45 Clever Home & Cleaning Inventions For People Who Suck At Adulting

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There's no way around it: Being an adult is hard. Trying to balance a job, social life, and learning what a 401k is — all while cleaning your bathroom regularly? Not easy. Which is why you need to find clever home and cleaning inventions that are actually crafted for people who suck at adulting.

To be clear, acting like an "adult" is really just a facade. Like most things in life, it's just about feeling like you have it together and are making the most of your time. That's why most of these crafty products solve problems tiny problems to help you save both precious hours and a few dollars in the long-run.

Similarly, many of these products allow you to take complete charge over a situation rather than getting help from someone else. So instead of calling a plumber the next time your shower takes place in a 2-inch puddle, try whipping out a drain blaster that cleans clogs with just air. Completely safe and chemical free, this nifty solution not only saves money but also lets you take control of a situation, like a true adult.

So if you're still figuring out what adulting means to you and how you could be better at it, try adding these clever home and cleaning inventions into your routine. Your new level of "adult" might surprise you.

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