46 Weird Home Products That Are SO Satisfying To Use — & They're All On Amazon

Gloating isn't nice — but the surge of pleasure you'll get when you introduce your friends to these weird home products on Amazon is a different kind of delightful, harmless pleasure you can enjoy every day. There's a certain serious pride to be found in being a walking Zagat Guide to the retail juggernaut — especially its odd-but-genius offerings— and you can recommend them to your friends like you would any really good taco spot or makeup remover.

No, really. You know our smartphones are dirtier than our toilets, right? Here's the gadget that gives them a simple and complete antimicrobial clean — without harmful chemicals. The barbecue enthusiast can get in touch with their inner carnivore thanks to the Original Bear Paws, the tool to tear apart meat that's pretty much just what you think it is and just as efficient. And check out this shelf that goes on the side of your refrigerator: I'd never seen this before and I dare you to tell me that it's not seriously ingenious.

So, sure, some of these offbeat choices may seem odd at first, but look a little deeper. You'll see that — like most good things in life that are a little weird — they're #oddlysatisfying.

1. This Travel Drink Bottle Is Unexpectedly Gorgeous

Teabloom Drink Bottle, $26, Amazon

This travel bottle is crafted from shatter-proof, double-walled borosilicate glass — and features an ultra-fine-mesh stainless steel infuser for hot or cold tea or coffee, fruit infusions, and more. It's just as attractive as it is effective, featuring a glass-etched flower design and a natural bamboo lid, as well as a white insulator sleeve to keep your beverages as the desired temperature. Plus, it's Earth-friendly: The manufacturer notes that this bottle saves up to 23 pounds of trash every year with daily use instead of a disposable cup.


2. A Vacuum-Sealed Container To Keep All Your Dry Goods Fresh

Teavac Vacuum Sealed Storage Container, $15, Amazon

Great for pantry or countertop storage — or even for leak- and spill-proof snack transport on-the-go — this container is available in 17 different patterns. Perfect for so many things, its easy-to-use, one-button vacuum seal system keeps foods dry, fresh, and pest-free on the inside, while ensuring that it has absolutely no way of escaping.


3. This Tower Of Power Will Supply All Your Desktop Charging Needs

BESTEK Surge Protector, $42, Amazon

If you're tired of always looking for yet another outlet for your electronics and coming up short, this power tower is the perfect answer. Featuring eight outlets and six smart USB ports, it also has heavy-duty surge protecting capabilities to protect your expensive devices from spikes in the current. The extra-long 6 foot cable will give you extended access to the one outlet you can capture, and at just under 6 inches tall, it's perfectly portable.


4. This Coring Device To Enjoy Fresh Pineapple With Ease

Utopia Kitchen Pineapple Corer, $5, Amazon

Fresh pineapple is delicious and so healthy, but a pain in the bum to clean — until now, with this gadget that both removes the husk of the fruit and cores it at the same time. It spirals into the pineapple and peels, slices, and removes the core all at the same time, enabling you to eat your fruit and use the pineapple's shell for Insta-worthy salads and stir fry.


5. The Heat Sealer That Looks Like A Mini Crimping Iron But Keeps Foods Fresh

Mini Heat Sealer, $12, Amazon

So this device looks sort of like a crimping iron, but it's actually a heat sealer that tightly closes up any plastic bag. Seal your foods to keep them fresh, or for that matter, small packages of just about anything using food sealing film or foil. Chips and other snacks won't go flat after you've eaten a few handfuls — simply and easily re-seal with this convenient tool.


6. This Organizing Shelf Mounts To The Side Of Your Fridge

Sunix Refrigerator Side Storage Shelf, $30, Amazon

Who has enough storage in their kitchen? Not me, that's for sure. If you're also a member of the club, try this shelf to take advantage of the space on the side of your refrigerator fridge for some innovative extra space. Made of wood, it's designed with rubberized patches that — along with gravity — adhere it to the top of your fridge. Three shelves store your stuff, and a rail and three hooks on the bottom catch extra items including keys, towels, and the like.


7. The Shelf That Will Help Your Laundry Area Remain Tidy — Automatically

Simply Convenient Solutions Laundry Soap Solutions, $18, Amazon

Keep your laundry area tidy and pour off cups of detergent from those huge bottles easily with this shelf that provides a little built-in nook for the measuring cup lid that the detergent drains into. Sturdy and designed to be slip-proof, it has a molded edge to prevent the detergent jug from falling off, and a slight downward slope so you won't have to worry about tipping the container over to get out the last of the soap.


