43 Life-Hack Products On Amazon That’ll Make You Say, “Damn, That’s Genius”


Have you ever seen a product that was so genius, you wondered why you couldn't have invented it, whatever it was? Turns out, there are so many of these life-hack products on Amazon that will make you say "Damn, that's genius," that it's enough to make you want to quit your day job and just sit around all day and try to be brilliant.

Except, as we all know, sitting around and having periodic moments of brilliance doesn't pay. Or else our dogs would all be seriously wealthy.

The next best thing? Take a break while you're there at your day job — I won't tell — to peruse these awesome life-hack products and see what I mean. This list includes something for everyone, from the genius armband that keeps a water bottle's worth of fluids within easy hands-free access for drinking at all times to the perfect ice cream scoop that's probably also the last ice cream scoop you'll ever buy, you'll want to add pretty much every product to your shopping cart.

Oh, and don't worry: you can tell all your friends that you found these products yourself. Because you may not have invented them, but you might as well get credit for some of the brilliance.

1. This Tool Will Solve All 99 Of Your Problems — And Many More

Crescent Odd Job Multi-tool, $13, Amazon

If you have 99 problems, odds are that the Odd Job Multitool will fix all of them and then some, given that it's — according to its manufacturer — "the official tool of 1,000 little things." It's definitely full-featured: The steel hammer has one head that's heavy enough for nails and tacks, an integrated nail puller, and a soft mallet head, while the handle secretes screwdriver bits that include a Phillips head, two flat heads, and three hex bits. It also incorporates a retractable, removable knife blade held in place via magnets, plus a reversible ratcheting bit driver. A flexible driver shaft is included with the tool for extra maneuverability.


2. This Tea Accessory Is A Great Gift For Hardcore Brew Heads

Primula Tea Bag Buddy, $7, Amazon

The perfect little invention, this accessory performs a number of functions for brewers who use bags: It covers the user's cup while the tea is steeping, and holds the bag in place when you thread the string through the slit in the silicone lid. Once the steeping process is complete, simply flip it over and squeeze the bag inside the flexible silicone contours to remove excess liquid, then set the bag aside using the Tea Bag Buddy as a coaster. See how handy it is?


3. These Hangers Will Broaden Your Closet's Horizons

DOIOWN Slacks Hangers, $26 (2 Pack), Amazon

If getting an outfit together out of your closet is like beating a path through the jungle with a machete, these slacks hangers will help you make a dent in that overcrowding. They're fashioned from sturdy stainless steel so they're super durable, and they're coated with a chrome finish. The hanger arms are padded with high-quality EVA foam so your pants won't slip around or fall off once you've placed them — so start storing five items in the place of one and get your closet space back.


4. This Armband Keeps You Hydrated On The Go

Hydrosleeve, $45, Amazon

A truly life-changing invention for athletes and folks who work outdoors, this armband holds a water bottle's worth of hydration in a comfortable, flexible bladder that's made from BPA- and PVC-free plastic. Don't break stride or stop what you're doing, just move your arm up to your mouth and drink from the angled valve — you release the water by biting, so there's no leakage, either, and it works on either arm. The sleeve is insulated to keep the fluids cold, and the adjustable strap fits arms of all sizes.


5. A Genius Bottle That Mixes Your Dressings So You Don't Have To

Prepara Dressing Whiz, $20, Amazon

Making your own salad dressings not only enables you to cut down on cost, but it also allows you to control the amounts of ingredients you add — and this gadget from Prepara makes whipping up a quick homemade dressing a no-brainer. Simply decant your ingredients into the 8-ounce container, then press the button on this battery-operated, BPA-free device, and it will blend together your dressing in a flash without the mess of dirtying up a much larger appliance. It's great for marinades and other sauces, too.


