperature foam that won't overheat and scald your hands while you scrub. They also won't scratch your dishes at all, and they're guaranteed to stay odor-free for up to eight weeks.

42. A Cleaning Tool That Dusts Your Baseboards

This baseboard cleaning tool works a lot like a Swiffer, only this one is made just for your baseboards and hard-to-reach molding. It features a swiveling head that can get to all the places you can't, and the extension handle makes it simple for you to reach the molding corners. Plus, the microfiber pads can be used either wet or dry. Either way, they conform to your baseboards to wipe up any dust, stains, or dirt, while all you do is gently push this tool along. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments. This article reflects price at publication and may change.