43 Continually Best-Selling Products On Amazon That Are Classics For A Reason

Think of the classics in your life: your favorite sneakers, the sweatshirt you wear over and over again, or the products you keep buying when they go empty. Why do you keep reaching for them? They offer uncomplicated, consistent performance you can count on. The same can be said of the best-selling products on Amazon — they're continual top performers because they meet and exceed your needs.

In fact, if you're looking for a solution to a particular problem or the answer to a specific need, whether it's home, kitchen, or beauty-related — or really, corresponding to just about anything under the sun — checking out Amazon's most popular products is a terrific way to start. After all, these items come with an implicit thumbs-up from thousands of figurative product-testers out there — the reviewers before you who voted with their wallets to make these best-sellers popular, surfacing them to the top of Amazon's lists so you don't have to fumble around in the dark.

If Amazon's rankings aren't enough for you, in most cases, you won't have to just take their word for it, either: Read these reviews your new friends leave behind, and judge for yourself how these favorites made it to the top. You never know: one of these products might just change your life.

1. This Peel Makes Your Feet Soft As A Baby's...You Know

Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask, $18 (2 Pairs), Amazon

Packed with natural ingredients and botanical extracts including papain and aloe vera extract, these masks simply slip on your feet to soak in then provide a gentle peel and exfoliating treatment over the next four to fourteen days. Containing no artificial chemicals or additives, these bootie-type masks provide an easy way to remove calluses and treat dry, cracked heels. The second set of masks is provided for a follow-up treatment if needed in the case of extra dry, tough feet — or for round two after a few months.


2. An Appliance That's Great For More Than Just Breakfast

Presto Electric Griddle, $37, Amazon

Wondering why you need another kitchen gadget? Well, the reason this griddle has garnered 4.6-stars over the course of more than 2,000 reviews is because it's incredibly versatile and great for small kitchens (take the handles off and it stores on its side, like a cutting board). Its cast iron aluminum surface is nonstick for easy cooking, plus that surface and the slide-out drip tray combine for easy cleanup. The removable master heat control master maintains your desired cooking temperature automatically. Think of the possibilities: Quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, falafel patties, cheesesteaks, and breakfast. Yum.


3. These Cubes Simplify The Traveler's Most Dreaded Chore

Gonex Compression Packing Cubes, $24 (Set of 3), Amazon

Cut down on the space you need for your stuff when you pack by drafting these compression cubes into your travel rotation. Crafted from a combination of durable nylon and honeycomb rip-stop mesh that's breathable and offers a view of what's inside — and these cubes also feature two zippers, so when you're done filling them, you first zip them closed, then zip down the compression zipper, and bam. Your clothes go into your suitcase and take up less than a quarter of the space.


4. These Bands Will Help You Reach Your Peak Performance

Black Mountain Products Stackable Resistance Band Set, $20, Amazon

With more than 6,500 customers giving it an exemplary 4.5-stars, this band set clearly makes a great choice if you're looking for gym-quality fitness equipment you can bring home. This set includes five 48-inch bands — crafted from a proprietary extruded blend of synthetic and natural rubber for added durability — that offer varying resistance strengths for a full body workout. They're each finished with carabiner clips, but can also combined onto the comfortable included handles for an extra-strength workout.


5. These Food Containers Are The Ultimate In Practical Dependability

OXO POP Airtight Food Storage Container, $18, Amazon

OXO products were born to answer the need for easy-to-handle kitchenwares, and these brilliant food canisters are no exception. The 4-quart size is perfect for a 5-pound bag of flour or sugar, but the ease of operation comes in the pop: Depress the button on the lid, and you get an effortless airtight seal, then simply depress again to release the seal and open the canister. They're also great for your knick knacks, a home office, laundry room — basically, all over the house. This model is one of 12, so collect the whole set and get optimized for success.


6. These Dishcloths Scrub Like Crazy Without Picking Up A Whiff Of Scent

Lunatec Odor-Free Dishcloths, $8 (4 Pack), Amazon

If you don't know that your kitchen sponge is the dirtiest thing in your house (okay, next to your cell phone), you're not watching enough Dr. Oz. These odor-free dishcloths are a great answer, because where there's no smell, there's a lot less bacteria. These nylon scrubbers dry in about 15 minutes, meaning they're not a conducive host for germs — and thus, they don't gather odors. Food easily washes clean, and they're super-durable, too, meaning they're more economical than the alternative.