8. The Shower Caddy That Takes A Different Angle On Things

mDesign Shower Caddy, $25, Amazon

Why choose the traditional under-the-showerhead caddy that lines all of your soaps and gels up parallel to the wall when you can pick this caddy that takes a different approach to the situation? It features wine bottle-style storage for six bottles so you won't ever wonder if those ultra-tall salon brands will fit, plus two shelves and two hooks.


9. An Attractive Living Room Or Office Caddy That's On A Lazy Susan

UnionBasic Leather Organizer, $20, Amazon

Available in 20 different finishes, this organizer is ideal to stylishly catch all your office supplies or your television and stereo remotes, reading glasses, and crossword puzzle supplies, and keep everything you need close at hand. Plus, this unique container features a lazy Susan-style swivel at its base, so you'll be able to easily reach and retrieve whatever you need.


10. This Vacuum Sealer Preserves Both Dry And Raw Foods

NutriChef Vacuum Sealer, $60, Amazon

Save money by purchasing foods when they're on sale and throwing them in the pantry or freezing them for later use with this vacuum sealer. It removes all of the air from both dry goods or raw foods like meats and cheeses and prepares them for storage in your pantry, fridge, or freezer, preserving foods up to five times longer than other solutions. You can also use it to keep unfinished wine from going bad — the kit comes with a wine stopper cork, five medium vacuum bags, and one extra-long vacuum bag roll.


11. The Gadget That Cleans Screens And Sanitizes Them At The Same Time

HÄNS Swipe-Clean, $15, Amazon

Your smartphone is the dirtiest thing you use on a daily basis, dirtier even than your toilet. Put an end to all that nastiness with this wiper that's pre-loaded with anti-microbial cleaning solution and refillable for thousands of eco-friendly uses. You won't be spreading germs or reinfecting yourself just by talking on your phone or checking your social, and the dual-sided design both cleans and polishes.


12. These Claws Are Designed For Shredding And Handling Meat Just Like In The Wild

The Original Bear Paws, $13, Amazon

A must for devoted grill masters, these implements allow you to prep meats for serving just like the masters of the forest do: With your claws. Crafted from BPA-free, FDA-approved nylon, these claws are heat-resistant to 475 degrees and are engineered to mimic the experience of the bear ripping his dinner apart — making food prep quick, easy, fun, and a real conversation starter. They're available in six colors, too.


13. These Pads Make Your Office Chair Much More Bearable

Aloudy Armrest Pads, $18 (Set Of 2), Amazon

Made from soft memory foam, these armrest pads provide a great way to easily and affordable make your work chair exponentially more comfortable. Relax and relieve those pressure points on your arms and elbows by leaning into this breathable foam instead of the hard plastic or scratchy foam your chair came with. Plus, the pads are fitted with removable covers that can be machine-washed to keep your chair looking like new.


14. An Immersion Blender That Makes Soups, Purées, And Shakes Quick And Easy

Mueller Austria Immersion Blender, $30, Amazon

Featuring a motor crafted completely in copper for added durability, this immersion blender is a powerful and long-lasting way to easily blend up your favorite smoothies, shakes, soups and more. Its comfortable, ergonomic grip makes it easy to use, and it features an S-shaped blade that combines ingredients quickly and is suited even for continuous blending. It's ideal for making your own baby food, too.


15. This Dispenser Portions Out Batters Of All Kinds Without The Mess

KPKitchen Pancake & Cupcake Batter Dispenser, $18, Amazon

Keep your kitchen counters clean and drip-free when you're cooking and baking with this pitcher that dispenses batters of all kinds without the mess. Made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic, it's clearly marked with measurements down the side so you can see the amount of ingredients you're working with. When you're ready to measure out some pancake or cupcake batter, simply squeeze the pulley handle and you're all set to go. The wide bottom spout allows even batters with mix-ins to pour through easily.


16. The Wire Slicer That Works Great For Boiled Eggs, Mushrooms, Berries, And Much More

Westmark Stainless Steel Slicer, $19, Amazon

Quickly slice through eggs and soft fruits and vegetables of all kinds with this stainless steel slicer crafted with German precision engineering. With a frame made from high-quality cast aluminum, this durable and ergonomic device is also dishwasher-safe and makes precision slices of equal sizes easy to churn out quickly. It tucks away in your drawer for easy storage, too.


