45 Clever Home & Cleaning Inventions For People Who Suck At Adulting

There's no way around it: Being an adult is hard. Trying to balance a job, social life, and learning what a 401k is — all while cleaning your bathroom regularly? Not easy. Which is why you need to find clever home and cleaning inventions that are actually crafted for people who suck at adulting.

To be clear, acting like an "adult" is really just a facade. Like most things in life, it's just about feeling like you have it together and are making the most of your time. That's why most of these crafty products solve problems tiny problems to help you save both precious hours and a few dollars in the long-run.

Similarly, many of these products allow you to take complete charge over a situation rather than getting help from someone else. So instead of calling a plumber the next time your shower takes place in a 2-inch puddle, try whipping out a drain blaster that cleans clogs with just air. Completely safe and chemical free, this nifty solution not only saves money but also lets you take control of a situation, like a true adult.

So if you're still figuring out what adulting means to you and how you could be better at it, try adding these clever home and cleaning inventions into your routine. Your new level of "adult" might surprise you.

1. The Motion-Activated Light That Cleans Up A Dirty Toilet

Sunnest Motion Activated Night Light, $10, Amazon

This toilet night light hangs over the rim of your toilet and is motion-activated to turn on from any movement in a 7-foot range. It has two modes with 16 LED color options to light up the bathroom during late night trips. The light runs off of three AAA batteries and has a vented piece to hold a scented fragrance slice. Best of all, it turns off two minutes after all motion ends, letting an automatic UV sterilizer kick in to sanitize your toilet.


2. A Breakfast Sandwich Maker That Makes Mornings Easier

Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker, $25, Amazon

If the thought of cleaning multiple frying pans right before you have to leave for work is completely overwhelming, try the Hamilton Beach sandwich maker. It can toast an English muffin, cook an egg, and warm up meats, veggies, and cheese for a complete breakfast in just five minutes. To make cleaning easier, all surfaces are covered with a durable non-stick coating, and the removable pieces are dishwasher-safe. Reviews said it's the perfect tool for "anyone that finds themselves too busy to make breakfast," and is "so easy to clean."


3. A Silicone Scrubber That Always Smells Like Peaches

Peachy Clean Antimicrobial Silicone Scrubber, $10 (3 Pack), Amazon

If your sponges always seem to smell like mildew, try swapping them out with a peachy clean scrubber. They're made from a textured silicone that's resistant to mold and mildew so your sink won't stink. Carefully designed with large pores that won't hold onto food, they're also guaranteed to be odor-free for at least three months. Gently scented with a light peach fragrance, these sponges are durable enough to clean pots, but gentle enough to leave behind no scratches.


4. This Fragrance-Free Fridge Deodorizer That Removes Odors With Charcoal

Innofresh Fridge-It Cube, $7, Amazon

This odor absorber cube uses activated charcoal to trap and neutralize nasty scents, leaving your fridge odor-free up to six months. Completely fragrance- and chemical-free, it's compact for trash cans, offices, lockers, or sports bag, one reviewer raved that their cube even "fixed the malodorous stench in not just one but two office fridges."


5. A Microfiber Towel That Cleans Any Surface With Only Water

Life Miracle Cleaning Towels, $15 (4 Pack), Amazon

These cleaning towels let you ditch toxic chemicals and wasteful paper towels for an all-natural scrub down. They're made with nanolon fibers that capture liquid, dust, and dirt. Just add water to clean virtually any surface, including glass and stainless steel, for a streak-free shine. Refresh them with a quick spin in the washing machine for years of use. One reviewer even said these budget-friendly towels took the popcorn smell out of the microwave.


6. A Foldable Cutting Board That Makes Way Less Of A Mess

Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Foldable Cutting Board, $21, Amazon

This foldable cutting board guarantees you won't lose half a chopped onion while moving it over to your sauté pan. The award-winning board comes with a 4-inch handle that brings the sides of the boards together into a chute when squeezed. When flat, the durable board has non-slip feet that keep it in place while you're cutting. Available in five colors, it's also dishwasher-safe.


7. These Magnets That Hang Bottles To Save A Lot Of Fridge Space

Strong Like Bull Magnets BottleLoft, $30 (2 Pack), Amazon

Maximize your fridge's shelf space with a magnetic BottleLoft. Install the adhesive strip at the top of a fridge or fridge shelf, and you can securely hold beer bottles with a neodymium magnets designed to hold three times the weight of an average 12-ounce bottle. One reviewer even noted the magnets were strong enough for other items, writing "I've stored full mason jars, ragu sauce jars, cans of whipped Creme (on its side), anything with metal." It's an easy way to save space in a stocked fridge.