7. This Bralette Is Pretty Enough To Star In Your #OOTD

Mae Bralette (XS-XL), $14-$16, Amazon

For light, comfortable support that's pretty enough to play a supporting role in your #OOTD, try this bralette on for size. Its nylon-spandex blend conforms without being overly restricting, and the illusion lace high neck, lacy T-back with cutout, and scalloped trim add some nice details.


8. A Belt That Holds On To Your Phone, Your Keys And All Your Stuff — So You Don't Have To

Level Terrain FlipBelt (XS-XL), $20-$29, Amazon

If you're a fitness buff, this belt will give you your hands back during your workout, and give you a safe place for your keys, money, and your phone at the same time. This patented belt is crafted from a high-quality, super-durable poly blend, and features a tubular design with flat, reinforced stitching so you can keep your valuables close to you. The snug, stretchy fit won't move around while you're exercising, either — just load the belt then flip it over so the openings are facing inward, and your items are protected.


9.This Duffel Folds Up To Take Along As Your "Just In Case" Bag

bago Foldable Travel Duffle, $30, Amazon

If you've ever been ready to come home from vacation and suddenly discovered you have twice as much stuff as you came with, you'll know why you need this duffel. Its stunning 53-liter capacity folds up into the accompanying 10- by 11-inch pouch to lay nearly flat in your suitcase until you need it. Then, it springs into action with its durable, high-quality honeycomb rip-stop nylon fabric ready to carry all those new belongings — or your laundry — home in style. It even has a separate compartment for shoes.


10. These Insoles Will Make You Feel Like You're Walking On Air

11. This Liner Enhances Your Lashes And Boosts Their Growth, Too

Hairgenics 2-In-1 Lavish Liner, $25, Amazon

How about an eyeliner that leaves your lashes better off for a change? Lavish Liner not only helps you create the perfect cat eye or other dramatic look, but since it's enhanced with growth serum and castor oil, daily use can give you longer, fuller, and thicker eyelashes (and brows) in as little as two months. It features an ultra-precise liquid brush tip, as well as a formulation that's cruelty-free and dermatologist-tested to be hypoallergenic and non-irritating.


12. This 11-In-One Kit Is Everything You'll Need For Your Next Adventure

Though they weigh in at less than a pound all together, the components in this survival kit could make a big impact on your next camping trip or wilderness adventure — or even in the unlucky event that you get stuck with a flat tire or run out of gas. The tools are all crafted from high-quality stainless steel and include a multifunctional card tool, a tactical knife, a fire starter tool, a card knife, a compass, an ultra-loud whistle, a flashlight, and a pen bundled together in a waterproof case and combined with a paracord survival bracelet.

13. This Gorgeous Utensil Set Neatly Combines Form With Function

Home Hero Kitchen Utensil Set, $29, Amazon

Add a grace note of style and improved performance to any kitchen with this utensil set. Each piece in this set is crafted from BPA-free, FDA-approved silicone that can withstand heat up to 392 degrees, and firmly bound to acacia hardwood handles that last up to 40 years, — and are naturally antibacterial. These utensils are easy to grip and perfectly balanced for years of cooking pleasure, and their large hanging holes help keep it both orderly and organized.


14. This Is The Genius Therapy Tool Reviewers Lovingly Call Their "Bed Of Nails"

ProSource Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set, $20, Amazon

Even the manufacturer refers to this therapeutic accessory as being akin to "a bed of needles," which you might think would be bad — but this could well be the most avidly-followed cult product on Amazon. Both the foam mat and the pillow are covered with plastic acupressure discs that each have 27 small spikes that apply pressure to the meridian lines of your body. Laying on the mat and pillow produces increased circulation, helps muscles relax, and releases endorphins.


15. A Kit That's Beloved By Science Buffs All Over Amazon

4M Crystal Growing Experiment Kit, $15, Amazon

Science lovers of all ages will love the experiments in this kit. With all all the materials needed to perform seven different crystal growth procedures, this kit teaches about this beautiful and complex process while guiding participants through some fun and easy hands-on science. Once grown, the crystals can be enjoyed indefinitely, and the kit comes with display domes so you can show them off.


16. This Beauty Must-Have Is From An Iconic Brand

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, $17, Amazon

Skincare specialist Mario Badescu has long been an A-list favorite, and another group of hard-to-please people — Amazon reviewers — have made this lotion a perennial fave. It looks a little like the calamine lotion your mom used on you when you were a kid, and that's because calamine is one of the ingredients, but it gets rid of pimples overnight. This luxe lotion gets a boost from salicylic acid, which boosts keratolytic properties in order to promote clear, even skin, as well as a dose of sulphur. "BEST acne product I have ever tried," writes one reviewer.