17. This Gadget Removes Dirt And Grit From Delicate, Tight Spaces

Cyber Clean, $15, Amazon

Talk about #oddlysatisfying: Dab this cleaning compound on the cracks and crevices of your electronics — for example, your computer and smartphone keyboards — and you'll rid them of the dirt and grime that builds up there during daily use. Its patented Swiss formula is anti-microbial and eliminates nearly 100 percent of the germs on the surfaces it touches, leaving behind a refreshing lemon scent.


18. The Press That Quickly And Easily Shapes Burgers And Other Foods For Cooking And Storing

Shape + Store Master Burger Press, $24, Amazon

Shape your burgers into easy-to-store six-sided shapes with this burger press that enables you to get more patties in your freezer — or go straight to the grill or cooktop with your food when you're done. Made from 100 percent silicone that's BPA-free, this device also enables you to shape, mold, and store all kinds of other foods (and have them all be the same size).


19. A Handy Tool To Help You Prep Fresh Herbs And Strip Greens

Chef'N Loose Leaf Stripper, $8, Amazon

Don't get bogged down with trimming herbs and greens: Get this handy device that makes stripping the leaves off a much faster endeavor. Just insert the leaf or stem in one of the holes — depending on size — and pull through to remove the tough parts. The side of the device can be used to chop your ingredients, too.


20. This Is The Perfect Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum, $30, Amazon

Love your fur baby but not the effect that he or she has on your furniture? Get your hands on this vacuum that's right-sized and full-featured with all the suction you need to get that hair and dander off of the upholstery. With ultra-strong Bissell suction and a rubber nozzle that digs in deep to ensure nothing is left behind, this small-but-mighty unit is suited for use on both hard and soft surfaces as well as in your car — and it's a whiz on the stairs.


21. The Apple Corer That Will Help You Keep The Doctor Away

OXO Good Grips Apple Corer, $9, Amazon

From the design masters at OXO comes this apple corer that makes short work of prep time. Its stainless steel corer provides a precise cut, and it's paired with a rubberized, non-slip handle that's easy to grip whether your hands are wet or dry. This dishwasher-safe tool is also engineered with a hollow barrel that makes removing the fruit waste easy.


22. This Is A Block Made From Pink Salt That's Large Enough To Cook On

Zenware Natural Himalayan Salt Cooking Block Set, $25, Amazon

Designed to impart the naturally delicious flavor of Himalayan salt to your food, this cooking block is crafted from the distinctive pink salt mined from those remote mountains. It imparts a unique savory flavor to all kinds of foods, from vegetables to steaks and seafood — and can be used to cook on the grill, in the oven, or under the broiler. Plus, it's gorgeous and holds heat like a champ, so it's ideal for making a dramatic impact at the table or on a buffet.


23. A Drain Snake That Makes Short Work Of Clogs — Even In Tight Spaces

FlexiSnake Drain Millipede, $6, Amazon

Made with patented hook-and-loop technology that's sure to ensnare even the toughest hair or greasy, grimy clog it's up against, this drain snake is a great ally against your toughest plumbing battles. At 18 inches in length, it can reach deep into your pipes to get down to the tightest, toughest corners, and it's reusable, too: Just remove and discard the clog material and then wash it off with soap and water.


24. The Cushions That Will Cradle You In Comfort, Wherever You Are Sitting

SOFTaCARE Seat Cushions, $37 (Set Of 2), Amazon

Made to relieve the pain of sciatica, herniated discs, and all variety of lower back injuries, these cushions are designed for portability so that you can use them wherever you are: home, office, in the car, or on that long train or air trip. Crafted from high-quality memory foam, the seat cushion features a non-slip bottom, while the top cushion has two adjustable straps to keep it still.


25. These Grill Mats Make Even The Most Delicate Foods Possible To Grill With Ease

Grillaholics Grill Mat, $20, Amazon

Stop cleaning your grill and start enjoying it: Get these grill mats instead. Engineered from premium heat resistant PTFE-Fiberglass coating, these mats are thin enough to still leave grill mats and convey that real charcoal flavor, but durable and reusable after a trip through the dishwasher. Heat resistant to 500 degrees, they make grilling even the most delicate foods enjoyable and mess-free.


26. A Folding Board That Makes Laundry Kind Of Fun

BoxLegend V2 Folding Board, $15, Amazon

It's not the Marie Kondo fold, but it may be even better — this folding board produces a clean fold that looks like it belongs in a store. What's more, it turns a tedious chore into something that's fun and can cut down measurably on folding time, while also enabling you to get more out of your drawer space.