6. These Suspenders Eliminate The Aggravating Problem Of Sheet Slippage

Foloda Bed Sheet Fasteners, $9 (4 Pack), Amazon

Ending up on the mattress pad when my fitted sheet slips off my bed is one of my biggest pet peeves. So much so that a while back, I thought I'd conquer the menace by purchasing king size sheets for my queen bed — except that's not really a viable solution either, as you're just left with a lot of excess. Enter these sheet suspenders: they'll keep your sheets on no matter how much of an active sleeper you are (or what else you're doing in your bed) and you won't end up on the mattress pad all sad and lonely.


7. A Silicone Accessory That Helps Keep Your Kitchen Neat And Clean

MIBOW Spill Stopper, $9, Amazon

Crafted from BPA-free silicone, this spill stopper is designed to prevent pots and pans of nearly all sizes from boiling over and making a mess all over your kitchen. Put your pasta, potatoes, or whatever else on to boil and leave it without worry that you'll soon be cleaning your stove. The silicone is heat-resistant to 460 degrees, and washes easily in your dishwasher after use. It also fits any pot or pan with an opening of 6 to 10 inches in diameter.


8. These No-Tie Shoelaces Are A Genius Solution For People On The Go

Stout Gears No Tie Shoelaces Lock System, $8, Amazon

Perfect for busy folks, anyone who just can't be bothered to tie their favorite pair of lace-ups, and people with small motor skills deficits who have trouble tying their shoes, these no-tie shoelaces are elasticized and feature a locking mechanism to provide unparalleled slip-on comfort. These laces, which are durable, easy to use, and quick to install also feature reflective insets for added visibility after dark. They come in a variety of colors, too.


9. This Glove Makes Your Car Clean All Over

Detailer's Preference Microfiber Cleaning Glove, $7, Amazon

Whether it's the inside of your car that needs a once-over or the outside that needs to be scrubbed down, this glove can do it all. Crafted with chenille loops on one side to get into the nooks and crannies of your car, this glove is electrostatically charged to attract dust like a magnet. It features a microfiber scrubber on the reverse for stubborn spots and stains that require a little more effort to resolve. The glove can be worn on either hand and is excellent for dusting around the house, too.


10. An Ice Cream Scoop That Features Stainless Steel Construction And A Trigger Release

Küche Ice Cream Scoop, $12, Amazon

Crafted from stainless steel and large enough to give you a perfect scoop every time, this ice cream scoop comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee straight from the manufacturer — quite literally, it will be the last ice cream scoop you'll ever buy. As if that's not enough of a recommendation, scroll down to the reviews and you'll note that one 5-star recommendation comes from a former ice cream shop owner of 17 years who says this is the best ice cream scoop out there. "You won't go wrong with this scoop," she says — high praise indeed. That's probably because the lever releases the scoop with ease.


11. A Versatile Nail Lacquer That Can Be Used For So Many Purposes

UNT Cosmetics Ready for Takeoff, $13, Amazon

You'll certainly feel like giving this lacquer a hand once you find out all it can do: First and foremost, it's a base coat that gives you the capability to peel off your polish without hurting your nails. That same property gives it the capacity to be used as "painter's tape" for your nails: Apply the latex-based formula to cuticles before you paint your nails so your polish stays where you want it to, then simply peel off of your cuticles when you're finished. It can be used in the same manner when you're completing intricate nail art patterns, to block off your canvas.


12. This Kitchen Tool Combines The Best Characteristics Of Two Common Utensils

Norpro Fiskie, $8, Amazon

Combining the best qualities of a fork and a whisk, this utensil is the greatest thing since the spork and the spoonula, giving you the ability to add air into fluffy, frothy mixed goods and to thoroughly incorporate the ingredients in things like batters and doughs. Made from durable, heavy-duty nylon, it's heat-resistant to more than 460 degrees, making it excellent for use when stir-frying or sautéing as well, and it's dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


13. These Magic Corner Tapes Might Save You A Trip To The ER

X-Protector Rug Grippers, $14 (8 Pieces), Amazon

Ensure that you won't trip and fall on your rug with these ingenious rug grippers, designed to hold the corners of your throw rugs down and keep them in place, rendering them skid-proof while also ensuring that they lay flat. The renewable sticky surface of these tapes makes them easy to reuse — simply wash with warm water and their adhesive power is revitalized.