8. An Automatic Jar Opener That Opens Tricky Salsa With The Push Of A Button

RoboTwist Electric Jar Opener, $19, Amazon

When the house is empty, but you need a little help "loosening" the top of that salsa, you'll be happy to have this automatic jar opener. It can open any glass jar with a lid. Just place the opener on your jar and press open. The automatic outer arms grip the jar, while the inner arms close around the lid. Small enough to store in your drawer, it runs off two AA batteries and will last on them for a long time.


9. A Heavy-Duty Veggie Chopper That Makes Cutting Onions A Tear-Free Job

Mueller Austria Pro Vegetable Chopper, $23, Amazon

This food chopper trims down tedious time spent food prepping from minutes to seconds. It uses two ultra-sharp German stainless steel discs to dice even the hardest vegetables and cheese with just one swift motion. Large enough to hold four cups of food, its body is made from a BPA-free, food-grade ABS designed to be break resistant. Completely dishwasher-safe, it also comes with a cleaning brush and recipe e-book.


10. This Crazy Food Chopper That Can Replace Most Of The Tools In Your Kitchen

Kools Clever 8-in-1 Food Chopper Set, $19, Amazon

Declutter your kitchen drawers once and for all by replacing multiple tools with Kool's 8-in-1 food chopper set. It comes with a smart cutting tool designed to act as scissors, a knife, a peeler, a fish scaler, a bone cutter, and a bottle opener. Additionally, an attachable knife sharpener and protective finger guard round out the set. One reviewer wrote "it's light and easy to use" and "makes life in the kitchen much easier."


11. This Crafty Bowl That Lets You Create Salad In 60 Seconds

Unihoh 60 Second Salad Cutter Bowl, $12, Amazon

Part of adulting definitely includes some lunch prep, which is why this 60 second salad cutter bowl is the perfect kitchen addition. To use, just fill the bowl with fresh produce, like lettuce, tomatoes, or cucumbers. Then pop on the handled base and flip for guided cuts through your salad. When it's chopped, simply turn the bowl 90 degrees and chop again. The bowl itself doubles as a strainer with the base doubling as a chopping board.


12. An Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Cleans While You Watch TV

WOLife Vacuum Cleaning Robot, $70, Amazon

This automatic robot vacuum cleans your floors for you, so you can indulge in one more episode of Real Housewives. The low-noise vacuum uses two side brushes, a detachable anti-static duster, and a powerful vacuum to sweep up floors. Small enough to slide underneath beds and couches, it's meant for hard flooring like yo;r and wood. To use, just charge for five to six hours for up to 90 minutes of continuous automatic vacuuming.


13. This Roll-Up Drying Rack That Lets Your Dry Your Dishes Over The Sink

Surpahs Over The Sink Drying Rack, $24, Amazon

This space-saving drying rack unrolls over the sink so your dishes take up minimal space as they dry. Made from a high-quality steel coated entirely in silicone, the rack is rust-resistant, non-slip, and durable for years of use. The BPA-free rack is also heat resistant up to 400 degrees, letting it double as a trivet for hot dishes.


14. Some Silicone Beer Saves That Keep Your Unfinished Bottle Fresh

Save Brands Beer Savers, $10 (6 Pack), Amazon

If you find yourself leaving around half-empty bottles of beer, it might be time to try beer savers. The silicone bottle tops fit any standard beer to keep it fresh and fizzy after opening. Both dishwasher-safe and reusable, each pack comes six caps in a variety of colors. One daring reviewer said they "even pass the upside-down test (hold a beer upside down with any leakage or spills)."


15. These Odor Neutralizers That Keep Your Trash Can Smelling Fresh For 8 Months

Odor Kontrol Odor Eliminating StikTiles, $10, Amazon

Neutralize stinky trash cans with these odor-control tiles to keep your home scent-free. They're made from a non-toxic and antibacterial filter that adheres directly to the inside of your trash can. Each fresh citrus-scented sticker removes odors for up to sixty days, and turns blue when it's ready for replacement.


16. An Egg Cooker That Delivers With Little Effort

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, $17, Amazon

Put breakfast back into your morning routine with Dash's rapid egg cooker. The cooker, which comes in four colors, delivers the perfect hard-boiled, poached, or scrambled eggs every time. Just select the tray that matches how you want to cook your eggs and use the included measuring cup to pour water to the fill line. The cooker automatically turns off when the eggs are done, and you can throw the non-electric parts into the dishwasher for a quick clean. There's even an included omelet tray.


