44 Products On Amazon So Bizarre It'd Be Silly Not to Take A Look

Ever see something online so weird that you couldn't help but do a double-take? We all have — but now, imagine that wacky product also had functions that could actually make your life easier. That's what these bizarre products on Amazon are like. At first glance, they seem weird AF, but their uses are actually so practical, it'd be silly not to take another look. Soon, they'll be your next favorite product.

From unusual kitchen utensils to beauty treatments with odd ingredients (think: snail) that can actually work wonders — again, they might be strange at first (that's pretty easy to find on Amazon), but they'll solve problems you never knew you could solve. So what else makes these items stand out? Reviewers rave about them. They actually work. And they'll help you out of any pickle. Like a toilet light that turns on and cycles some disco-like colors so you can actually see when you take a midnight bathroom break.

But there's more to the zany stuff featured here than buzz. Fortunately, Amazon reviewers make it easy to separate the must-try products from the ones you'd be better off skipping. The top-rated items featured in this slideshow are completely off the beaten path — and that's what makes them so special, too.

by Shayna Murphy

1. This Toilet Night Light That'll Guide Your Way In The Dark

Vintar 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light, $11, Amazon

For late-night bathroom runs, this night light for your toilet can be great. It can cycle to up to 16 different colors (or you can just choose the one you like), and it comes with a built-in motion sensor, so it'll automatically detect body heat and movement when you enter and exit the bathroom in the evening. It has five different brightness levels, too.


2. An Innovative Massager For Your Back

Body Massage Roller Rope, $17, Amazon

This massage rope is fully adjustable and is the perfect way to get rid of aches and pains in your back. Designed to fit most people, this comes with six therapy rollers and can hit every pressure point in your entire body — which makes it a good way to relieve spasms, muscle knots, and other tension. One reviewer writes: "Easy to use, one person massage device. Made of decent quality materials, I recommend this to anyone who may need to massage a spot they can’t reach in their own."


3. This Multi-Functional Set Of Kitchen Gadgets That Can Do So Much

PortoFino Kitchen Gadget Set, $19 (Set of 5), Amazon

Whether you're trying to grate cheese, peel fruits and vegetables, cut a few slices of pizza, chop garlic or just open up a bottle, this gadget set does it all. Each stainless stool tool is ultra-thin — which is great for storage — and can fit neatly stacked in most utensil organizers and cutlery trays.


4. A Shockingly (For Real) Good Party Game

Lightning Reaction Reloaded - Shocking Game, $35, Amazon

How quick are you on the draw? This shocking party game can test your limits — each player holds onto a handle, and watches the red light in the center blink. When the red light turns green, if you're the last one to push the button on the handle, you get shocked. There are three shock settings, and one reviewer writes: "It gives a pulsating shock but only from a few AA batteries. It's more the anticipation that gets you. People are nervous to try it out but after a while, everyone wants a shot at it!"


5. This Blemish Clearing Balm That's Made With Snail Extract

MIZON Snail Repair Blemish Balm, $14, Amazon

For damaged, blemished skin that needs some extra TLC, this blemish balm can really do the trick. Formulated with 45 percent snail slime (which hydrates, clears up skin, and brightens), this can give your complexion a much-needed jump-boost because the mucin in slime is extremely healing. It even has SPF, and it comes in three sheer, barely-there colors.


6. These Scrubbing Cloths That Are More Durable Than Sponges

Dish Washing Net Cloths, $5 (3 Pack), Amazon

Tired of sponges that get moldy quickly and can't get rid of tough, crusted food debris? These polyester cloths are triple -stitched with reinforced edges and can help make all your cleaning jobs easier. They won't leave behind scratches on non-stick cookware, chrome, copper — and can last longer than most standard kitchen sponges. The large holes won't harbor stuck food, and they won't smell over time: especially because you can throw them in the washing machine or dishwasher.