14. The Keychain That's Brilliantly Magnetic So You'll Always Find Your Keys

KeySmart MagConnect Magnetic Keychain, $15 (2 Pack), Amazon

Put an end to digging around in your purse for your keys with this innovative keychain that uses the power of magnets to keep them close at hand where you'll always be able to find them. Simply attach one loop of the MagConnect to the inside of your purse, then attach your keys to the other loop. Between uses, the two ends cling together — thanks to the magnet in the middle that will support up to 3 pounds of weight in a secure attachment.


15. A Multi-Purpose Gadget That's Like The Swiss Army Knife Of Spiralizers

Müeller Spiralizer, $11, Amazon

Dishes like zucchini pasta — also known as zoodles — have become ubiquitous thanks to the accessibility and popularity of spiralizers, and this little number is quite the buy. Not only does this BPA-free device come in at an attractive price point, but it spiralizes using the power of gravity, and the several blades create ribbons and other shapes. It also acts as a mandoline — giving you ultra-thin slices of your fruits and veggies — it's a grater, and it's even a juicer. It even comes with a fork that attaches to the side so that once you've prepared all your veggies, you can simply add a dressing and use the same container to tote it along for lunch or a snack.


16. This All-In-One Picture Hanging Tool Helps You Get It Right The First Time

Hang-O-Matic, $18, Amazon

I just don't have the patience for using a level and all that jazz when I hang stuff on my walls. All the steps and measuring...it drives me crazy. With this genius device, though, that aggravating task is vastly simplified — it enables you to measure, level, and mark the wall, all at the same time. Lightweight and portable, it's easy to use, while the tape measure expands to 6 feet, enabling you to hang larger pieces of art, as well as electronics, quickly and easily.


17. This Memory Foam Pillow Is Ultra Adaptable For Use Traveling, Or At Home Or Work

WDLHQC Memory Foam Neck Pillow, $27, Amazon

Designed to cradle your head in comfort and maintain the natural posture of your cervical spine, this memory foam pillow is the perfect traveling partner, but is also great for use when you're relaxing at home or when you need a little extra support in the office. The soft memory foam is encased in a cover that's machine-washable, too. Several reviewers note they originally purchased this for use while traveling, but they like it so much that they continue to use it now that they're off the road.


18. These Lacy Bands Prevent Thigh Chafing

Bandelettes, $17, Amazon

For a fun way to reduce thigh friction without adding an extra layer of clothing or hosiery, these unique lace bands will do the trick. They're crafted from light but durable nylon-spandex lace, and feature silicone bands on the inside that grip your skin to prevent slippage — and ensure that they stay put as you go about your business. Available in over 10 colors, they're the perfect chemical-free solution to chafing.


19. The Knife That Will Revolutionize Your Morning Avocado Toast

Harold Import Company The World’s Greatest All-in-One Avocado Tool, $12, Amazon

Slicing and cutting avocados can be tricky with regular knives, but this tool makes it child's play: Remove the sharp knife from the handle of the larger blade to cut through the skin and slice the fruit in half, then use the teeth in the larger blade to remove the pit effortlessly. The curved larger blade then removes the soft flesh of the avocado without damaging it. Plus, it's crafted from durable stainless steel with a BPA-free plastic handle, and is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


20. This Tool Gives New Meaning To The Axiom "Be Prepared"

Apollo Tools Mr. 7-Hands, $10, Amazon

You know the time-honored Boy Scout motto "Be prepared." With this tool, you'll always be on the right side of that axiom, given that it features eight of the most in-demand screwdriver tips that fold away conveniently into the handle, a work light to illuminate dark spaces, and a handy LED flashlight. The bits are mounted to folding arms to ensure that you won't misplace them, too. Get one for home, one for your workshop, one for your glove compartment, and several to give as gifts — they're that useful.