17. This Stain Remover Designed To Remove Almost All Red Wine Stains

Gonzo Wine Out Red Wine Remover, $16, Amazon

When mom's not around to save your favorite white sweater after a night of Pinot Noir, turn to Gonzo's red wine remover. The odorless and non-toxic stain remover can be used either as an instant spot remover or a laundry pre-wash to remove stains. Effective on almost all red wine stains, it works best when applied to fresh stains.


18. A Palm-Sized Dish Brush That Dispenses Soap As You Scrub For Easier Cleaning

OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Palm Brush, $6, Amazon

This dish brush makes scrubbing down dirty plates even easier by dispensing soap directly into the brush with the push of a button. It has durable nylon bristles that are tough enough to clean off baked-on food, but gentle enough for non-stick pans. Contoured to fit into the palm of your hand, it has a non-slip grip and a screw top for fast refills.


19. A Himalayan Salt Night Light That Purifies The Air

Dream Salts Himalayan Salt Night Light, $8, Amazon

This Himalayan salt night light doubles as an air purifier that increases your mood and energy by expelling negative ions. The hand-carved night lights glow an ambient amber color to gently light hallways, bathrooms, or kitchens. It has a three prong electrical outlet for added stability, and rotates 360 degrees to fit into any socket configuration. It also might the air of allergens from dust particles and smoke, so it'll keep you breathing easier.


20. A Powerful Electric Brush Scrubber That Makes Cleaning Any Room A Breeze

JUOIFIP Power Spin Scrubber Brush, $40, Amazon

This scrubbing brush has over 300 RPMS of high-torque scrubbing power to give your bathroom a long overdue cleanse. It comes with an extension arm that attaches to three interchangeable brush heads, which are great to clean grout, showers, tiles, and sinks. Safe to operate under wet conditions, the brush can run almost an hour off a single charge.


21. This Silicone Lid That Stops Your Pots And Pans From Boiling Over

Jobar International Boil Over Safeguard, $9, Amazon

If you're still struggling to make pasta without watching it boil over onto the stove, try using a boil-over safeguard. The silicone lid fits directly onto any pot, and acts like a traditional lid to trap in water and heat without making a mess on the stove. Ideal for cooking rice, potatoes, and grains, the lid can also double as a steamer, and is dishwasher-safe.


22. This 6-in-1 Pressure Cooker That Basically Makes All Your Meals For You

Instant Pot Lux Mini 3-Quart Pressure Cooker, $59, Amazon

If you still haven't mastered home-cooked dinners after work, try using a programmable pressure cooker. This handy tool acts a 6-in-1 kitchen tool that acts as a pressure cooker that also makes rice, sautés, steams, and warms food. You can prep all the ingredients for a soup in the morning and delay the start time up to 24 hours for a just-cooked meal right when you return home. It even comes with a rice paddle, soup spoon, measuring cup, recipe booklet, and stainless steel steam rack.


23. This Food Strainer That Snaps Directly Onto Your Pot

Salbree Clip-On Kitchen Food Strainer, $11, Amazon

Make late night pasta even easier by clipping this silicone food strainer directly onto your pot. The handy gadget attaches to virtually any pot, and is compact enough to fit into any kitchen drawer. It also comes with a free garlic peeler, which removes husks while rolling, and a silicone basting brush.


24. These Magnets That Force Every Roommate To Handle The Dishes

Glide Signs Dishwasher Magnet, $17, Amazon

Instead of fighting with your roommates over who emptied the dishwasher last and whether those were really clean, use this dishwasher magnet instead. It's made from high-quality aluminum that's 10 percent waterproof and protected by a soft silica that won't scratch your dishwasher. Crafted with a green clean option or a dirty red option, it also featured an adhesive stick option for cabinets.


25. A Brilliant Couch Coaster That Attaches Directly To Your Sofa

Hit Products CouchCoaster, $25, Amazon

This one-size-fits-all drink coaster can drape over any sofa edge to give you a secure drink holder for both cold and hot liquids. It's made from a flexible silicone body that's weighted to sit evenly on your couch, and comes with a tacky base for minimal slip. Designed to fit mugs and tumblers just under four inches wide, it also comes with an adapter to fit slimmer cans and bottles.


26. A Memory Foam Lap-Desk Designed To Help You Multi-Task

Sofi+Sam Multi Tasking Foam Lap Desk, $47, Amazon

This lap desk is a well-crafted tool for multi-tasking thanks to sliding phone and mouse tray, a USB light, and tablet slot. Comfortably built for lounging, it has a memory foam bottom and a wrist rest. It weighs just under five pounds, making it great for portability and comes with a black, wood, or silver top option. Users lover this desk so much, it has almost five stars after over 1,000 reviews.


