45 Incredible Temporary Tattoos To Nab Right Now

by Hatti Rex
Courtesy Tattify

Conjuring up a fantastic idea for a tattoo design is one thing, but actually going through with getting inked for real is a whole different story. If you're the kind of person who doesn't want to commit, temporary transfer tattoos are a great way to experiment with a range of different shapes and styles without doing anything drastic.

There's no real starting point in the realm of fake tats, as you can pretty much find in a whole array of weird and wonderful places. Going online is your best bet if you're not feeling like leaving the house any time soon, as a quick Google search will amass a seemingly endless list of results. However, if you're after something that doesn't require having to pay nearly double the cost of a tattoo sheet for postage then many of your local fashion retailers, or even your nearby grocery and drugstores, are potential goldmines to find your own completely artificial sick new ink.

With that said, here are a bountiful collection of fabulous temporary finds that would look totally cool as part of your look. And if they don't — well, they're not going to be there forever.

1. Adorable Traditional Illustrations

Al Murphy Temporary Tattoo, $28, Amazon

Definitely one to cop if you're after something a little kitschy yet still inspired by traditional designs.

2. DIY Paint My Petal Watercolor Roses

Paint My Petal, $8, Amazon

These nifty little temporary tattoos come in separate layers, meaning that you can build up the color and line work as you wish.

3. Geometric Nature Inspired Designs

PaperSelf, $7, PaperSelf

Some gorgeous kaleidoscopic butterflies that are perfect for parties, festivals and celebrations.

4. Better Than A Hickey

Lévres Or Gold Metallic Temporary Tattoo, $4, Tattify

Presumably easier to remove, too.

5. Something To "Tern" Heads

Arctic Terns, $4, Tattify

A revamped version of the old school swallow tattoos.

6. Probably NSFW

Badass Temporary Tattoos By Katie Biscuits, $3, Etsy

Your mother would be mortified.

7. For When You're Feeling Fruity

Fruit Temporary Tattoos By Kate Broughton, $7, Etsy

These delicious temporary tattoos by Kate Broughton are almost good enough to eat. Although, don't do that.

8. When You Low Key Want To Steal Kat Von D's Style

Black Stars Face Temporary Tattoos, $5, Claire's

Now you can try it out without getting your face inked or drawing it on badly with liquid eyeliner before smudging it all away every time you touch your face.

9. Keeping It Sweet

Julia Rothman Arm Candy (Set of 8), $18, Tattify

Easier than getting inked by a baby.

10. Something Chic And Simple

Metallic Temporary Tattoos, $12, Amazon

Some nearly instant, metallic glamour.

11. Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking

Lavish Lavender, $5, Amazon

No, but really.

12. Yes, Another

Not Another Anchor Tattoo, $6, Tattyoo

For when you low key love a good anchor design but don't want to let on.

13. One For The Ailurophiles

Cattoos, $9, Amazon

The best way to proclaim to the world that you truly love cats.

14. Butterflies In Your Stomach, On Your Face, Under Your Arm...

Superb Temporary Tattoos - 21 Bufferlies, $6, Amazon

Or just about anywhere really.

15. Classic And Colorful

Waterproof Phoenix Temporary Tattoo, $6, Amazon

It's almost too real.

16. Flash Sheets To Rival The Real Thing

The Classic Tats Trio Set, $10, Etsy

The hardest thing about choosing from a flash sheet is wondering which one to get inked, but when they aren't permanent you can totally have them all.

17. Perennials For Your Favourite Millennials

Cute Cactus Temporary Tattoos, $4, Etsy

Or anyone else for that matter. Sorry, it rhymed.

18. Something A Little Different

Temporary, $14, Etsy

It's not all flowers and anchors.

19. When Origami Is Life

9 Origami Temporary Tattoo, $4, Etsy

Or even if it isn't, really.