7. A Korean Beauty Treatment That'll Help You Get Firmer Skin

Skin Republic Korean Foil Hyaluronic Mask, $13, Amazon

This sheet mask from Skin Republic work to reverse environmental damage to the face — because that commute isn't just tiring for your patience, it can dry out your skin. Developed in South Korea, this mask can help improve the look of skin after just 20 minutes of use, and can deliver a concentrated dose of nutrients faster than other creams and masks.


8. This Weird But Brilliant Way To Separate Egg Yolks

MSC International Joie Yolky Egg Separator, $6, Amazon

Separate yolks from egg whites and have an easier time prepping your breakfast with this convenient tool. Made with BPA-free materials, just clip it onto a bowl or cup, crack open the egg, and let the egg whites flow through. The yolk will stay put, and you can use the whites for omelets or meringues and the egg yolks for baking things like cheesecake.


9. An Aloe Vera Treatment Mask To Reduce Under-Eye Puffiness

Aloe Vera Eye Treatment Mask, $22 (30 Pack), Amazon

The sensitive skin underneath your eyes can be prone to puffiness, but what's great about these aloe vera eye treatment masks — they can help calm skin down and deliver much-needed hydration to a sensitive area. "I bought this product because I have very dry skin," wrote one reviewer. "I also have puffy bags under my eyes. I love to use this in the morning. It makes my eyes look so much better!" The added collagen also helps make the under eyes more elastic, too.


10. A Cutting Board You Can Fold Up And Store Easily

Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Plastic Cutting Board, $17, Amazon

This five-star cutting board easily folds up, which means you can chop up veggies, fruits, and any other ingredients — and transfer them with ease to the bowl or pot. Dishwasher-safe and knife-friendly, this has a durable surface and is great for all kinds of food prep. It also has non-slip feet so it won't move around while your cutting things up.


11. This Award-Winning Game Of Strategy — That Involves Chicken And Pig Hybrids, Of Course

Chickapig Board Game, $29, Amazon

"We bring this game with us everywhere we go and literally everyone always stops to ask what we're playing because we're always laughing and having so much fun," raved one reviewer of this wacky and strategic game. Named a MENSA Mind Games winner, this game gives you chicken and pig hybrids that are focused on dodging opponents while trying to hit key game goals, and is exceptionally fun for families. Each game takes between 30 and 60 minutes.


12. A Stress-Free Way To Organize Your Closet

Closet Organizer, $17 (3 Pack), Amazon

For tank tops, camisoles, and other clothing items that are difficult to organize, this hanger can be a terrific option. It consolidates eight hangers into one, and can eliminate messes in your closet and drawers, — and also reduces wrinkles and shrinkage in clothing as it dries. The hangers are rust-resistant, too.


13. This Handy Slicer For Eggs, Fruit, And So Much Else

Internet’s Best Handy Slicer, $11, Amazon

Slice even pieces of soft cheese, eggs, and whatever other softer foods you prefer with this slicer. Made with sharpened stainless steel blades, this tool is a great kitchen essential that's also easy to stash in a drawer or cabinet. It also locks when not in use.


14. A Brush For Scrubbing Your Nails And Hands

Fuller Brush Hand and Nail Brush, $16, Amazon

Scrub away stubborn dirt from your nails, cuticles, and hands with this brush. One side is fitted with durable short nylon bristles — which help to clean skin — while the other side features longer bristles that help clear away dry skin on tough areas like the heels. As part of a regular beauty regimen, this brush will make skin feel smoother than ever.


15. This Extra-Thick Wash Mitt For Streak-Free Shine

Chemical Guys Multi-Fiber Microfiber Wash Mitt, $19, Amazon

Thick, fluffy, and designed to comfortably fit on your hand, this microfiber wash mitt can capture dirt particles and protect your car's paint job against scratches. You can use this whether it's wet or dry, and it's machine-washable, too. It holds lots of water for fewer trips to the bucket, and one reviewer writes: "this mitt took everything to another level."


