44 Things That Make Your Home 10x More Comfortable For Less Than $35 On Amazon


Home. Even the word has me thinking of soft, cuddly blankets, warm cups of tea, and all my favorite programs streaming on TV. If you think of it, home is pretty much synonymous with comfort — and if you subscribe to this notion, finding bargains on items that take your space from simply your house to a truly relaxing haven is an unending mission. I spend a lot of my time (if I’m being honest) searching the internet — especially Amazon — for really great deals on home décor, smart technology, and other household products that welcome me home and add value to my time spent there.

Reading reviews is always my first step when I’m shopping for savings on home comfort items. Amazon reviewers are always more than ready to share the pros and cons of each purchase they’ve made, making my shopping a lot more productive. Recently, I’ve found scores of sensational sales on lifestyle products backed by thousands of satisfied shoppers and five-star reviewers. Like this versatile wine-or-towel rack that adds extra storage to smaller spaces, or this super-cozy set of woven storage baskets for catching your keys and earrings. Both of these items — and so many more — come highly recommended by Amazon shoppers who crave comfort combined with a really great deal.

Ready to elevate the look and feel of your own comfy nest? Read on for some of my top picks. Oh, and did I mention they’re all less than $35?

by Laura Harper

1. A Set Of Kitchen Mats That Help Take The Strain Out Of Dinner Prep

Making dinner or doing the dishes can be a tedious task. This pack of anti-fatigue kitchen mats helps lessen the strain of standing at your counter. Two sizes make it easy to outline a range of kitchen footprints, and the thick foam and PVC construction gently support your feet. Pick from chocolate, green, or gray to match your kitchen aesthetic.

2. A Set Of Smooth Satin Pillowcases For Hair & Skin Care

Not just supremely comfortable, these satin pillowcases may help keep your hair from frizzing and your skin soft and supple. A worthy competitor to more expensive cases, these sleek covers help keep you cool on warm nights. Envelope closures keep your pillows secure. Select your favorite color from among 23 options.

3. These Bamboo Charcoal Air-Purifying Bags For Closets, Dresser Drawers & Cars

I’ve tried a lot of odor-eliminators for closets, gym bags, and other small spaces, and these bamboo charcoal air purifying bags are a must-buy. The organic construction is suitable around children and pets, and the natural odor-controlling properties of charcoal truly do the job. Refresh these bags for repeated use by simply setting them out in the sun.

4. A Pack Of Color-Changing LED Night Lights For Bedrooms Or Hallways

Night lights don’t have to be too bright, and this pack of color-changing night lights lets you pick the color of your comforting glow. Dusk-to-dawn technology automatically switches them on and off, making a terrific option for infant and toddler bedrooms. With an LED providing illumination, these night lights provide lasting use.

5. An Orthopedic Knee Pillow For Sciatica, Pregnancy & More

Help ease the pain of sciatica, back issues, and pregnancy discomforts with this compact knee pillow. The contoured design and high-density memory foam offer natural, ergonomic support, offering comfortable rest through the night. A zippered cover is easy to remove for quick machine cleaning. Side sleepers are raving about this one.

6. A Set Of Flickering Flameless Candles That Never Need Replacing

Enjoy the flicker of candlelight without worrying about safety when you set up these flameless candles. A terrific option for homes with little ones — either human or pet — these candles use LEDs instead of matches to deliver a luminous glow. Embedded string lights offer additional glimmer, and an included remote lets you set the timer function from across the room.

7. This Memory Foam Bath Mat With A Nonslip Back

Step out in comfort when you leave the bath with this super-thick, ultra-cozy memory foam bath mat. The soft top cover comforts your feet, while a generous memory foam padding offers additional support. This cozy mat comes in a range of size options to fit your tub dimensions, and you can choose from 26 colors to complement your bath décor.

8. An Amber Light Bulb That Helps Ease You Into Sleep

Sometimes, a little light is all you need to fall asleep (when that light is this blue light-blocking amber light bulb, that is). This A19 bulb fits in standard lamps, turning harsh white light into a soothing glow to help ease little ones and adults into a restful night’s slumber. This bulb is available in both 3-watt and 7-watt options for energy-efficient use.

