47 Incredibly Useful Products On Amazon That Reviewers Swear Improved Their Lives

Products can often be divided into two categories: items that you need and items that you really, really want (but aren't practical for you to actually own). This list combines the best of both worlds to give you 47 incredibly useful products on Amazon that reviewers swear improved their lives.

If you're going to become a major fan of an inventive product and a loyal customer for life, it helps if that product shortens your cleaning time, makes a mundane task just a bit more interesting, or — plain and simple — works and works really well. The genius products on this list meet those requirements.

You'll find a number of tech gadgets that charge your devices (while simplifying and streamlining the process), travel-friendly espresso makers, steamers, and electric fabric shavers that make hotel rooms feel like home, and helpful kitchen gadgets like fast choppers and a device that literally peels off egg shells in minutes (and without having to use your own fingernails).

This list includes only the most helpful beauty and grooming tools — like eyeshadow shields that keep your foundation intact — and cool products that you'll use every day (hello, collapsible water bottle).

The items on this list may be random, but they all share that one magic quality: reviewers love them because they make their lives so much easier.

1. This Portable Charger That Fits In Your Pocket

Never be caught without a charged device again — because this portable charger works fast (four times speedier than charging via a laptop) and delivers two full charges to most devices. The charger comes in black or white and fits right in your pocket. One micro USB cable is included.

2. An Espresso Machine That You Can Take Camping Or To The Office

Enjoy a hot, delicious cup of espresso wherever you go — on vacation or commuting to work — with this lightweight, portable miniature espresso machine. The hand-operated device requires little more than ground coffee and hot water. One reviewer writes: "This works so well for camping for a quick coffee craving! Took this camping over the weekend and used it few times at the office. Depending on the grinds you use, it's good for a light single espresso shot or if you reuse the same grinds and purge three capfuls of water through the filter, you'll get a full cup of coffee."

3. The Productivity Planner That Helps You Crush Your Goals

Crush your goals and prioritize your daily, weekly, and monthly duties with the help of this productivity planner. The non-dated planner includes plenty of space for planning your days and weeks, as well as reflection questions and journaling prompts to get you writing. Reviewers say it really stops them from procrastinating.

4. These Stress-Relieving Balls That You Can Squeeze At Stressful Meetings

No matter what stress the day throws at you, these stress relief balls will provide a secret source of relief. The pack of three colorful balls are squishy and feel great to handle — pull and stretch them as much as you like — they will retain their shape and won't break.

5. A Steam Iron For Wrinkle-Free Clothes Even When You Travel

Just because you're traveling to another city or state doesn't mean your clothes have to be completely wrinkled once you get there. Carry this portable miniature steam iron with you and use it on all types of fabrics. The powerful little iron heats up in 15 seconds and boasts three heat settings and a one-touch steam button. It comes with a travel bag and has dual-voltage so you can use it anywhere.

6. This Stand For Your Computer Monitor With Storage Space

This computer stand elevates your desktop computer so that it's the ideal viewing angle for proper head and neck alignment. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, the multi-purpose stand has several drawers where you can stash office supplies, a slot to balance a smartphone, and it provides a convenient space for your keyboard and mouse. It can hold up to 80 pounds.

7. The Flexible Surge Protector With Six Outlets For All Of Your Devices

Safely plug in all of your devices at one time with this flexible surge protector. The protector can be adjusted and bent into different shapes so that it fits around furniture and doesn't take up space like one big block surge protector. It comes in a few different colors, too.

8. An Elegantly Sleek Portable LED Light For Work Stations

No more squinting to see your computer screen. This portable LED light is so lightweight and convenient — you can take it with you anywhere. It has a flexible neck that bends and twists to provide light just where you need it, and a sleek design that fits every desk.

9. This Collapsible Water Bottle With A Leak-Proof Cap

The best thing about portable water bottles is, well, everything. But there is one design flaw: they can be cumbersome and difficult to store when you're done using them. This collapsible water bottle solves that problem. It's a 22-ounce bottle with a leak-proof twist cap that comes in eight colors and has a shatter-proof silicone body — but it also collapses completely flat, so you can literally throw it in your bag when it's empty.

