45 Awesome Gifts For Men: Your Boyfriend, Dad & Brother Will Thank You

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Gift-giving often involves a very cyclical and frustrating pattern. The whole year, you’re finding and thinking of great gifts for men in your life, but when a holiday or birthday actually rolls around, you can’t remember a single one of them.

To solve this exact issue, I use three very helpful online resources. First, I have a specific Pinterest board where I pin all the great ideas I find during the year. Second, I surf through gift guides for boyfriends, dads, and brothers, and pull all my shopping inspiration from there.

The problem I often run into, however, is that so many publications tend to lump all men together as tie-loving grill enthusiasts who spend the vast majority of their days playing golf, as if there’s only one variety of guy. If you’re looking for original gifts for him — ones that cater to every type of guy, from athletic to artsy and techie to neat-freak — you’ll need a wide selection to choose from.

My third resource is Amazon, because it’s one of those places that has just about everything. Their gift guides and interesting finds have all the things that you never would’ve thought of, but actually make for an incredible and personalized gift that any man in your life is sure to love. Check out some of the best picks from Amazon right here.

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