49 Brilliant Most-Wished For Gifts On Amazon That Have Near Perfect Reviews

A lot of us have Amazon Wish Lists that we "accidentally" leave open on our computer screens for the world (or our partners and family members) to view. If you've ever wondered what brilliant most-wished for gifts on Amazon have near perfect reviews and deserve to be added to your cart, wonder no more: they're here on this list and are better than you can possibly imagine.

In order to gain so many pretty-darn-close-to-perfect reviews, a product has to do exactly what it says it will do and live up to its lofty claims. It helps to be universally appealing to as many people as possible, and of course, you can't underestimate a product that solves problems you never thought could be solved.

These are among the best products on Amazon mainly because they fix issues that a lot of us face. Not sure how to create zucchini spiral noodles or whether it's wise to invest in a tool that does that for you? No worries — there's a manual chopper and spiralizer on this list that you'll use time and time again. Having trouble fitting all of your cosmetics in one place? An expandable makeup organizer that fits in most drawers will solve that problem and help eliminate clutter from your life.

Check out this incredible list and get ready to expand yours to include some of these amazing products.


A Best-Selling Journaling Book That Provides Prompts To Get You Thinking About Your Personal Happiness

This best-selling journaling book provides 52 prompts that encourage you to dig deep and reflect on your life and priorities — with the ultimate goal being to discover what makes you truly happy. Author Moorea Seal uses research performed on happiness, as well as her own life philosophy, to get to the root of joy and well-being. One comment that pops up time and time again in the reviews is about how difficult it normally is to stare at a blank journal page and fill it up with thoughts, and this guided journal format solves that problem.


A Party Game That Requires Total Honestly And Helps You Get To Know Friends Even Better

We're living in an age where we think we know people based on their social media profiles. But a game like Truth Bombs, which consists of question cards that must be answered by all parties with brutal, refreshing honesty, can really cut to the heart and teach you things about your friends you never knew. Of course, the game (suitable for four to eight players) also provides plenty of laughs and some serious truth bombs.


An Activated Charcoal Hair Mask That Strengthens Hair Follicles And Balances The Scalp

No doubt you're hip to the pore-cleansing benefits of activated charcoal in skincare, but our scalps also need sebum-cleansing and oil-balancing care, and this charcoal hair mask delivers. Formulated especially for dry, weakened, and chemically processed hair, this mask strengthens strands and makes hair more elastic, thanks to an impressive ingredient list that includes activated charcoal, green tea extract, vitamin C ester, provitamin B5, and vitamin E.

In addition to smoothing out split ends, this mask should be applied from your roots to your ends because it works deep to strengthen hair follicles and prevent breakage and shedding.


A Four-In-One Immersion Blender To Make Soups And Smoothies

If the only thing keeping you from that healthy breakfast smoothie is the chore of having to wash 100 blender attachments, eliminate that problem altogether and invest in this immersion blender. The blender is inserted directly into your pot, bowl, or cup, and its multi-speed options lets you puree, juice, or chop food into perfection. Make everything from mashed potatoes to smoothies to delicious soups — then pop all of the blender's parts into your dishwasher and forget about them.


These Supportive Gel Pillows That Are Great For All Sleeping Positions

It's not easy to find a supportive pillow that suits a variety of sleeping positions, but this gel pillow has more than 4,500 mostly positive reviews for one major reason: It's comfortable. Available in standard, queen, king, and Euro sizes, these pillows are plush and resistant to dust, mildew, and mold, making them an ideal choice for allergy sufferers.


A Wireless, Portable Hand Massager With Seven Attachments For Every Part Of Your Achy Body

With six vibration modes, an ergonomic handle that's long enough to reach every part of your back, and a lightweight, wireless, portable design, this handheld massager is perfect for on-the-go massage therapy. It comes with seven interchangeable attachments that can be used to relieve muscle pains and aches on every part of your body, from your scalp to your feet.


A Waterproof Electronics Organizer With Plenty Of Small And Large Pockets

This water-repellent nylon electronics organizer has a secure double zipper opening and top handle that make it simple to carry. With 10 small and large mesh pockets, as well as 17 elastic loops in varying lengths for cables and earphones and an outer and inner pocket to store money, you may find yourself using this in place of a wallet or even as a techie substitute to your purse. It comes in four colors: dark blue, black, gray, and black and grey.


