42 Under-$20 Products That Have Topped Amazon's Best-Seller Charts For Years

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When it comes down to it, quality matters. It's easy to get tempted by cheap prices and major discounts, but really, what does it matter if you just have to replace that kitchen knife set or miniature blender again in a few months? This is where charts and ratings are key. In fact, a lot of amazing products on Amazon's best-seller charts are extremely affordable.

Here's the thing: Customers wouldn't keep buying and reviewing these products if they didn't actually work well, no matter how unique (or downright odd) a product is. Take this facial serum made from snail secretions. Thousands of people trust this serum to repair sun damage and give their skin a glow-up. And if that many people have vetted this stuff, well then, I can give it a try, too.

Plus, a lot of these Amazon best-sellers are genius products that don't cost a fortune and may actually save you money. Who would have thought that a lint shaver would save your blankets and sweaters and it costs less than 20 bucks? Or that you can totally skip the pedicures for awhile after using a luxe foot peel that leaves your skin silky smooth?

To help you find your next favorite product, here's a round-up of some brilliant things that have been topping the Amazon charts for years, and for good reason.

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