46 Weird Home Products That Are SO Satisfying To Use — & They're All On Amazon

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Gloating isn't nice — but the surge of pleasure you'll get when you introduce your friends to these weird home products on Amazon is a different kind of delightful, harmless pleasure you can enjoy every day. There's a certain serious pride to be found in being a walking Zagat Guide to the retail juggernaut — especially its odd-but-genius offerings— and you can recommend them to your friends like you would any really good taco spot or makeup remover.

No, really. You know our smartphones are dirtier than our toilets, right? Here's the gadget that gives them a simple and complete antimicrobial clean — without harmful chemicals. The barbecue enthusiast can get in touch with their inner carnivore thanks to the Original Bear Paws, the tool to tear apart meat that's pretty much just what you think it is and just as efficient. And check out this shelf that goes on the side of your refrigerator: I'd never seen this before and I dare you to tell me that it's not seriously ingenious.

So, sure, some of these offbeat choices may seem odd at first, but look a little deeper. You'll see that — like most good things in life that are a little weird — they're #oddlysatisfying.

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