16. A Way To Protect Your Heels

TuliGEL Heavy Duty Heel Cups, $16, Amazon

Support your heels and give them better cushioning with these supportive cups, which can give relief to aching feet. These are made with a waffle design on the top, which can make them extra-comfortable to wear throughout the day, too — because they absorb the shock from running and walking. They'll also keep your feet, back, and hips in alignment.


17. This Simple Method For Making Potato Chips

Whitelotous Potato Chips Baking Tray, $4, Amazon

Love potato chips and eager for a way to make your own version of your favorite snack? You can with this baking tray — and it just so happens that it's incredibly easy, too. Built for microwaves, this tray comes with dividers, so you can slip food in and watch as they become perfectly snackable treats in around six minutes.


18. A Set Of Bath Bombs That Help Relieve Cramps

Queen V Bombshell Bath Bombs, $9 (Set of 3), Amazon

This set of three bath bombs from Queen V won't just leave your skin feeling great: they can actually help relieve menstrual cramps. Made with soothing sweet orange and rosemary oil, these bath bombs are weird AF — but are also infused with coconut oil and shea butter to keep you hydrated.


19. This Incredibly Contoured Memory Foam Pillow

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow, $42, Amazon

For a better night's rest, you have to try this contoured memory foam pillow. Ideal for side and stomach sleepers, this pillow is ergonomically-designed to give you added support while you snooze. Because the memory foam is so breathable, air is able to circulate, which can keep you cool throughout the night. It's also resistant to dust mites, and has lots of foam stuffing to elevate your head.


20. A Water Bottle That You Can Also Store Valuables Inside Of

Primula Dual-Function Water Bottle, $17, Amazon

A water bottle is always a practical investment, but a water bottle like this that allows you to stash your valuables? It's a must-have. It comes with a waterproof compartment so you can fit everything from cards to cash in it — or even a standard smartphone (seriously) — and it's sturdy enough that it won't break or leak. "Great for hiking, biking, errands. Really any occasion it's nice having my phone an debit card within reach while staying hydrated," wrote one reviewer. It even has a headphone port so you can keep your phone in there while you're listening to music.


21. These Smart And Resilient Silicone Lids

Elegant Live Microwave Food Covers, $15 (Set of 5), Amazon

These BPA-free silicone lids are awesome to have around —whether you're microwaving something or putting leftovers aside in the fridge. They measure from a 4-inch lid (perfect for mugs) and a 12-inch lid (great for pots). They are also extremely temperature-resistant, able to withstands cool temps of -40 degrees Fahrenheit and hot temps of up to 500 degrees: which means they are oven-, dishwasher-, microwave, and freezer-safe.


22. A Tool That Attracts Dust Like A Magnet

Kitchen + Home Compact Static Duster, $8, Amazon

This static duster can work wonders on dusty surfaces around your house. The trick? It actually attracts dust like a magnet, and reaches all those tough nooks and crannies — like in your car air vents or your keyboard. It also is made with soft, gentle fibers that won't scratch surfaces while you're using it, and it comes with a convenient carrying case.


23. This Unique Tool For Straightening And Curling Hair

MEXITOP 2-in-1 Straightener And Curler, $35, Amazon

Get super-straight hair or bouncy curls on command with this innovative hair styling tool. Fully adjustable with three heat settings and equipped with three sides — use one side to straighten hair like you would with a heated hairbrush or use all three as a rounded brush to add curl and volume to hair. There's also automatic shut-off and dual voltage for taking with you on your travels.


24. A Way To Restore Old Clothes

Anwerk Sweater Shaver, $16, Amazon

Make old clothes look better than ever with this sweater shaver, which helps remove lint, balls, fuzz, and stray threads from all kinds of fabrics. This version comes with stainless steel blades and an incredibly long cord — plus, it's also great for furniture, curtains, bedding, and more.