9. A 2-Piece Set Of Velvet Throw Pillow Covers In Over 30 Beautiful Hues

Deliver a sophisticated finish to your couch or bed with this set of velvet throw pillow covers. The soft surface supports comfortable napping, all while the hidden zipper makes them simple to install. These plush pillow covers come in 33 color options to match your decorating palette.

10. This Set Of 4 Throw Pillow Inserts For Your Sofa Or Bed

Plump up the look of your couch or bed for ultimate relaxation with this pack of four throw pillows. Ready for your custom covers, these cushions add a little extra support and a whole lot of style for layered bedding looks. You can choose from five sizes, and they’re hypoallergenic for sniffle-free enjoyment.

11. This Pack Of Blackout Window Shades That Keep Out The Morning Sun

Darken your bedroom or a nursery with these pleated window shades. The generous size fits most standard windows and can be easily trimmed to fit. A simple setup requires no tools or extra skills; simply remove the adhesive backing and press them into place. These paper shades block up to 99% of light for a restful nap any time of day.

12. A Plush Area Rug That Adds An Ultra-Cozy Accent Anywhere You Place It

Add a warm accent to hardwood or tile with this soft and inviting plush area rug. A range of colorful choices let you create immediate decorative impact next to your bed or beneath a crib. Lush pile welcomes your toes on chilly mornings. Choose from four size options to deliver an instant update.

13. These Insulated Blackout Curtains That Offer Good Looks & Energy Efficiency

If you ask me, a completely dark room is conducive to getting a good night’s rest. These insulated blackout curtains do the job without sacrificing on style. Six grommets at the top of each panel slide easily onto standard curtain rods for a quick update, and thermal insulation offers the added benefit of a lower energy bill. This perfect pair is available in 28 stunning colors.

14. This Near-Silent Cool Mist Humidifier

Dry air can be a real annoyance, especially when you’re trying to sleep at night. This cool mist humidifier provides a reliable — and highly reviewed — way to sleep and breathe easier. A 360-degree nozzle lets you direct your comfort, and the safe, ultra-quiet operation is ideal for bedrooms. As one reviewer wrote, “It’s an allergy lifesaver!”

15. A Bamboo Cooling Blanket That’s An Ideal Summertime Nap Companion

Even on the hottest summer nights, I need to be covered to sleep. This 100% bamboo blanket provides the solution if you’re like me. The breathable fabric wicks away heat, all so you stay cooler. An included laundry bag makes maintenance a snap (in the washer at low temps). Pick up a couple from the seven color options and gift one to a friend.

16. This Sparkling LED String Light Curtain That Brightens Your Backyard

With 4.7 stars on Amazon, this sparkling LED string light curtain delivers a reliable way to light up your patio or door wall in brilliance. The 300 LEDs provide a shimmering sheet of light, and the plug-and-play design works with standard US outlets. Eight settings let you create everything from a slow fade to steady on, perfectly illuminating your space.

17. This Memory Foam Mattress Topper That Comforts & Cools

Place a layer of comfort over your mattress with this memory foam mattress topper. The green tea-infused topper keeps you blissfully cool as you slumber, and the thick memory foam padding helps support your body so you wake up refreshed. This topper is available in sizes from twin to king and three levels of thickness, letting you create a comfortable nest in every bedroom.

18. A Duvet Insert That Delivers Luxe Comfort To Your Bed

Cuddle up on the coldest nights underneath this microfiber duvet insert. This down alternative means you can breathe easily while you sleep, and the baffle box stitching helps keep the fill in place. Slip your duvet cover over this insert for a quick and comfortable bedding update. It’s machine-washable, too, for totally easy care.

19. The Latest Echo Dot With An Even Better Speaker

Control your home from the comfort of your couch with this 3rd Generation Echo Dot smart speaker. The same compact design features a speaker upgrade, letting you enjoy your playlist with enhanced audio. Compatibility with Alexa means you can do everything from calling your mom to checking the weather and tracking your fitness.