10. A Bag You Hang In Your Closet That Gets Rid Of Odors

This magical moisture-absorbing bag gets rid of dampness in the air and will immediately help eliminate mildew-y odors from places like your closet, basement, and attic. Simply attach a hanging packet to a closet rod and it immediately gets to work absorbing musty smells — and lasts a few months, too.

11. An Electric Coffee Grinder For A Deliciously Fresh Cup Every Day

Grind your own coffee beans — every day, without drama or hassle — with this electric coffee grinder. The gadget has nine grind levels for various drip, cold brew, and pour-over brews. You can choose to make between 2 and 12 cups in one session, and the removable parts make this incredibly easy to clean.

12. This Reusable Straw That Collapses And Comes With A Carrying Case

Designed with a combination of stainless steel and silicone, this eco-friendly reusable straw is so much better for the planet than plastic and is very convenient to use — it collapses flat and comes with its own carrying case. The straw won't change the taste of your beverage and it comes with a cleaning brush. It's a cute rainbow color, too.

13. The Insulated Can Cooler That Keeps Drinks Cold For Hours

Picnics are about to get even better. This double-walled insulated can cooler has an extra layer of copper to keep drinks even colder. It accommodates 12-ounce cans and maintains the temperature of beverages for hours. Choose among 13 colors.

14. These Genius Under-Eye Shields That Keep Eyeshadow From Messing Up Your Makeup

It never fails to happen: you've perfected your foundation and concealer and are about to apply eye makeup, when half of it spills onto your face and you have to start all over again. Prevent makeup mishaps with these smart shadow shields, which adhere directly under your eye and catch eyeshadow spills. Each box comes with 30 shields.

15. A Strong-As-Nails Bath And Shower Mat That Won't Slip

This super sturdy bath mat adheres to surfaces with 324 strong Gorilla Grip suction cups and has dozens of drain holes that prevent the build-up of mold and mildew (and the unwanted scents that come with it). The antibacterial mat is machine-washable and comes in 13 colors.

16. These Adhesive LED Light Buttons That You Can Stick Anywhere

Don't underestimate the power of these really small LED light buttons — they may be unassuming and compact, but they pack a powerful punch. The pack of six disposable lights are waterproof and shock-proof, which means they're safe for outdoor and indoor use, and are held to walls, ceilings, and surfaces with powerful adhesive tape.

17. This Safe Reusable Trap That Catches Annoying Flies

Catch all of those annoying flies that are making your home feel like a picnic — but this reusable fly magnet trap comes preloaded with non-poisonous bait. When you're ready to re-use it, simply dump out the contents, re-bait it, add water, and start over. The trap is safe around children and pets, too.

18. An Egg Peeler That Works In Minutes

This egg peeler makes peeling shells from hard-boiled eggs a cinch. Simply place your egg into the device, add some water, and give it an even shake for about five minutes. The egg shell will come right off without any hassle — and barely any work on your part.

19. The Sturdy Storage Organizers For Your Hair Tools

Organize all of your hair tools — including those that are still hot — in this hair tool organizer, which features three roomy compartments for blow dryers, straightening irons, and more. The metal wire organizer comes in 10 colors and has a small footprint, taking up little space on your counter or vanity.

20. This Machine That Peels Vegetables And Fruits In No Time

Take a little of the work out of food prep work. This electric vegetable peeler works in seconds, and gets rid of little more than the peel from your veggies or fruit — leaving you with more to cook. Best of all: it works with a touch of a button and will have those peels off in just 10 seconds. One reviewer writes: "Just wow. I just peeled two bags of apples in mere minutes." It's great for apple pie or mashed potatoes.

21. The Practical Fruit Prep Gadget With Every Tool You Can Imagine

With 10 tools in one incredibly helpful gadget, fruit lovers will flip over how easy it is to prep their favorite snack with this multi-functional fruit peeler (which is so much more than a peeler). This practical tool features an avocado scoop, lemon squeezer, fruit peeler, citrus cutter, and more.

22. A Foldable Basket Strainer And Steamer For Easy, Healthy Meals

This stainless steel cooking basket can be used as a strainer, steamer, a deep frying basket, or to simply rinse off veggies and fruits. The multi-tasking basket is unlike ordinary colanders because you can lift it for even more effective, easy draining and it folds together for simple storage.