17. A Charcoal Powder That Whitens Your Teeth And Freshens Your Breath

Ecco Pure Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder, $12, Amazon

You heard it here first: By this time next year, we will all be brushing our teeth with black stuff. Get this uber-popular charcoal powder and get ahead of the trend — charcoal is a super-effective natural whitener and is much better for you than those harsh chemicals you've been using! Plus, activated charcoal changes the pH of the mouth, and in doing so, makes it a less friendly environment for bacteria and germs, thus freshening your breath and preventing cavities.


18. This Caddy Keeps All Your Stuff Off The Bed So There's Room For You In There

Fancii Bedside Caddy, $14, Amazon

If you have a bedside table that's a little out of control, this bedside caddy could end the madness. It features 10 sturdy pockets to hold just about everything — books, magazines, your tablet, pens, glasses, cell phone, your remote — and attaches to any headboard or bed rail using three adjustable heavy duty Velcro straps. It also comes with three metal grommets for alternative hanging arrangements.


19. This Brush Will Give Your Hair Lots Of Oomph

Revlon Heated Volumizing Brush, $24, Amazon

Get big salon-style waves at home with this heated volumizing brush from Revlon. The innovative design of this appliance features soft, flexible, and cool-to-the-touch silicone bristles that offer both better grip and shinier results. These bristles are also kinder to your hair during styling, allowing you to get close to the scalp than with traditional heated implements for lush volume at the roots. Two heat settings add flexibility and make this brush suitable for all hair types.


20. This Brush And Comb Set Adds Shine And Detangles...Naturally

Dovahlia Brush And Comb Set, $24, Amazon

Crafted from renewable, eco-friendly bamboo, this brush and comb set is purpose-made by a small family business in Austin, Texas. The brush features pure boar bristles, which are gentle on the strands of those with fine to medium hair, redistributing natural scalp oils through the hair without pulling or damaging. Meanwhile, the comb can be used for detangling when wet to prevent breakage. The set comes packaged in a hemp bag and is great for gift-giving, too.


21. This Genius Accessory Means You Won't Have To Leave Your Devices Hanging

ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf, $15, Amazon

If you'd like to plug your smartphone, personal home assistant, speakers, or other device into any outlet — but there's no place to rest it — this handy accessory will do the trick. Designed to hold small electronics or anything up to 10 pounds, this outlet shelf accommodates three times more than its competitors. It's super-safe and easy to install — because it's as easy as replacing an outlet cover.


22. This Lamp Is Soothing And Calming, But It Purifies The Air, Too — With Salt

Generating a warm and soothing amber glow is only the beginning of the tricks this lamp can pull off. The magic happens when it's lit with the included 15-watt incandescent light bulb long enough to heat the salt crystal, which emits negative ions to fight against electromagnetic radiation, purify the air, help you sleep better at night, and allow you to wake refreshed. The crystal is mounted on a premium rubber and wooden base that's durable and crack-resistant to ensure the life of your lamp.

23. This Is The World's Number One Clinical Oxygenating Mouthwash

TheraBreath Oral Rinse, $16 (2 Pack), Amazon

The secret to this dentist-recommended mouthwash with over 3,200 reviews culminating in four-plus stars? Oxygen, which effectively neutralizes the sulfur-producing bacteria that produces bad breath and lurks deep below the surface of the tongue and at the back of the throat. It's alcohol-free, so it doesn't burn or sting, and if you're looking for a more natural route to fresh breath, it's also free of dyes, perfumes, detergents, and other harsh additives that can dry or damage the mouth. It also has no parabens, cruelty-free, and it's finished with a light minty taste, too.


24. This Device Will Brush Your Ingrown Hairs Right Away

Dylonic Exfoliating Brush, $9, Amazon

Razor bumps and ingrown hairs can be both painful and unsightly, but with this brush, they can also be a thing of the past. Wet or dry, the unique ergonomic grip of this brush will fit comfortably and steadily in your hand to give a firm massage, while the silicone bristles are packed at the optimal density to banish those pesky red bumps for good. This versatile brush is also suitable for dry brushing for lymphatic drainage, it disassembles for easy cleaning, and is crafted from non-porous materials — so it will remain completely germ-free and hypoallergenic through months of use.


