46 Genius Products On Amazon That Will Get You Out Of Any Pickle

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You have two difficulty settings when it comes to every day life: hard or prepared. If you love stress, then fine — maybe you'll oversleep one morning and miss that important meeting because you stayed up all night long watching The Office on Netflix — but is that something you really want to risk? Luckily, for the non-masochists out there, you could just prepare for things. And there's plenty of brilliant products on Amazon that actually make your life easier.

You'd think the choice would be simple — yet from personal experience, I know how tempting it is to spend the last $15 in your bank account on delivery sushi. Or how much easier it would be to stay disorganized and not spend your weekends cleaning up your house. But let's be practical for a minute: the best products you can find are the ones that prepare for life's little dilemmas. They make it easier to be prepared. And of course, that make being prepared a little more fun.

From a water flosser that collapses for easy storage to a makeup-removing pen that lets you do spot touch-ups, the options on Amazon are almost endless when it comes to making your life easier — not harder.

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