46 Utterly Strange Products On Amazon That Are Actually Brilliant When You Think About It

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Some products are an instant necessity. Others require a little bit of contemplation. You see it initially and think it's weird. And then, three days later, it dawns on you: You need it. The internet is filled with those bizarre products that are actually brilliant when you think about it, and Amazon is often the best place to find them.

Why Amazon? I thought after more than two years of working with their products, I'd have seen it all. Quite the contrary. Amazon is a rabbit hole of hidden gems that'll change your life, and the longer you look, the deeper it goes. I'm constantly amazed by the weird but useful products I never asked for, but found — and in most cases, I ended up adding them to my cart. They're just so darn brilliant, I couldn't resist. Plus, if the weirdness factor has you a little bit skeptical, there are tons of buyer reviews to back up your purchase decision and ensure you it's a great idea.

So go ahead: take a look at all these unique ingredients, random purchases, and utterly strange designs. You may raise your eyebrow at first, but when these bizarre products make their way into your everyday routine, you'll thank us.

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