25. The Showerhead That You've Always Deserved

Hydroluxe 24 Function Showerhead, $25, Amazon

Step up to the good life like 7,000 other happy reviewers with this showerhead — it truly is the gleaming chrome bathing beauty you've always deserved. You can use the two 4-inch heads together or separately in more than 24 configurations for an ultra-luxurious bathing experience. Choose from wide rain, power massage, and more from the fixed head, a stay warm mist amongst others from the handheld head, or run both at once. It also comes with a 5-foot stainless steel hose.


26. An Essential Oil Diffuser With Lights That Change Color

Show that you're truly the master of your domain with this diffuser that you can order around via Alexa, or, if you want to go old school, using an app on your smartphone or tablet. You'll be able to set mist output volume and the on/off schedule, and also control the display of the color LED mood lights to your preference. This attractive model features an elegant design with a natural wood grain look, and its BPA-free 300-milliliter tank allows for six to eight hours of continuous use between refills.

27. This Versatile Device Does Way More Than Just Charge

LIHAN Handsfree Car Charger, $17, Amazon

TV chef Carla Hall says she won't buy anything that doesn't do at least two jobs. Carla, this car charger is for you: Yes, it features two USB ports to power up your devices, but it's also a wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter adapter that'll make any older-model car Bluetooth-compatible in a jiffy. This little wonder also includes a built-in microphone that switches to hands-free mode automatically from music playing status when receiving calls.


28. This Book Really Will Change Your Life

You Are A Badass, $10, Amazon

I'll let you in on a little secret: I love this book so much I have both the hardcover and the audiobook, have read/listened to both many times, have been to hear Jen Sincero speak, and have taken an online course of hers. This book really, actually did change my life...and it might just change yours, too. Moreover, upwards of 3,500 of my besties on Amazon have similar warm feelings, giving Jen's work 4.6- stars for its no-nonsense, refreshingly entertaining guideposts towards creating a life that you actually love.


29. A Little Light That's There When You Need It Most

GE Ultra Brite Motion Activated Light, $8, Amazon

Even the most hard-to-light hallways and corners get a boost of illumination with this motion detector light. This device plainly lights your path in entryways or in dark hallways when you're making a trip to the bathroom — or the kitchen — after all the lights are off. Featuring long-life LED bulbs, it will also save you money, turning on automatically when motion is sensed, and turning off after 90 seconds of no activity to use only pennies' worth of energy every year.


30. This Sheet Set Is Sure To Bring You Sweet Dreams

HC Collection Luxury Hotel Sheet Set, $28-$30, Amazon

Sweet dreams must really be made of this sheet set, which is crafted from double brushed microfibers to be softer and more breathable than Egyptian cotton. This fabric is wrinkle- and fade-resistant, plus it's hypoallergenic and repels dust mites. It's easy to care for, too: simply machine wash then tumble dry low and remove it promptly. It's also eco-friendly, creates a welcoming environment for sleep, and is available in 17 colors.


31. This Insulated Flask Helps You Stay Hydrated And Kick The Straw Habit

Hydro Flask Sports Bottle With Straw Lid, $45, Amazon

The more than 500,000,000 plastic straws used in the US each day contribute to our overwhelming problem with plastic pollution, but a switch to this flask will help. Made from non-toxic BPA-free plastics and food-grade stainless steel, it's double-walled and vacuum-insulated to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Hydro Flask tops it off with a durable Wide Mouth Straw Lid, eliminating the need for replaceable, disposable versions, and providing both convenience and durability.


32. The Definitive Ancestry Research Kit

If you're interested in finding out more about your history and ancestry, try out this genetic research kit. Simply provide a saliva sample in the comfort of your home, mail it off, and six to eight weeks later, you'll see how your DNA breaks out across 150 regions worldwide. Add the optional health reports later for an extra fee.

33. An Accessory That Lets You Watch Your Phone, Only Twice Its Size

Screen Magnifier, $15, Amazon

Compatible with all iPhones and most Android phones, this device allows you to enjoy movies and shows on your phone at approximately twice their unmagnified size. The screen magnifier holds your smartphone in place at a short distance, and delivers HD resolution enlargement with enhancement that's similar to a 3-D experience. This gadget reduces eyestrain and folds easily for travel, while the magnifier itself can also be used to enlarge print or needlework for easier viewing.


34. This Washable Hair Chalk Makes Any Day A Party

Maydear Temporary Hair Color Combs, $13 (Set of 6), Amazon

If you've ever thought about wearing your hair in a new color like pink, yellow, or blue — whether it's for game day, the day of the party, or any old day — this set of hair chalks is a great way to try that out. Made with completely non-toxic dyes, the chalks are firmly fixed to the combs to permit easy application, and the color comes out simply by washing your hair as normal.


