43 Incredibly Useful Products On Amazon Every Millennial Should Own

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While millennials might share the same generational demographic, there's no doubt that we have a wide range of interests, tastes, and hobbies. But one thing any of us can get into? A variety of useful products on Amazon that save us time and money while improving the daily quality of our lives — oh, and memes. We all love memes.

Of course, there’s lots of not-so-positive connotations around millennials — like spending way too much money on brunch and having an unreasonable obsession with avocados. But there should be something else this generation should be recognized for — we're conscious, well-educated consumers who feel comfortable purchasing things online, especially when our peers give a glowing recommendation.

When we decide to spend money on things other than avocado toast, we do want to make sure it’s somewhat useful. Whether it's oven liners that minimize the post pizza night clean-up, or a productivity planner that's scientifically proven to increase your work capacity, these products take into account the inefficiencies of our day-to-day and provide thoughtful solutions.

In this rundown of useful Amazon products, you'll find items that appeal to eco-conscious buyers, people with overly cluttered closets, beauty gurus, and everyone in between. So whether you're finding an all-natural way to deal with stress, or just trying to save that last glass of wine for another day, there's something for every millennial to add to their shopping cart.

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