43 Weird Products On Amazon That Are As Genius As The Snuggie

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While great minds throughout the millennia have attempted in vain, no one has yet to come anywhere close to inventing a product as ingenious as the Snuggie. Sure, Steve Jobs may be remembered in the history books for inventing the iPhone, how can you really compare a small metal brick to the likes of a snuggly blanket with sleeves? I'd think not.

But you've gotta hand it to people — some have really tried. Not only is this list brimming with Amazon products that can help make your life easier, but they're all ingenious in their own way: So genius, in fact, they may dethrone the cult-favorite product that is the Snuggie. Between a Bluetooth shower head that lets you take calls and listen to music in the shower to the lavender-scented linen spray that also kills acne-causing bacteria, there's a lot of incredible products that are both fun and functional. And that's really what everyone's favorite and slightly ridiculous-looking hybrid blanket did: It provided a little joy while solving a problem you needed to solve (checking said iPhone while still keeping your arms engulfed in a blanket). And is there anything really more genius than that?

Yep — and it's on this list.

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