A Cold-Pressed Organic Rosehip Oil For Acne, Eczema, And Dermatitis

Move over, argan and coconut oils — rosehip seed oil is the latest, greatest multi-purpose skin care oil that can help heal everything from acne to dermatitis and even eczema. This cold-pressed organic oil absorbs quickly and is ideal for all skin types. It's rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and can be used on your body, face, and lips to provide amazing hydration and help fade scars.


A Double Serving Bowl For Snacks And Their Pits, Peels, And Shells

How often do you grab a handful of pistachio nuts at a party (or edamame or anything else with a casing or shell), only to find there's no place to actually put the remainders of your delicious snack? This double dish serving bowl solves that dilemma for you and your guests by providing two layers — one for your snack and one on the outside where you can discard shells, pits, and peels. The bowls come apart, can be used separately, and everything is dishwasher-safe.


A Gentle Microfiber Towel That Reduces Static And Dries Hair Fast

Wrapping your wet hair in an ordinary towel often does little to actually absorb water and can cause major static. This microfiber hair towel has a stretchable tie loop that transforms it into a turban, and it's lightweight and absorbent. It's also resistant to odors, machine washable, and excellent at reducing frizz and static.


These Solar-Powered LED-Lit Mason Jars For Sweet Outdoor Lighting

Add a charming lighting element to your backyard with these solar-powered LED-lit mason jars, which provide six to 10 hours of light at night and recharge during the day. The glass lamps open at the top and can hold small ornaments and decorations, too. These are perfect for outdoor parties and camping trips.


A Silk Pillowcase That's Gentler On Your Skin And Hair

If you've ever woken up to find your hair tangled and your skin indented from pillow marks, you've probably wondered if there was a better way to sleep — and there is, if you get one of these zippered silk pillowcases. Each one is made from 100 percent mulberry silk, which makes it extremely gentle on your skin and hair, and it's also hypoallergenic and breathable. It comes in 14 colors and four sizes: queen, king, standard, and toddler.


These Hydrating Sock Sleeves Made With Gel For Rough, Cracked Heels

There's no reason why you should have to wait for your next pedicure or spa appointment to relieve dry, cracked heels. Just wear these moisturizing socks, which are infused with gel, and they'll naturally and effectively keep your feet hydrated and soft. They're made from a breathable cotton blend and provide compression and support, and one size fits most feet.


A Screen For Pans That Prevents Dreaded And Dangerous Oil Splatters

If you're frying or sautéing, you can pretty much guarantee that some of the oil you're cooking with is going to rise up, splatter, and make the most annoying mess. And there's really only one cooking accessory that can help: this genius splatter screen that fits most 10-inch pots and allows steam to escape while completely blocking oil mists and splatters. It's made from BPA-free silicone that can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees, and it's dishwasher-safe.


A Natural Charcoal Filter That You Pop Into A Pitcher Of Water

Don't worry about purchasing a separate system that filters impurities from tap water — all you have to do is plop one of these activated charcoal sticks into any pitcher and it gets to work naturally filtering water. It comes in three sizes, including regular, extra large, and to-go for portable cups, and one stick lasts four months before it needs to be replaced.


A Colorful 10-Piece Knife Set That Prevent Cross-Contamination

This colorful 10-piece knife set includes a chef, serrated, paring, carving, and utility knife with matching blade guards for each. Each quality knife is made from stainless steel and free of BPAs and lead. In addition to adding a fun pop of color to your kitchen, these knives make it easier to remember which you were using to prep different foods, which prevents cross-contamination.


An All-Season Reversible Throw Blanket Made From Sherpa Fleece And Flannel

Keep this reversible blanket on your couch or bed at all times and chilly nights will become a thing of the past. This lightweight, breathable, and warm blanket is designed from sherpa fleece and has a 2-inch hem. It comes in twin, queen, king, or throw sizes and is offered in two colors: navy or grey. It's machine washable, won't shrink in the wash, and is as cozy as a blanket gets.


