45 Things On Amazon That Are Seemingly Ridiculous But Tons Of Users Swear Are Genius

By Emily Estep
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Sometimes, it's the silliest products that stick with us — but on those rare but special occasions, the weirder something is, the more genius it just may be. Of course, Amazon is packed with seemingly ridiculous products that users swear by, and are the kind of genius items that rapidly become cult-favorites.

On first glance, you may find an alarm clock that shakes people awake (literally) to be a bit excessive. But once that alarm clock saves you from sleeping through an important interview, you're likely to change your tune.

Or, you may turn your nose up at the idea of a shampoo formulated with craft beer, but that's probably before you learn that hops, barley, and malt all contain vitamins and minerals that give your hair extra body and strength.

Similarly, you might wonder how possibly needs cut-resistant gloves, until you look down and remember the huge scar on your thumb from that time you got a bit too sloppy with veggie prep a few years ago.

These genius Amazon products have gained a following with users for reason. They're kind of odd, but they work. From household cleaning products to travel essentials, these ridiculous but brilliant products may become your new faves.

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