25. These Tongs That Are Good For Scooping Spaghetti

HornTide Stainless Steel Pasta Tongs, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

Pasta's delicious — but not always that easy to serve up. These 9-inch stainless steel tongs make it easy to do that, and work especially well for spaghetti and tagliatelle. Made with teeth for easy gripping, these durable tongs are a great kitchen staple.


26. A Stick That Eliminates Icky Shoe Odor

ShoeStix, $30, Amazon

Do a lot of your shoes have a noticeable, unwanted odor? Not a problem with ShoeStix. This wacky invention is designed to get rid of foul-smelling odors in shoes of all kinds — from sneakers to boots and even dance shoes. And get this: the company claims if you use it for 10 minutes, it gets rid of 99.9 percent of odor-causing bacteria for up to 10 years. Yep: It's infused with silver ions, which antibacterial properties can last for a decade. They're lightly scented with plant essential oils, too.


27. An Eye Mask That's The Ultimate In Comfort

Eye Mask, $15, Amazon

Kick back, relax, and lounge in style with this contoured sleep mask. Molded to curve around your eyes (so no messing with your makeup), this also has an adjustable buckle strap to fit around any head. One reviewer writes: "This mask is amazing. So comfortable and blocks ALL ambient light."


28. These Gardening Gloves That Look Like Claws

Garden Genie Gloves, $7, Amazon

Add a little fun to your gardening routine with the Garden Genie gloves. These strange but genius gloves are made from breathable nylon and are completely waterproof and puncture-resistant. Best of all, they come with plastic claws at the tips, so you can use them in place of standard garden tools if you want.


29. A Five-In-One Cutlery Tool For Backpackers

Morsel Spork, $13, Amazon

Planning your next outdoor trip? This five-in-one tool is every utensil you might need. It functions as a spoon, fork, and knife for eating — and a spatula for cooking and a scraper for cleaning up your gear afterwards. It's thin, lightweight, and durable — and the extra-long handle ensures your hands stay clean.


30. This Balancing Cream That Will Make Your Skin Feel Amazing

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream, $15, Amazon

This nourishing cream can balance your complexion by delivering intense hydration and healing antioxidants. Rich in green tea extract, this cream can be replenishing for all skin types, and also is rich in citrus extracts like grapefruit and tangerine.


31. A Smartphone Holder That Looks Like A Spider

Trineybell Universal Phone Car Holder, $5, Amazon

This universal phone holder looks like a spider — but it's the convenience of the twisting legs that make it so useful, because it can rest anywhere (even around poles or your car AC vent. It can fit virtually any type of smartphone and holds things securely, and the metal is padded with rubber, so no scratches.


32. This Microwavable Dish That Comes With A Vented Lid

Joseph Joseph Cool-Touch Microwave Dish, $19 (3 Pack), Amazon

Your dish will stay cool to the touch — even fresh out of the microwave — with this interesting dish. It has a double-walled design that helps contain heat, and comes with a splash-proof lid with a steam vent, so it's really good for cooking veggies, soups, and reheating leftovers.


33. A Device For Better Back Massages

Back Buddy Tool, $15, Amazon

Aches and pains in your back can ruin your entire day. With the Back Buddy though, you can get out knots with ease, and in three ways — the rounded ball can help relieve general soreness, the pointed end acts as direct acupressure, and the flat side is perfect for Gua-Sha (a Chinese massage technique that breaks down scar tissue by scraping). One reviewer raved: "Learned about this tool from my trainer. She used this one day when I had a "knot" in my upper back. Miracle worker. Get one!"


34. These Adorable Dryer Balls That'll Make Clothes Less Wrinkly

Kikkerland Puffer Fish Dryer Buddies, $8, Amazon

Shaped just like puffer fish, these adorable little dryer balls can help ensure your clothes come out of the dryer completely wrinkle-free. These can also help to reduce drying time and soften (and fluff) fabrics naturally, so clothes feel great to wear after each cycle.