A Sugary Lip Scrub With Exfoliating Ingredients From Hawaii

Exfoliate dry lips with the sweetest ingredient on planet earth: sugar. This cruelty-free lip scrub is made with Maui sugar, shea butter, and kukui oil from Hawaii, and is free of parabens and phthalates. Massage it onto your lips to remove dead skin, then tissue it off and apply some balm for the softest, sweetest-smelling lips ever.


A Comfy, Wire-Free Bralette With Soft Cups And A Lace Underband

As this comfortable bralette proves, there really is such a thing as a supportive, wireless bralette with soft cups and a scoop neck that you can wear with anything. Ideal for cup sizes A to C, this nylon and spandex bralette is seamless and has lined cups and adjustable shoulder straps. It comes in nude, black, aqua, and astral aura (a purple blue) and features a pretty lace underband that won't dig into your skin.


An Expandable Makeup Organizer That Adjusts To Fit Inside Of Your Drawers

Prevent clutter and keep makeup from crowding your counters with these expandable makeup organizers that can be adjusted to fit bathroom and vanity drawers. At its smallest size, each organizer has six compartments, but can be widened to create seven compartments that hold eye shadows, blush, tweezers, false lashes, lipsticks, and more. They're made from BPA-free, shatter-resistant plastic that wipes up spills with just soap and water.


A Flat Food Colander That Can Be Placed In Your Sink Or Submerged Into Boiling Water

Most colanders are limited in how much they can hold, but this flat, multi-use version can be inserted into sinks or submerged into boiling water to capture food peels and other waste. It comes in green, red, or white, features a star pattern, and is dishwasher-safe and made from FDA-approved, food-safe polypropylene.


An Acupressure Massage Mat Made From Organic Cotton And Linen

With over 5,000 ergonomic plastic spikes that cover this organic cotton and linen acupressure massage mat, every part of your body can benefit from an increase in blood flow and deep tissue therapy. Whether you have a stiff neck, lower back pain, or persistent headaches, there are many wellness experts who agree that spending just 15 minutes each day relaxing or doing yoga on an acupressure massage can help. This one even comes with a travel bag so you'll never have to be without it.


A Silicone Cooking Accessories Starter Kit

Prevent oven burns, splatters, and cooking messes with this silicone starter kit that comes with mini oven mitts, a pot holder, and a sealing lid for pots or pans. They have textured, non-slip grips, and one reviewer writes: "This is my first time using silicone products and, I must say, I'm quite impressed and a big fan now. I had my doubts about them being protective from the heat so I was a little skittish when I first tried them out but they work like a charm."


An Adjustable Lumbar Back Pillow For Extra Support

Want to make your chair more comfortable and give your back the support it deserves? Attach this memory foam lumbar support back pillow to stiff office and car chairs, and your back and neck will benefit from a softer place to rest. The bar is designed to follow the natural curve of your spine, and two adjustable straps keep this cushion securely in place.


A Portable Hammock That Fits Two People

Hammocks are a pretty genius invention — who wouldn't want to rest between the trees? There's only one way you can improve upon the design: make it a portable parachute hammock that's super durable and roomy enough to fit two people. This huge hammock accommodates up to 400 pounds and comes with two sturdy straps and two carabiners that make it a breeze to set up. It comes in 11 colors, is made from water-resistant nylon, and can be folded up into a compact bundle for travel.


These Spiky Porcupine Massage Balls That Relieve Aching Muscles

A comforting massage can be yours anywhere, thanks to these therapeutic massage balls. The spiky porcupine balls, which come in two sizes, can be used anywhere on your body — from your feet to your scalp — to stimulate muscles, promote better blood circulation, and relieve cramps and pain. It also comes with a travel bag so you can take them to the gym or on vacation.


A Gadget That Makes Freshly Brewed Coffee On The Go

Enjoy freshly brewed coffee any time with this manual coffee grinder — it'll easily grind beans into the fine or coarse grains of your dreams. This noiseless gadget is perfect for vacation or early mornings at the office, has an adjustable burr mill that can make anything from Turkish espresso to AeroPress coffee, and its stainless steel body is both durable and easy to clean.