27. A Bedside Caddy That Holds Your Cables To Charge Your Devices As You Sleep

Padded Spaces iBedside Caddy, $40, Amazon

This bedside caddy tidies up your bedroom by discreetly storing your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or smartwatch within arms reach. It tucks over your bed to hold just under 8 pounds, and it contains a hidden cable management system to recharge devices overnight. A magnetic fold-out shelf opens to hold your iPhone, glasses, or remotes, the slim design anchors securely under your mattress.


28. A Pot Organizer That Keeps Your Kitchen Cabinets Clutter-Free

Simple Houseware Kitchen Cabinet Organizer, $15, Amazon

You won't even recognize the space under your kitchen sink once you install this cabinet organizer — it can easily hold up to five pans and organize those kitchen drawers for you. It comes in both a bronze and chrome finish, can be used both horizontally and vertically. and the best-selling rack can also be secured with a screw directly into your cabinets.


29. This Butter Knife That Uses Your Body Heat To Warm Up

That! Inventions Spread That Serrated Warming Butter Knife, $20, Amazon

This serrated butter knife makes spreading cold butter on fresh toast even easier. It transfers the heat from your palm to the rest of the knife to make carving and spreading butter even easier. Also great for peanut butter and cream cheese, it's dishwasher safe for faster post-breakfast clean-up. One reviewer wrote it "makes butter spreading easy" with "no more struggles or chunks."


30. This Handheld Mini Vacuum That Runs Off Both USB Power And Batteries

LIVION Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner, $20, Amazon

This compact vacuum is the size of a computer mouse, but strong enough to clean your desk, keyboard, computer, and kitchen countertops. It comes with three interchangeable brush heads that locks dirt into a built-in dust trapper, so you don't have to worry about dust bags. Great for coffee grounds, crumbs, or eraser shavings, it runs off of four AA batteries and comes in three colors.


31. This Defrosting Tray That Thaws Frozen Food In 60 Minutes

VonShef Defrosting Tray, $16, Amazon

This defrosting tray can thaw frozen chicken, steak, and more within just 60 minutes without any chemicals or electricity. The dishwasher-safe tray is made from aluminum, with an anti-spill silicone border to prevent any spills from defrosted water. To use, just place your meat onto the tray and let it heat up ten times faster than at room temperature.


32. These Containers That Keep Produce Fresh Up To 80 Percent Longer

Rubbermaid Freshworks Containers, $14, Amazon

Use Rubbermaid's Freshwork containers to keep your produce fresh up to 80 percent longer than with standard store packaging. They use a FreshVent technology that regulates oxygen flow and carbon dioxide to create the best environment for food to thrive, while a crisper tray keeps moisture away. The dishwasher-safe containers, which come in a small and a large size, also have built-in lid filters that last the entire lifetime of the produce container.


33. These Fabric Handle Covers That Prevent Dirty Fingerprints On Your Kitchen Appliances

Sheskind Refrigerator Door Handle Covers, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

If your fridge is covered in fingerprints, it's time to try out these protective door handle covers. The plush covers are made from a stretchy material that attaches with Velcro edges. Designed to save time on excess cleaning by trapping dirt and preventing fingerprints, they're completely machine-washable and sold in packs of two.


34. These Non-Stick Bags That Let You Make Grilled Cheese In The Toaster

RL Treats Non-Stick Reusable Toaster Bags, $6 (3 Pack), Amazon

These brilliant reusable bags let you make grilled cheese right in your toaster for a quick three-minute snack. The 100 percent non-stick bags fit into most toasters and are easy to clean. Heat-resistant up to 500 degrees, they're also healthier than traditional sandwiches that need oil or butter. Reviews called them "very convenient" and a quick way to make "the best grilled cheese ever."


35. This Spice Rack Organizer That Can Hold Up To 30 Spices

YouCopia Chef's Edition SpiceStack, $40, Amazon

If your countertops are covered in spice jars, try using this 30-bottle spice organizer to keep your kitchen clutter-free. Each organizer comes with three shelves divided into ten equal spaces that can hold either one full-sized bottle or two half-size spices. It has non-skid feet that keep the organizer in place and comes with 96 removable drawer labels. Each rack measures can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


36. A Stainless Steel Soap Bar That Removes Strong Odors From Your Hands

ShengMu Stainless Steel Soap, $8, Amazon

Who wants garlic odors on their hands all day? This stainless steel soap removes pungent odors from onion, garlic, and other strong odors from the skin. Made from steel, it's used like regular soap with cold water to remove odor. Just scrub for 30 seconds and let the negatively-charged stainless ions combine with positively charged amino acids to neutralize odor. The hollow bar, which is smaller than most soap and weighs under an ounce, is guaranteed to last a lifetime.