20. This Himalayan Salt Lamp With A Natural Pink Glow

Himalayan salt is thought to be healing, and this calming lamp is sure to soothe your soul. Adjustable lighting lets you set a custom glow, which is perfect for nurseries at night or your own bedside table. The natural edges of the rock deliver contemporary appeal, and a wooden base keeps it in place.

21. An Ergonomic Bath Pillow That Cradles & Supports

Relax in your bath for a truly decadent soak with this plush bath pillow. An ergonomic design cradles your body, while the mesh construction and breathable filling provide support alongside easy drying. A built in hook lets you hang this pillow from your shower rod. It’s even easy to clean in your washing machine.

22. This Faux Brick Wallpaper That Delivers An Exposed Wall Look

Get the on-trend look of exposed brick without having to hire a contractor. This vintage-style brick wallpaper has a peel-and-stick design, so it’s easy to change a blank wall to an amazing focal point. Accent a living room wall or turn your kitchen into a standout space in just minutes. The vinyl surface offers effortless maintenance.

23. A Set Of 2 Memory Foam Pillows For Support The Whole Night Through

The search for the perfect pillow ends here with this set of shredded memory foam pillows. Unlike solid block-style memory foam cushions, these pillows boast a bit of fluff for a more comfortable experience. They’re suitable for all sleeping positions, and the breathable cover helps keep you cool at night.

24. This Smart Essential Oil Diffuser You Can Control With Your Phone

You can infuse your space with calming aromatherapy without lifting a finger when you have this Wi-Fi-enabled essential oil diffuser. It’s quiet and easy to control with Alexa or Google Assistant. Set a schedule and come home to soothing scents and restful colors. Three misting modes let you customize your comfort, too.

25. A Set Of 6 Essential Oils In Popular Scents

Stock up on your favorite aromatherapy scents with this six-piece set of essential oils. Whether you’re looking for a little clarity or searching for some peace, these oils — including lemongrass, lavender, orange, peppermint, and more — provide an option for your compatible diffuser. It’s even boxed for easy gifting in case you want to buy one for yourself and someone else.

26. This 7-Piece Gallery Frame Set For Displaying Your Favorite Photographs

If you have a collection of snapshots saved of favorite memories, this set of gallery picture frames will get them out of the box and up on your walls. A range of sizes make it a snap to create a collage over a side table or your living room sofa. Choose from black, white, or mahogany.

27. This Floor Pillow That Delivers On Vintage-Style Appeal

Remember those comfy button-tufted chenille chairs your grandma used to have? These generous floor pillows take that design idea into modern times. They’re thick for use as extra seating, as well as versatile — use them to line a window seat for a touch of style and support. Choose from six popular colors to elevate your space.

28. A Set Of Decorated Mason Jars That Illuminate Your Space

If your tastes run from rustic to eclectic, this set of mason jar wall décor is made for you. Handmade from sanding to staining, each hanging plaque boasts beautiful blooms and twinkling fairy lights to illuminate guest rooms of hallways. Switch up the look of this unique set by changing out the flowers as the seasons change.

29. A Hand-Warming Mug With A Wraparound Fit

Cold hands may be a sign of a warm heart, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep them cold. This unique clay mug has a pocket — instead of a handle — so you can truly wrap your hands around your favorite morning beverage (making mornings that much more comfortable). A handcrafted design in a range of colorways lets you express your contemporary style. They’re dishwasher-safe, too.

30. These Vintage-Style Lights For Your Patio Or Porch

Outdoor lights aren’t just for the holidays. They can transform your patio into a stunning spot for entertaining, and these vintage-style string lights are up to the task. The Edison glass bulbs deliver bistro-inspired appeal, and the generous length easily outlines an overhang. Choose from green, black, or white wiring to set the perfect scene.

31. This Sunset Lamp That Delivers Instant Evening Ambience

You’ll never miss another sunset with this USB projection lamp. Replicating the look of the “golden hour” so many of us miss due to busy days and nights, this compact lamp is ideal for setting a mood or creating a backdrop for artistic photography. The rotating lamp head lets you cast its glow upon the ceiling or the floor; the options are endless.