27. The Set That Cuts Down On Food Prep Time, Chopping And Slicing Efficiently

OXO Good Grips Complete Slice & Grate Set, $30, Amazon

Mandolines are great for slicing but are notoriously tricky and dangerous. Trust the folks at OXO to make a safer version with this slice and grate set that has a mandoline-like slicer blade — but is equipped with a food holder to keep hands and fingers safe, and sits on a container to provide a firm grip during use. Other blades include a few graters and a julienne blade.


28. A Simple Tool To Make Prepping Cauliflower Super Quick

Chef'N Stalk Cauliflower Prep Tool, $8, Amazon

Fans of riced cauliflower, cauliflower steak, buffalo cauliflower, and the like will want to get their hands on this tool that makes short work of fresh head cauliflower. Designed to allow for faster and safer dismantling of fresh heads of cauliflower without the use of a knife, it's also useful on heads of broccoli and other vegetables, and it's particularly helpful for folks with hand and wrist strength difficulties.


29. A Drawer That Adds Storage Space To Your Fridge

HapiLeap Fridge Drawer, $23, Amazon

Wish you had more storage space in your fridge? Add it yourself with this fridge drawer that fits most standard size refrigerators and comes with all the mounting hardware you'll need to get it set it up your fridge so that it can hold up to 33 pounds. It's crafted from BPA-free plastic so that you can store fresh fruits and vegetables inside without having to worry about transferring anything objectionable.


30. The Electric Ice Cream Freezer That Gives You Old-Fashioned Ice Cream At Home

Nostalgia Electric Ice Cream Maker, $27, Amazon

Enjoy your favorite flavor of ice cream whenever you want it with this ice cream maker. It's as traditional as can be — rock salt and all — but doesn't need any hand cranking thanks to its electric motor that generates 4 quarts of delicious ice cream, sorbet, yogurt, or gelato in just 30 minutes or less. It comes with a recipe book, too.


31. A Set Of Markers And Crayons That Will Fix All The Wear That Your Furniture Is Showing

Ram-Pro Furniture Touch-Up Repair System, $10 (Set of 13), Amazon

We all know that everyday life leaves dents and dings on wood furniture — especially if there are kids in the house. Now, you can use this set of markers and crayons to repair just about any shade or hue of fine wood furniture from that type of normal damage. Formulated with a special carpenter-quality stain to match the shade of your pieces, this set can change the face of a room in just minutes.


32. The Versatile Kitchen Device For Cleaner Eating

Vondior Strainer, $23, Amazon

Designed to work with either hot or cold liquids, this combination strainer and fat separator is a versatile tool to add to your clean eating arsenal. Fats will separate off soups, stews, sauces, and gravies — so use it to strain pulps out of hot liquids like soups, sauces, and purées as well as cold liquids like juices. It features a bottom-release dispenser that's triggered by a button on the handle, so you can get to your fluids with zero hassle.


33. A Wheel For Slicing Pizza And All Manner Of Foods

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel, $14, Amazon

With an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade, this cutter wheel will slice through your pizza like it's hot butter, and it's such an easy-to-use tool that you'll find yourself using it to cut lots of foods with it. It's capped with a non-slip ergonomic handle to further ensure that you'll find this unconventional pizza wheel a pleasure to use, and it disassembles quickly for an easy hand wash — or just throw it in the dishwasher.


34. A Genius Gadget That Cleans Your Whisk And Scrapes Your Bowl Down, Too

Whisk Wiper, $17, Amazon

Arriving with its own 11-inch stainless steel whisk, this ingenious gadget attaches onto the wires of the beater so when you're done, you don't have to worry about sponging over the tines to get them clean. Instead, you can just pull this disk up from the handle to the tip to release the left-over batter or other food. It fits any 11-inch whisk, but it comes with one, too.


35. The Tablet Stand That's Ideal For The Kitchen

Architec Tablet Stand, $20, Amazon

With its cute shape and durable finish, this tablet stand is perfect for use in the kitchen for hands-free recipe reading while you cook — but it's also suitable for use throughout the house. Its colorful, wide base keeps your tablet stable even in portrait mode and while you scroll, and the built-in notch holds it at an ideal angle for viewing.


36. These Dispensers Will Wake Up Your Cereal Game And Lots More

Zevro Dry Food Dispensers, $31, Amazon

With two dispensers so you can set up your own breakfast bar at home, this dry food dispenser is also perfect for doling out any frequently-used item inside your pantry: Rice, cat food, whatever you please. One twist of the lever dispenses one ounce of whatever's inside, so you're ensured of portion control without having to concern yourself with measuring, and these sturdily-constructed containers will preserve the freshness of your foods for over a month.