20. Teeny Tiny Designs For Your Hands And Nails

Sold Out


21. One To Show Off Your Night Owl Status

Moon Phase Temporary $6, Etsy

Or just because the moon is otherworldly pretty.

22. Who Doesn't Like Pizza?

Pizza Temporary Tattoo (Set Of 2), $6, Etsy


23. It's A Tattoo Of Eve, Not A Tattoo Of Steve

Eve By Rik Lee, $4, Tattify

Lovin' the roses, hun.

24. Shock Your Parents With This Temporary Thunderbolt

Warped Lightening, 99¢, Etsy

Unless they're tattoo friendly, in which case they'd probably just say it's cool.

25. When You're Nearly As Strange And Unusual As Lydia Deetz

Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice Temporary Tattoo, $11, Etsy

Goth queen!

26. Ride Or Die Harry Potter Fans Should Totally Get On This

Harry Potter Temporary Tattoo, $15, Etsy

It's wingardium leviosa, not wingardium leviosar!

27. Literally

Big Appetite By Alex Strangler, $4, Tattify

For people who just love to snack.

28. When You Believe

Aliens Exist By Emma Gibson, $4, Tattify

We aren't alone out here, I mean, with wanting these tattoos.

29. Because Self Care Is The Most Important Thing

Note To Self - Self Care Temporary Tattoos, $6, Etsy

Treat yourself.

30. There's A Glitch In The Matrix

Change Of Spots, $4, Tattify

This is presumably what a mirage would look like.

31. Dazzling

Sparkles Emoji Temporary Tattoo, $4, Etsy

Shout out to everyone who also has an affinity for the sparkle emoji.

32. Unicorns Exist

2x Unicorn Temporary Tattoos, $4, Etsy

At least they can do, temporarily on your skin.

33. If Traditional Designs Just Don't Do It For You

Waiting To See By Tyler Spangler, $4, Tattly

So artsy, so chic.

34. These Could Definitely Be Mistaken For The Real Thing

Tools Of The Trade By Derek Ward, $4, Tattly

There's something about the shading that makes them so realistic.

35. Because Love Knows No Gender

The Lovewins Tattz, $18, O-Mighty

Once again, O-Mighty totally come through with these sex positive fake tattoos.

36. This Charming Man Is Suitable For All The Smiths Fans

Charming Man, $4, Tattify

Even if you haven't got a stitch to wear, you can quickly wow any any fellow fans with this Morrissey inspired illustration.

37. When You're Unsure What The Future Holds

Temporary Tattoo La Luna, $4, Etsy

Or just really like moons. Like, really.

38. Dangerous

Double Dagger Switchblade Extravaganza By Peter Fortin, $4, Tattify

Intimidate your enemies with these bad boys.

39. Found Him!

Right Here! By Jade Bradbury, $4, Tattify

Waldo is always where you'd least expect.

40. Like The Original Thing, But Cuter

Temporary Tattoos For Kids Of All Ages, $8., Etsy

Although that mermaid doesn't look too impressed.

41. Where's Mulder And Scully When You Need Them?

UFO Abduction Temporary Tattoo, $5, Etsy

*Need them to help apply this glorious UFO transfer.

42. Art Enthusiasts, We've Got You

Pearl Earring Temporary Tattoo, $5, Etsy

A painting on your body with no body paint necessary.

43. Create A Fake Inked Sleeve

Large Temporary Tattoo Portrait, $6, Ebay

Starting with this masked goth figure.

44. The Best Option For Those Who Can't Decide

Custom Paper Temporary Tattoo, $20, Etsy

If you really can't decide on a pre-existing design, you can always send your own drawings and photos to this Etsy.

45. Other Than This One Which You Can DIY At Home

Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper, $7, Amazon

Knock up your own custom made temporary tattoo designs and print them off at home using this special paper.

And unlike the real deal, you won't need to go through a painful removal process if you change your mind at last minute. Either the transfer will peel off naturally due to wear or you can gently take them off using baby oil and a cotton pad. Win, win!