23. This Barbecue Grill Cleaner That Won't Leave Brush Bristles Everywhere

Clean that barbecue grill until it's spotless without having to use a cleaning brush that loses its bristles and creates even more of a mess. This grill scraper has 13 cleaning grooves that are compatible on a wide number of grills (and one even doubles as a bottle opener). It won't damage your grill, but will effortlessly lift up caked-on food and grease.

24. An Effortless Way To Scale Fish Scales

Prep fresh fish with ease when you use this brush to effortlessly remove fish scales without so much as touching your salmon or cod. Made from quality stainless steel with a non-slip handle, the brush works faster and more effectively than an ordinary knife.

25. A Cube-Shaped Essential Oil Diffuser With Seven Color-Changing Lights

This unique cube-shaped essential oil diffuser has a number of mist nebulizer modes and seven color-changing lights, which make it a great soothing night light option. You can use it as a humidifier and it boasts three timers and an automatic shut-off safety switch for peace of mind.

26. A Mess-Free Hand Blender That You Use Right In Your Pot

Bring your blender to the ingredients in your pot (instead of the other way around) — and save yourself from messy spills and the need to wash a hundred attachments. This easy handheld blender features two speeds and includes a 3-cup blending jar. It comes in 20 colors and is safe in your dishwasher.

27. The Tea Press That Stops Brewing After It's Plunged To Ensure A Perfect Tasting Tea

You won't even have to remove the infuser when you use this powerful 34-ounce tea press, which automatically stops brewing after you plunge it. The press is made from solid borosilicate glass, with a stainless steel lid, plunger, and strainer. It comes in five colors, including bamboo, chrome, and cork.

28. These Interchangeable Wands That Makes This Curling Iron Set So Versatile

Get more out of one curling iron when you order this versatile set, which comes with five interchangeable barrels in various sizes. Swap out the barrels to get tighter curls or looser waves and have more control over how you change up your style. All of the barrels are made from ceramic tourmaline technology for even heating, and the set comes with a heat-resistant glove.

29. This Pot That Comes With A Strainer Lid For Easy Pasta Or Rice

You'll use one less cooking tool when you make pasta, noodles, or rice in this special pasta pot, which comes with a strainer lid that takes the place of your colander. The 5-quart oval pot fits spaghetti and noodles (so you no longer have to break them in half), and its convenient lid twists and locks in place. Choose among four colors: black, pink, raspberry purple, and pepper red.

30. An Exfoliating Face And Body Scrub Made With Charcoal

Exfoliate dead skin cells and get your skin looking its glowiest with the help of this charcoal body scrub, which works equally well on your face. The scrub contains detoxing ingredients like Dead Sea salt to remove oil and sebum for clearer, smoother skin. One reviewer wrote: "My skin started feeling great after the first use of this product, and it's really cleaned up my acne."

31. This After-Sun Spray For Sunburn Relief And Total Hydration

Your poor sunburned skin is calling out for this after-sun spray, which nourishes it with hydrating ingredients like sesame oil, vitamin E, calendula, and French seaweed absolute. One reviewer who says she has extremely dry skin calls this moisturizing spray a "lifesaver" and writes: "The spray keeps my skin hydrated and refreshed throughout the day. It also relieves my skin of itchiness when I feel it starting to dry out again."

32. A Four-Compartment Lunch Box For More Exciting Lunches

Expand your lunch menu to include foods that aren't just sandwiches or soup — this bento-style lunch box features four compartments that allow you to separate ingredients for more fun, versatile meals. The leak-proof lunch box comes in six colors.

33. The Comfy Sleep Mask That Blocks Out Light And Won't Pinch Skin

Block out annoying light and enjoy a more restful sleep with this comfortable, contoured sleep mask, which is made from bamboo and cotton. The mask has adjustable straps and comes with ear plugs and a storage bag — choose among four colors.

34. These Racks That Hold Plastic Bags For Mess-Free Food Storage

Use these baggy racks to hold plastic baggies upright so that you can dry them or easily transfer ingredients without spilling them all over the counter. The set of three racks have a non-slip base and adjustable clips that work with small and large bags.

35. This Swift Chopper For Diced Or Chopped Veggies, Fruit And Cheese

You can put that cutting board and knife away. Chop and dice your vegetables, fruit, and cheese in seconds with this easy to use chopper. The tool includes chopping and dicing blades and all of its components are dishwasher-safe. One reviewer writes: "I use mine every time I cook. It is very sturdy and durable. I have no feeling that it could break because I have used it chopping hard carrots, celery and LOTS of onions. You can chop a large onion quickly, easily and uniformly."