35. A Pain-Free Way To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

KEDSUM Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer, $14, Amazon

Unwanted nose and ear hair won't be a problem anymore with this hair trimmer. Designed to offer a safe, pain-free way to get rid of hair, this trimmer is made with stainless steel and never comes in direct contact with skin, so you don't have to worry about scrapes or cuts. It's also mechanical — just press the lever down and it'll spin to remove hair.


36. This Scrubber Just For Your Feet

Bath Blossom Foot Scrubber Brush, $20, Amazon

Pamper your feet with this scrubber brush, which has a massaging effect on feet — and gets everything from your heels to between your toes perfectly clean. It boosts blood circulation and exfoliates dead skin, so your skin will feel smoother than ever.


37. A Cleanser That Warms Upon Contact

boscia Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser, $10, Amazon

Detoxify and cleanse skin with this charcoal cleanser, which also has a pleasant warming effect on skin. Formulated to help reduce pores and reveal brighter, clearer skin, this cleanser is preservative-free and is made with activated charcoal. "This cleanser is fantastic at removing makeup, dirt, oil and my face feels clean and looks amazing after use. This is definitely my new daily cleanser," wrote one reviewer.


38. A Silly Pizza Wheel That Really Works

Fred PIZZA PEDDLER Monkey Unicycle Pizza Wheel, $15, Amazon

Forget about those cheap pizza wheels that don't cut through crust all the way through. Instead, try out this cute pizza wheel, which slices through pizza easily and comes with a cute handle featuring a monkey on a unicycle. It's made of silicone and stainless steel, too.


39. A Comfy Throw Blanket That Also Works As A Hoodie

Comfort Spaces Throw Blanket Hoodie, $27, Amazon

Luxuriate in real comfort with this silky smooth throw, which also comes fitted with a cute hood. Totally brilliant — and it can fit most and comes with two pockets. Plus, the Sherpa trim is hypoallergenic and easy to care for just through a simple wash.


40. This Pen Holder So You Can Always Keep A Writing Utensil Handy

Tech Tools Hand Pen Holder with Magnetic Back, $20, Amazon

Your desk might be disorganized, but using this holder can help to keep pens and other tools accessible — while also tidying up your workspace. Made with a magnet, this can also be good for keeping paper clips in one central spot. Functional and decorative, this holder definitely will stand out on a desk.


41. A Holder That'll Keep Your Keys In The Cloud

TWONE White Cloud Magnetic Wall Key Holder, $8, Amazon

Give a little dreamy quality to your home decor with this key holder, which stays in place thanks to two powerful magnets. You won't need to drill or hammer anything in the wall to keep this cloud-shaped holder up, and one reviewer writes: "One of the most useful purchases I've ever made on Amazon. I use it every single day to hang my keys. I've had it for at least half a year now it seems. Hasn't lost any magnetism."


42. This Silly But Sweet Colander

Ototo Mamma Nessie Colander Spoon, $16, Amazon

Nessie the Loch Ness monster might seem like the stuff legends are made of — but she's about to make cooking so much easier for you. This colander is shaped just like the mythical creature and comfortably sits at the bottom of your pot so it's easy to get out every vegetable or piece of pasta you're boiling. It's BPA-free, too.


43. This Trash Container For Your Car

IPELY Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Litter Trash Garbage Bag, $6, Amazon

Keep your car's interior from getting cluttered with garbage with this handy container. It fastens to your seat's headrest and can adjust completely, so the bag is always secure, even when you're driving on bumpy roads. The bottom is also fitted with Velcro, so it's easy to empty, too.


44. This Kit That Comes With Everything You Need to Survive A Public Bathroom

Accoutrements Public Toilet Survival Kit, $6, Amazon

The truth is, public toilets can be gross AF. This brilliant survival kit comes with everything you need to brave them: including a toilet seat cover, disposable gloves, and two antiseptic wipes. All of these contents are in a metal box that can fit into a purse or console conveniently.

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