45 Weird But Genius Things On Amazon That Makes Your Gross Stuff Way More Hygienic

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I'm a neat freak who works from home. If my apartment is dirty, dusty, or has that subtle I'm-fostering-a-cat smell, I'm pretty much incapable of focusing on anything else. That being said, my writing deadlines won't wait for a full-on cleaning binge. Good thing the internet is loaded with weird but genius things that make your stuff way more hygienic.

Granted, I'm not the type of person who reapplies hand sanitizer in two-minute intervals, but I can definitely appreciate a little help when it comes to germ control. In my experience, that all comes down to getting the right cleaning products made from the right materials. While some items and fabrics cling to bacteria like a porous public doorknob, others are naturally resistant to it or capable of zapping all that gross stuff away in seconds.

Whether you're looking for odor- and crumb-control in the kitchen or ways to get your toilet and shower way cleaner, one site has you covered: Amazon has hygiene products with a cult following or lesser-known items for the germaphobe all in one place. The best news? You don't even need to touch that nasty cart handle at the grocery store, because everything you need gets delivered straight to your door.

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