36. An Organizer For Your Keys That's Compact And Keeps Keys Tucked Away

Imagine organizing your keys and carrying them around without hearing them jingle in your pocket every time you move. This compact key organizer provides that service — it holds up to 22 standard-size house keys and tucks them away until you need to pull one out (you can attach a larger car key to the Loop Piece attachment, which is included).

37. The Personal Humidifier That Converts Your Water Bottle To Healthier Air

Take any water bottle and attach it to this personal humidifier to create more hygienic air wherever you roam (even in that stuffy hotel room). This lightweight, portable humidifier runs on battery or via a USB cord and features an adjustable timer with two-, four-, six-, and eight-hour automatic shut-off options.

38. These Packing Cubes For More Organized Suitcases

If you've ever reached your final destination and were then unable to find the clothes you need without tearing your luggage apart, you need these packing cubes in your life. The water-resistant nylon cubes have strong zippers and come four in a pack in different sizes so that you can easily separate and organize your pants, shirts, lingerie, and toiletries.

39. A Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker For The Shower

Listen to music or podcasts while you shower, camp, or sit by the pool with this water-resistant Bluetooth speaker, which is wireless and boasts a range of 33 feet from your device. The speaker works with a range of Apple and Android devices, and can play continuously for 10 hours before needing a charge. It comes in ocean blue, forest green, or black.

40. A Lint Remover For Clothes That Make Them Look Brand New

Remove lint, pills, and fuzz from all of your clothing and upholstery with this electric fabric shaver, which has a stainless steel rotary blade and a large head that covers more surface at one time. The travel-friendly gadget runs on two AA batteries.

41. This Breath Freshening Rinse That Kills Sulfur And Works For Hours

Not only will this breath freshening mouthwash work fast to kill sulfur and germs that cause unwanted odors in your breath, but it keeps working for hours (up to 24 hours, the manufacturer claims). One reviewer writes: "Seriously, this stuff is a miracle! After 1 use, my husband's breath was fresh, no after-odor. A few hours after his first use, his breath was still fresh."

42. A Contoured Seat Cushion That Prevents Lower Back Pain

Alleviate lower back pain, especially if you have a job that requires you to sit for hours, with this gel seat cushion, which boasts the perfect contoured shape to cradle your tailbone. The gel memory foam design is comfortable, cooling, and relieves pressure on your spine.

43. The Smoothest Can Opener That Won't Cause A Struggle

Open any can — without effort or struggle — by simply attaching this electric can opener over the tops of cans and giving it a press. That's all it takes (really). One reviewer raves: "I just recently bought this can opener and I really loved it. It's convenient, hassle free and not complicated to use you just simply push the button and let it do its magic."

44. An Exfoliating Cleanser With Micro-Crystals For Brighter Skin

Get brighter-looking skin with this exfoliating cleanser, which boasts ingredients like micro-crystals to slough away dead skin cells and papaya and aloe vera for a hydrated, clear complexion. One reviewer writes: "I have sensitive skin and this is a really gentle exfoliator that works like a harsher exfoliant. It’s not irritating at all and has tiny, tiny micro beads that feel nice on the skin. My face gets red easily and this doesn’t leave me red at all."

45. A Heated Mattress Pad That Relieves Muscle Aches

If you suffer from muscle or joint aches and pains that make it difficult to fall asleep, this amazing heated mattress pad can help. It features 10 adjustable heat settings and comes in twin, full, and king sizes. The cover is machine-washable, too.

46. This Wine Opener That Removes Seals And Corks In Seconds

Open up to 30 bottles of wine on a single charge when you use this electric wine bottle opener, which also features a foil cutter to rapidly remove stubborn seals. The cordless opener has a push-button operation and a slim design with a rechargeable base.

47. The Hair Catcher That Fits Perfectly Inside Of Your Tub Drain

You'll never find your tub drain hair catcher floating around in the bath or shower again (which is pretty gross) because this one fits directly inside of your drain. The stainless steel tub drain protector comes with adapters and catches literally every single strand of hair or piece of debris before it has a chance to reach your pipes. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.