35. These Magic Wands Get Rid Of All Your Unwanted Facial Hair

Get rid of the facial hair you'd prefer to remove with these cult-favorite brow shapers. As you'd imagine from the package, they're great for a precision trim under or over your brows, but they'll also provide a painless and close shave to sensitive areas like the upper lip or the jawline. Compact and perfect to throw in your cosmetics bag, these trimmers are wonderful for travel, too.

36. This Oldie-But-Goodie Is An Essential For A Reason

This drying rack is simply a must-have for everyone who has laundry. You'll use the rack to hang wet laundry, baby clothes, sweaters, linens, guest clothes, or any number of clothing items — and if you're feeling crafty, you can dry pasta on this little number, too. The 21 feet of drying space collapses down to fold up for easy storage, too.

37. This Makeup Set Has A Tool For Everything And Looks Like You Borrowed It From A Unicorn

MYSWEETY Makeup Brush Set, $14 (16 Pieces), Amazon

If you'd like to add some fun to your morning routine, this brush set could be just the kick in the makeup bag you've been missing. Featuring 12 makeup brushes running the gamut from the most precise eyeshadow contouring brush to a large powder brush, as well as two silicone sponges and a silicone brush cleaner, this set is full-featured. It's also super-attractive, featuring a finish your friendly neighborhood unicorn would love — the twisty, horn-shaped handles have a blue and purple ombré finish that's So. Much. Fun.


38. This Stainless Steel Bar Is The Avid Cook's Best Friend

Amco Rub-A-Way Bar, $9, Amazon

Anyone who's put in time in the kitchen is familiar with the lingering, pungent scent of garlic that's impossible to get out of your hands. Impossible, that is, until you buy this stainless steel soap. Rubbing this bar removes any odor from your hands, whether it's garlic, onions, or even fish. Just rub between your hands under water as if you were washing with actual soap and the odor will vanish.


39. This Sunscreen Is All-Natural And Has A Bottle That Reminds You To Apply It

Crafted from natural zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, this sunscreen is an excellent choice for protecting even the most sensitive skin from the sun's harmful rays. The paraben-, chemical-, and fragrance-free formula provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB skin protection that's recommended by dermatologists, and it comes packaged in a bottle that turns blue in the presence of harmful rays, to remind you when you need to apply it. The deeper blue the bottle, the more you're in need of sunscreen.

40. This Spray Is Beloved By More Than 10,000 Reviewers

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, $12, Amazon

When it comes to covering your, ahem, tracks, this spray is the best there is. Crafted from essential oils and other natural compounds that make it completely chemical-free, Poo-Pourri is the original scientifically-tested bathroom deodorizing formula and includes no harsh chemicals, aerosols, parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde. Simply spray a little into the bowl before you go and "no one will ever know." This version is the original lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass formula, and it's great for nursery, laundry, and trash odors, too.


41. These Gloves Make Grooming Your Pets A Breeze

HandsOn Grooming Gloves, $25, Amazon

Pet owners out there, you know what I'm saying when I talk about the travails of grooming: I have a Great Pyrenees, so I can definitely tell you the struggle is real. Not anymore with these gloves that are sturdy enough for use on horses, but gentle enough for your kitties. They're actual fitted gloves that feature nodules on the fingers and palms to remove your pet's hair while providing a light massage that stimulates their circulation and distributes natural oils for a healthy skin and coat.


42. This Brush Detangles Your Hair Effortlessly, Wet Or Dry

The Wet Brush Pro Select Paddle, $10, Amazon

A perennial top seller that has 4.6-stars from nearly 1,800 reviewers, this paddle brush is the perfect detangler for your locks and can be used whether you're working through your hair wet or dry. Suitable for all types of hair, the soft, flexible bristles make short and painless work of styling with no tears or damage. It's a gorgeous metallic purple color, too.


43. This Pain Relief Cream Is Trusted By More Than Two Million Sufferers Worldwide

Penetrex Pain Relief Cream, $19, Amazon

"Magic in a jar" is what one reviewer calls this topical cream formulated in Southern California. Crafted with a blend of clinically proven ingredients, Penetrex utilizes a unique delivery system to deliver relief deep into muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons. It applies easily, absorbs quickly, and has a light, pleasant scent that vanishes instantly. It doesn't stain, and is great for use with other therapeutic tools, too.

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