44 Five-Star Products On Amazon That Women Swear By

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Before going to a movie, I always consult Rotten Tomatoes. If it doesn't have at least an 85 percent rating, I'm not going to pony up for a ticket. The same goes for a restaurant — I'm a lot more likely to make a reservation if it has a decent rating on Yelp. And yep, (I'm sure you see this coming) the same also goes for shopping. If I'm going to whip out my credit card, I want to know that the product is good. And these five-star products on Amazon? They're the definition of good. In fact, women swear by them in their Amazon reviews.

I suppose I should make a clarification here: although women wrote these reviews, these products can be used by absolutely anyone. I mean, who doesn't need an adjustable memory foam pillow or an at-home cold brew coffee maker? (And while we're at it — who doesn't need a good facial moisturizer or bath bomb set? Pampering oneself shouldn't be limited by gender identity.)

So if you're ready to shop for products that are the equivalent of a near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes score or Yelp rating, click through. These five-star products have all been crowd-approved, so you can have confidence in your shopping decisions.

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