21. The Lunch Box That Will Carry Your Food And Heat It Up For You, Too

YOHOOLYO Electric Lunch Box, $35, Amazon

I don't need to heat up my lunch and I still cannot get over how genius this idea is. Prepare your food in the stainless steel tray inside this lunchbox, then stow it inside. The polypropylene box plugs in when you get to your destination to heat your food thoroughly but gently so that you can conveniently enjoy your favorite meal without having to stand in line for the microwave. It also features a space to store the included fork and spoon. How smart is that?


22. This Smartphone Accessory Carries And Supports Your Device

ICHECKEY Finger Ring Stand, $9, Amazon

Designed to adhere to the reverse of your smartphone using strong 3M adhesives, this accessory offers you the capability to securely carry your device as well as to watch or otherwise use it hands-free in portrait or landscape mode. Additionally, the mounting plate features an integrated metal surface that adheres automatically to your magnetic car mount for extended functionality. Durable and infinitely adjustable, this device makes your smartphone so much more useful.


23. These Towels Clean Without The Need For Harmful Chemicals

Life Miracle Super NanoTowels, $23 (2 Pack), Amazon

Crafted from extraordinarily thin nylon polymer strings that are then packed tightly together for high-powered scrubbing capacity and absorbency, these towels can clean with only water, obviating the need for harmful chemicals. This — together with the fact that they eliminate the need for paper towels and the waste that accompanies them — means that these towels are as great for the environment as they are at dusting, drying, and tidying up messes.


24. This Brush Makes Your Hair Looks Naturally Shiny While Straightening

MiroPure Straightening Brush, $40, Amazon

Get salon-quality results at home with this straightening brush that detangles and straightens your hair, saving you time in the morning. It features adjustable temperatures to allow you to customize your treatment depending on your hair type, plus ceramic components for quick heating and even heat distribution. The 360-degree swivel cord enables easy operation at any angle, meaning you won't get that feeling that you need to grow another arm in order to be able to style your hair competently. The brush comes with a travel pouch and a heat-resistant glove to keep your hand safe while styling.


25. An Organizer That Keeps Your Necklaces From Getting Tied Up In Knots

No Knot Jewelry Organizer, $18, Amazon

Featuring a travel loop crafted from thick protective padding designed to marshal your necklaces and keep them from tangling during travel, this jewelry organizer also encompasses one large bracelet storage pocket and three medium pockets for earrings or rings. The perfect size for throwing in your luggage or your carryon, it's lightweight and portable — and comes in three attractive designs.


26. This Gadget Will Keep Your Drain Clear From Hair

Uxoz Drain Hair Catcher, $13, Amazon

Save yourself a lot of plumbing headaches with this hair catcher: Its ingenious patent-pending design with tripod top and rubber ring seal prevents hair and other debris from clogging your drain. Unlike silicone competitors to this product, its stainless steel construction won't attract mold or mildew — only the unwanted items that try to sneak down your drain — and its engineering leaves the maximum amount of space for water to get down your drain unimpeded.


27. This Roll-Away Mat Has So Many Uses — And It's Stylish, Too

Hhyn Stainless Steel Roll Up Dish Drying Rack, $17, Amazon

Though it's intended for use as a dish drying rack, you'll find this mat useful for so much more: Stretch it over your sink and use it to drain your fresh fruits and vegetables after washing; use it to cool cookies, cakes, and other baked goods; even use it as a trivet for hot pots, pans, and casseroles to protect your surfaces from heat. It's made from a durable combination of rust-resistant stainless steel finished with silicone, and collapses down for compact and easy storage.


28. This Multi-Charger Will Work On Each And Every One Of Your Devices

KINGBACK Multi Charger, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

Not only will this accessory charge each of your devices, it'll charge every one of them — at the same time. Designed with a retractable cord that's 3 feet in length when fully extended, it features a four-in-one head that includes a lightning charger, a 30-pin charger, a Micro USB charger, and a USB Type C charger. The other end plugs into any standard USB port. It's super convenient — you'll never hunt for that missing cable again.