37. A Garment Shaver That Will Have Your Wardrobe And Your Upholstery Looking Fresh At All Times

Conair Fabric Defuzzer, $13, Amazon

Look like you've just stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine and keep your upholstered furniture fresh as a daisy, too with this fabric defuzzer. It features three settings for added safety and control — depending on the pile of your fabric or upholstery — while a detachable waste container makes it easy to clean. The grip is comfortable for extended use. Since it's battery-operated and weighs less than 4 ounces, it's perfect for travel, too.


38. The Aerator That Goes With You To Improve The Taste Of Your Wine

Zazzol Wine Aerator, $22, Amazon

If you enjoy wine, you know that regardless of the price of the vintage you're drinking, airing it out enhances the flavor and the finish, and with its patented design, this aerator is a cost-effective way to do it. It has three stages that also serve to eliminate leaking and dripping — while aerating three times more efficiently. Plus, it's small enough to simply throw in your handbag and take along for convenient use while traveling.


39. This Electric Milk Frother Is A Must For Any Coffee Aficionado

Bonsenkitchen Electric Milk Frother, $11, Amazon

Every coffee aficionado needs this milk frother — it's the perfect accessory to make a barista-level cup of latte or cappuccino at home. Battery-operated, the stainless steel whisk rotates at a high speed to add air into the milk to produce a light, airy foam, just like the one you'd get at your corner coffee shop. Its BPA-free shaft and ergonomic handle keep the whole process easy regardless of the size of the container.


40. This Foot Massage Roller Can Be Used Hot Or Cold For Maximum Relief

Gaiam Restore Foot Massage Roller, $9, Amazon

Whether your dogs are barking from being on your feet all day or you suffer from the chronic pain of a condition like heel spurs or plantar fasciitis, this massager has a kneading effect that delivers soothing relief. You can heat it in warm water or place it in the freezer for enhanced comfort, too.


41. This Gadget Is Like An Electric Toothbrush For Your Grout

Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber, $16, Amazon

Equipped with a motorized 1/2-inch cleaning head that, as the fine folks at Rubbermaid say, "scrubs 60 times a second so you don't have to," this device is like an electric toothbrush for your grout, bathroom tile, and anywhere else you want to unleash it. The water-resistant assembly makes it perfect for use in wet kitchen and bathroom environments, and its variable settings are accompanied by an ergonomic grip that makes getting clean easier on you.


42. The Tiny Gadget That Gets Rid Of Every. Last. Pet Hair

Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer, $10, Amazon

Pet lovers will rejoice with the discovery of this gadget that gathers up pet hair for easy removal from garments and upholstery. Designed for detailing, the flexible silicone curves and pointed tips of this device get down into the trickiest crevices of your sofa or your car interior to remove even the most stubborn hair — so it can be vacuumed right up.


43. This Funnel Transfers Liquids From One Bottle To Another And Save The Earth

Cumberland Concepts Smart Funnel, $10, Amazon

It's more important than ever that we reuse our materials in order to be kind to Mother Earth, and this funnel is one way to do so since it allows you to refill your smaller containers without any mess or hassle. It cuts down dramatically on waste and takes the headache out of transferring slow-to-pour viscous fluids — because you can do it hands-free, too.


44. An Oddly Stylish And Ultra-Safe Electric Can Opener

Instecho Electric Can Opener, $22, Amazon

Designed to keep the user's hand away from sharp can edges, this can opener is a terrific one-handed solution for everyone, but especially folks with hand strength and dexterity issues like arthritis sufferers. Battery-operated, it works with the simple push of a button and actually creates a resealable lid for your cans that's totally smooth using its sharp blade that's totally recessed within the unit.


45. A Silicone Gadget That's A Tea Lover's Best Friend

Epoca Tea Bag Buddy, $6, Amazon

Use this silicone disk whenever you're drinking tea from the bag — it's the hot tea drinker's best friend. Set it over the top of your cup or mug to keep the warmth in while your tea steeps. Then, once it's brewed, remove the bag and use this BPA-free heat-resistant gadget to wring the bag free of now-brewed tea. Then, it serves as a convenient bag rest to keep moisture off of your table or countertop while you enjoy your beverage.


46. A Gadget That Helps You Speedily Pit Cherries

OXO Good Grips Cherry And Olive Pitter, $13, Amazon

With die-cast zinc engineering to last exponentially longer than those supermarket models, this tool pits cherries and olives in a hurry and is comfortable in your hand as well. It features a plastic sleeve that both holds your fruit in place and prevents juices from getting on your clothing and on your surroundings as you work. This device locks for easy storage when not in use.

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