32. This Live Snake Plant That Doesn’t Require A Lot Of Fuss

Start your journey to a bona fide green thumb with this live snake plant. Totally forgiving if you forget watering day, this drought-resistant foliage is great for beginning gardeners. It does well in low-light conditions and is easy to repot — a perfect founding member of your plant family tree.

33. These Memory Foam Armrest Pads That Elevate Your Desk Chair

Keep your favorite desk chair and give it an upgrade with these memory foam armrest pads. A universal design fits snugly over most standard desk chair arms, delivering an extra layer of comfort to get you through a long day. The cover is removable for washing, and you get a choice of black or gray.

34. A Keyboard & Mouse Wrist Rest Combo That Alleviates Strain

It’s amazing how a little thing can create so much comfort at your desk. For instance, this memory foam wrist rest set helps keep your hands supported throughout your workday. Breathable construction provides additional comfort, and a nonskid base keeps them in place. Choose from six fabric colors.

35. These Sleek Satin Sheets That Combine Fashion With Function

Sleep in satin luxury with this set of sheets. The soft construction is gentle on your skin and may even keep your hair from frizzing, since it shouldn’t cause as much friction as cotton. This three-piece set is machine-washable (on cold) to add an instant upgrade to your beloved bed. A range of sizes and colors are available.

36. A Set Of 50 Velvet Hangers That Care For Your Clothing

I’ve spent years trying to organize my closet so every hanger matches, and I think I may have the solution with this set of velvet hangers. Each one can handle up to 11 pounds, easily handling coats, and the notched shoulders keep your clothing in place. The slim, velvet hangers add a touch of sophistication to your storage space.

37. A Super-Soft Faux Sheepskin Rug For Chairs Or Beds

Add a look of luxury to chairs, beds, or floors with this deluxe faux sheepskin rug. The no-shed faux wool construction delivers a low-maintenance accent piece, and a nonslip backing helps keep this rug in place. This cozy rug is easy to maintain in your washing machine and is available in six colors.

38. This White Noise Sound Machine With A Convenient Auto-Off Timer

Soothe your baby — or yourself — when life gets a little too loud with this compact white noise sound machine. It’s portable for travel, and 24 soothing sounds provide a calming backdrop that may assist in sleep. Set it to play continuously or choose between 30, 60, and 90 minute intervals of pure, mood-enhancing sound.

39. A Set Of 3 Gilded Mirrors That Create An Illusion Of Space

Create instant dimension within your space by hanging this set of gold wall mirrors. Contemporary sunburst patterns work well with transitional or eclectic aesthetics and offer virtually endless possibilities. This stunning set is available in a range of finishes, including white and vintage.

40. This Stylish Pouf Cover In 8 Designer Colors

Refresh your footstool with this decorative pouf cover. It’s made from faux leather for easy care that doesn’t compromise on a high-end look. Simply stuff and zip it closed to give your bedroom or living room a quick style boost. Six colors are available to choose from.

41. A Storage Ottoman With Space For Blankets & Magazines

There never seems to be enough space to store the bits and pieces of a busy life. This classic ottoman-style footrest offers a clever option. Lift the top, and you’ve got room for magazines, blankets, or electronics in one easy-to-access spot. With the top in place, it’s a comfy spot to put your feet up for a bit.

42. This Smart Dimmer Switch That Works With Amazon & Google

Come home to a warm welcome with this smart dimmer switch you can program from your phone. Universal compatibility works with most standard switches, and voice control supports hands-free operation with a range of supported apps — including Alexa and Google Assistant. Built-in fading brings the lights on slowly or shuts them down as you fall asleep.

43. This Thoughtful Rack That Works With Wines & Rolled Towels

Whether you’ve got a collection of wine or you’re lacking linen closet space, this versatile rack is ready to handle your needs. The elegant design can hold six bottles of wine or rolled towels, keeping them close at hand while showing off your good taste. Sturdy iron construction offers lasting use.

44. This Motion-Activated Nightlight That Casts A Soft & Comforting Glow

You can help ensure your safety when you step out of bed with this motion-activated bed light. The LED light strip sticks easily to your bed frame and offers a gentle glow to guide you on your way. Floor-level lighting keeps others from being disturbed, and adjustable timing offers hands-free control. We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.