29. This Brewer Means You Can Have The Taste Of Cold Brew Coffee Anywhere You Go

Asobu Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $40, Amazon

If you love the taste of cold brew coffee but have been wondering how to get it at the office or on the road, here's your answer: this portable brewer. Cold brew has less acidity and thus tastes smoother and less bitter, so it's become the choice of many coffee connoisseurs. This handy carafe set is insulated, so it doesn't have to be refrigerated, and it includes a stainless steel mesh filter as well as a convenient spill-proof travel mug, so it's completely self-contained. It works with loose-leaf tea, too.


30. A Handbag Insert That Offers Two Stages Of Organization

Metric USA Purse Organizer, $24, Amazon

Lightweight and sturdy, this purse insert is engineered with an organizer-inside-an-organizer system to provide you with the most customization options possible when you're getting the inside of your handbag in shape. The inner organizer features seven open pockets, and nestles in the center of the larger organizer — which is 12 inches long and offers four large zippered pockets, two smaller zippered pockets, and 14 open pockets. There's truly a place for everything, and the durable handles make the organizer easy to pull out of one bag and place inside the next.


31. This Oversized Carabiner Is The Next Best Thing To A Sherpa

Keklle Grocery Bag Handle, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

It looks like a carabiner on steroids, but you'll find that this handle serves a ton of purposes around the house and when you're out running errands. Crafted from a heavy-duty aluminum alloy with a foam-padded grip, you'll find that it's a super-convenient aid to carrying a bunch of bags home from the store — it can support up to 110 pounds — but it's also great for toting along bags when you're riding your bike or scooter or pushing a stroller. It's also excellent for securing your dry cleaning inside your car.


32. This Organizer Will Keep All Your Electronics Accessories In Check

BAGSMART Electronics Accessories Organizer, $20, Amazon

Crafted from durable, heavy-duty nylon, this organizer is purpose-built for the storage and transport of all those critically important electronics cables and accessories. It's designed to fit neatly into your backpack, briefcase, tote, or carryon, and features multiple mesh pockets of various sizes as well as elastic hold-alls. The water-resistant pouch is sealed with a reinforced dual-direction zipper, and it's nicely padded to ensure the contents remain safe inside.


33. A Small Kitchen Accessory Is Unquestionably Genius

Progressive Prepworks Can Colander, $4, Amazon

Here's a great example of a product that's so simple, yet so smart that I'm absolutely furious that I didn't think of it first: The can colander. This plastic strainer is sized with graduated notches, so cans of most sizes will sit down inside it, permitting you to hold it by the handles and flip it over to strain excess liquid off of the food inside. Strain tuna, fruits and vegetables, and prepared foods without using the lid and losing food down the sink. Brilliant, dishwasher-safe, and it keeps your fingers clean, too.


34. These WiFi Compatible Plugs Work With Your Home Assistant, Too

Tektin Smart Plugs, $20 (2 Pack), Amazon

Designed to work in tandem with the free Smart Life app available via the App Store or Google Play, these smart plugs give you unparalleled control over your home's appliances and energy usage. Set up a schedule for your lights when you're away from home to deter potential intruders, or turn them on when you're about to arrive. Even trigger your television to turn on right before you walk in the door so you don't miss the evening news, if that's your thing. Plus, these devices work with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device.


35. A Cooker That Gives You Perfect Fried Or Scrambled Eggs In A Minute Or Less

OXO Good Grips Egg Cooker, $8, Amazon

OXO is renowned for its design savvy and the usability of its products, and this egg cooker is no exception: Crafted with BPA-free non-stick silicone, it features a wide top opening to enable you to easily whisk your eggs if you prefer them scrambled, as well as a gently sloped bottom plate that centers your yolk if you prefer your egg fried. The bottom plate is also removable for easy transfer to bread or plate — and this time-saving accessory cleans easily in the dishwasher.