37. A Pack Of Microfiber Cleaning Cloths That Are Safe For Every Surface Type

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, $9 (6 Pack), Amazon

Made from a super high-quality microfiber that absorbs everything from dust to dirt, these microfiber cloths get your screen clean without any effort on your part. The super-soft material is safe to use on all surface types, including delicate camera lenses, glasses, or laptop screens. One reviewer writes: "These cloths are simply amazing! I love the large size of them. They are great on my larger mirrors, I really like no more spray cleaner and paper towels for this job. I haven't cleaned my mirrors that way for a very long time."


38. A Handheld Fabric Steamer That Heats Up In Two Minutes

URPOWER Garment Steamer, $20, Amazon

This garment steamer heats up in just two minutes, so you won't be giving that presentation in a wrinkled button-down. Compact enough to store in a suitcase, it has a 130-milliliter tank and can steam continuously for 10 minutes to remove even the trickiest wrinkles. And because adulting is hard, rejoice in the automatic shut-off function which activates when the water is low or the unit is too hot.


39. These Scratch-Free Scrubs That Changes Texture-Based On Water Temperatures

Scrub Daddy Scrub Mommy Scratch-Free Sponges, $19 (4 Pack), Amazon

If your pot is covered in a sticky mess, run the Scrub Daddy sponge under cold water for a firm scrubbing texture. Otherwise, use warm water to get a soft and compressible sponge. The super-absorbent sponge is not only lab-tested to leave surfaces scratch-free, but also creates more lather than your typical sponge. The unique smiley shape is also ideal for cleaning both sides of silverware. Finally, the scrubber is dishwasher and microwave-safe for critical refreshes that keep it mildew and odor-free.


40. This Kitchen Tool That Lets You Evenly Chop Food As You Stir

Chopstir Nylon Chopper, $8, Amazon

The ChopStir food chopper lets you dice food into equal pieces directly into your pan for a faster and more even cook. The dishwasher-safe chopper is made from a nylon that won't scratch surfaces, and is even safe for even non-stick cookware. Originally crafted for cooking ground meat, the chopper also works well for making mashes potatoes or mashing fruit for beverages or baking.


41. This Super Slim Spatula That Helps You Get Every Last Drop

The Spatty Daddy Spatula Tool, $10, Amazon

Part of being an adult is being fiscally responsible, which is why using the Spatty Daddy spatula to get every last drop of an overpriced foundation is a must. Carefully designed to fit into any bottle or container with a super slim opening, this sturdy tool guarantees you get every last drop out of your cosmetics or groceries. This 12-inch version is made from sturdy BPA-free material and is dishwasher safe.


42. A Genius Scrubber That Uses Magnets To Gently Clean Glass Without Scratching

Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber, $9, Amazon

Keep your makeshift collection of wine glasses sparkling with this magnetic spot scrubber. The two-piece tool connects through magnets on either side of the class, letting you control where the rubber scrubber moves around the glass — and lets you clean the inside of a glass with ease. The scrubber, which comes in four colors, is strong enough to take on dried-on stains, but won't scratch or crack glass.


43. A Drain Protector That Catches All Your Hair

TubShroom's SinkShroom Drain Protector, $11, Amazon

If you're used to calling the plumber every six months from a clogged drain, it might be time to install a Sinkshroom. Unlike other catches that sit on top of your drain, it slips right in. As hair moves down the drain, it catches the strands to wrap neatly around the base. When you're ready to clean, just pull out the Sinkshroom and remove hair in one swift motion.


44. This Cost-Effective Spray Bottle With Enough Solution To Clean Over 1,000 Surfaces

Screen Mom Screen Cleaner Kit, $17, Amazon

This screen cleaner ditches alcohol, ammonia and harmful phosphates for a scent-free, plant-based formula. The budget-friendly spray gives your screens a streak-free clean — including HDTVs, tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Each 16-ounce bottle will spray over 1,500 times and comes with an extra-large microfiber cleaning cloth. And if you still doubt how effective the formula might be, remember it has over 3,300 glowing reviews on Amazon.


45. A Chemical-Free Way To Clean Your Drains Without A Plumber

BAAM! Drain Blaster Cleaner, $21, Amazon

Instead of waiting around for a costly plumber, use this drain blaster to clear backed-up pipes without hazardous chemicals. To use, just pick one of three interchangeable heads that match the size of your sink, tub, or toilet. Then create a seal in your drain opening and use air pressure to remove clogs. One reviewer wrote: "I used this ONCE and the drain was clear... I can't begin to say how easy it was to use."

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