36. This Pillow Keeps Your Cups And Small Items Insulated And Stable On Any Surface

Cup Cozy Pillow, $27, Amazon

Whether you're watching TV on the couch, reading in bed, or schlepping your kids back and forth to school or soccer practice, this ingenious pillow will keep your drink, phone, and small items upright and handy so you're not always scrambling after them. Made from sturdy and moldable foam that expands to fit cups of all sizes, it also keeps your beverages hot or cold longer.


37. This Multi-Purpose Scraper Will Save Your Fingernails

Eunion Multipurpose Scraper/Opener, $8 (3 Pack), Amazon

Don't ruin your manicure removing sticky labels or opening bottles — use this multi-purpose device instead. Made from high-quality plastic, it's double-sided, featuring one narrow end and one wide, so it's useful in so many situations — whether that's removing gum or other messes from the cracks and crevices on the soles of your shoes, cleaning around the corners of sinks, stoves, and windowpanes, or for opening cans, tubes, and bottles.


38. A Super-Smart Screw-In Device Makes It Easy To Keep Track Of Your Keys

KeySmart Key Catch, $20 (6 Pack), Amazon

Simply screw these little devices in to replace the bottom screw on any switch plate, and you have an easy and convenient way to keep track of your keys. They work thanks to strong neodymium magnets that are capable of supporting up to 3 pounds — enough to hold even the most janitorial of key rings. With a light switch almost guaranteed to be located next to your door, you have no excuse to lose your keys ever again, and these little gadgets are a cakewalk to install.


39. This Straw Is Reusable And Collapsible To Help Reduce Plastic Waste

RUCACIO Folding Stainless Steel Drinking Straw, $20, Amazon

The world's oceans are choked with plastic, and each small step we take is an important one toward reducing that waste. How about starting with this foldable, reusable stainless steel drinking straw that comes in its own case so you can carry it with you all the time and use it on the go? Put it in your pocket, purse, or backpack or attach it to one of the above with the included loop tie. It comes with a squeegee for easy cleaning, too.


40. This Clock Uses Your Natural Circadian Rhythms To Wake You Up

Warmhoming Sunrise Alarm Clock, $37, Amazon

Leveraging the power of your natural circadian rhythms to wake you gently but effectively, this alarm clock combines light that gradually increases in illumination strength with nature sounds that also get louder the closer it gets to your alarm time. Beginning at 15 minutes before your alarm goes off, the illumination cycle initiates and increases to full illumination at the time of your alarm for a refreshing beginning to your day. It also includes a wireless charging port and seven-color LED display.


41. The Plastic Wine Glasses Are Actually Recyclable

TOSSWARE Recyclable Stemmed Wine Glasses, $18 (Set of 12), Amazon

Finally, plastic barware that's both durable and recyclable. These plastic wine glasses are as graceful as your crystal stemware, but they're crafted from shatterproof BPA-free PET polymer, so once you're done, you can simply throw them in your recycling bin. Amazon reviewers flip over these eco-friendly and stylish substitutes for the real thing: They have 4.5 stars from almost 600 reviewers.


42. These Sponges Whisk Away Deodorant Marks Quickly And Easily

Bath Accessories Gal Pal Deodorant Remover Sponges, $11 (2 Pack), Amazon

Don't you just hate it when you pull on your favorite top or dress and you're feeling great, about ready to walk out the door, when you get a look at yourself — and there they are, the telltale white streaks of deodorant marring your outfit? These sponges mitigate that issue in two shakes of a lamb's tale: Just make five or six quick strokes over the spot and it's gone for good.


43. A Waterproof And Easy-To-Hold Shaver For The Shower

Infina Hair Remover, $30, Amazon

If you shave, you'll might appreciate that this cordless hair remover is both waterproof and easy to hold and operate — the ultimate combination that makes it great for the shower. The unique shape is ergonomically designed to fit solidly in the palm of your hand, and its four gold-plated heads follow your body's contours to provide close hair removal with no nicks or cuts. It includes a built-in LED light so you can see what you're doing, too.

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