An Activated Charcoal Peel-Off Mask For Clearing Out Pores

Dealing with blackheads is an ongoing chore for most of us because few products are able to get rid of the stubborn dirt and oil that clogs our pores. But the activated charcoal in this black mask peel has been shown to effectively deep clean pores and make them appear smaller, according to hundreds of happy reviewers. Apply the exfoliating mask (which also contains soothing aloe vera) to your face and allow it to dry a bit before peeling away. Most reviewers agree this mask makes their face cleaner and smoother.


A Multi-Tool That Fits Right On Your Keychain

You probably aren't walking around carrying a tool box in your purse, but you never know when you're going to need a bottle opener or screwdriver, so why not be prepared? This carabiner keychain serves 12 tool purposes: It's a bottle opener, wrench, screwdriver, can opener, and more. Plus, it fits right on your keychain so you'll forget it's there until you need it (and then you'll be everyone's hero).


These Memory Foam Flip Flops With Three Layers Of Comfortable Support For Tired Feet

Keep your feet warm and comfortable indoors — and keep yourself from sliding all over slippery floors with a pair of these memory foam flip flops that have a moisture-wicking velvet lining. These all-season slippers have an anti-skid textured bottom and three insole layers: high-density memory foam, high elastic sponge, and a layer of a high elastic sponge heel that protect and support your feet.


A Heated Straightening Brush That's Easy To Use And Features Temperature Settings For All Hair Types

Forget fumbling with clamps and frying your hair for the sake of silky, straighter strands — this heated straightening brush is a wide, dense heated brush that you glide through sections of your hair. It features ionic technology that prevents static and frizz and, with four temperature settings ranging from 330 degrees to 450 degrees, it's ideal for all hair types.


An Apple Slicer That Cores And Cuts Fruit In Seconds

Why spend time peeling an apple (or pear) when you can pop that baby into this apple slicer, push down on the handles, and watch in amazement as stainless steel blades produce perfect sections of sliced apples to enjoy? This tool is a must for anyone who loves fruit, and it's easy to disassemble and pop into the dishwasher for fast cleaning.


This Pure And Fragrance-Free Almond Oil For Smooth Skin

Almond oil is an amazing natural moisturizer and aromatherapy carrier oil that's a rich source of vitamin E. You can use this multipurpose and fragrance-free almond oil to hydrate dry skin patches (even on sensitive skin), seal rough nail and hair cuticles, and remove stubborn makeup.


An Eye Mask That Blocks Out Almost All Light

Get a better sleep with this eye mask cover — it blocks out most light (99.9 percent, to be exact), provides ample space for your nose, and lifts up at the eyes just enough to not put any pressure on them. This mask feels feather-soft on your face and won't even mess with your eye makeup while you're napping. It has an adjustable elastic Velcro strap and is made from smooth memory foam that retains its shape.


A Two-In-One Essential Oil Diffuser And Cool Mist Humidifier

Whether you use this sweet gadget as an essential oil diffuser or cool mist humidifier, you'll get a ton of use out of this smart purchase. It holds up to 300 milliliters of water for a run time that ranges anywhere between six to eight hours nonstop (just set the timer to one of four time options), and it even comes with a choice of seven colored lights that illuminate your room to double as a night light. Thanks to ultra-sonic diffusing technology, your oils and water are broken down into fine micro-particles without the use of any heat whatsoever.


A Wearable Cold Towel That Stays Cool For Hours

When you're experiencing the heat wave to end all heat waves — or just can't seem to get cool in your car, house, or while winding down at the gym, run the Chill Pal under cold water, snap it, and wear it in one of 12 ways to cool down your body temperature. This accessory stays cold for hours and can be worn around your neck, as a hair cover, and along your forehead, which can also help relieve headache and migraine pain.


A Foot Massager That Stimulates Trigger Points

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or other chronic foot pain, this massaging roller will become a valuable tool that controls aches and makes your feet (and entire body) feel more at ease. The roller is designed to target trigger points in your feet and its textured nubs and grooves stimulate and relax your arches and heels.


A Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner That Picks Up Wet And Dry Messes

Without any warning at all, your car can quickly become a receptacle for the messiest things: pet hair, crumbs, leaves, dirt, sand, beverage spills — the list never ends. This corded car vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to handle both wet and dry messes, and its 14.8-foot cord provides enough to freedom to work your way from the front of your car to your trunk without hassle. It features a powerful suction, comes with a variety of cleaning attachments, and plugs right into a cigarette lighter.


A Toner Made With Vitamin C And Organic Fruit Extracts For Clearer Skin

Toners are sometimes overlooked in skincare, which is a shame because a really good one — like this vitamin C-infused formula — provides benefits that include preparing your skin for better absorption of serums and moisturizers. This alcohol-free toner also contains aloe vera and alpha hydroxy acids that help with cell turnover for clearer skin. A blend of antioxidants that include vitamin C, orange peel, and cranberry fights free radicals and keeps you glowing.


A Foldable Lighted Makeup Mirror With Magnification

This super-bright lighted makeup mirror has 21 LED lights and a variety of magnification options for the perfect makeup application or incredible close-ups to grab pesky stray brow hairs. It operates via batteries or a USB cable and has a tri-fold design so you can easily fold and store it when it's not in use.


These Glass Water Bottles That Are Safer For The Environment

The less plastic in the environment, the better — and drinking your water from these reusable glass water bottles can help. They don't alter the taste of your water and each 18-ounce bottle comes with a leak-proof stainless steel cap. The bottles are made from recyclable materials and are free of BPAs, and they even come with a nylon protection sleeve.


A Fragrance-Free Bubble Bath With Natural Oils That Soothes Sore Muscles

Bubble baths are a luxury that some of us can't get into because most formulas are too drying or irritating to sensitive skin. But this botanical bubble bath is formulated with natural essential oils like eucalyptus, lemon, pine, and arnica to soothe aching muscles and make you feel refreshed and awake. It's also free of synthetic fragrances, GMOs, and gluten, and is cruelty-free.


These Packing Cubes For Better Clothing And Laundry Organization On Trips

Keep clean clothes and dirty laundry organized and make packing for trips a lot more pleasurable with these packing cubes, which take up less space in your luggage and are made with strong, water-resistant nylon to protect clothing. You'll receive extra large, large, medium, and small zippered cubes that hold everything from jackets to socks and accessories.


A Book That Teaches You How To Love And Accept Yourself

The most important love of all is the love you give yourself — and The Self-Love Experiment is a beautiful book full of 15 principles to help you accept yourself and keep you from sabotaging your own happiness. The author guides you through a journey that she embarked upon and led to her own amazing self-love.


An Ice Roller To Relieve Migraines, Headaches, And Puffy Eyes And Skin

Once a headache or migraine rolls around, your best option (lay down and try really hard to fall asleep) isn't always feasible given our busy schedules. But keeping this ice roller in your freezer and on hand can help — just roll this natural tool along your forehead and temples to relieve pressure and pain. You can also use it to calm puffy skin and cool down after stepping in from the hot sun.


Your Own Personal Organic Vegetable Garden

No matter how much (or how little) space you have in your home, you can grow healthy organic veggies with this organic vegetable growing kit. It comes with non-GMO and organic seeds for growing cherry tomatoes, Spanish onions, carrots, broccoli, and zucchini. You'll also get soil pellets, biodegradable peat pots, and a step-by-step guide to growing — so a green thumb not necessary.


A Digital Alarm Clock With Six Levels Of Brightness And A Temperature Reading

This bigger, brighter, and better digital alarm clock is perfect for every bedroom. It features six adjustable levels of brightness, a progressively-beeping alarm, a snooze setting, a large and easily-readable display, and outside temperatures and humidity levels so that you never make a mistake choosing your outfit and shoes for the day. Conveniently equipped with dual USB ports, you can use one to charge your devices and the other to power your clock with the included adapter. Or, you can opt to use three AA batteries for power instead.


An Adjustable Ring Stand For One-Handed Operation That Doubles As A Kickstand

Whether you’re walking with your phone in hand, are trying to mount your device to your car vent, or are looking for a secure, germ-free place to rest your phone (good luck with that), this adjustable ring stand provides a solution for both situations. The ring is made from sturdy zinc alloy and stainless steel has 360-degree rotation and sticks effortlessly to the backs of phones using 3M adhesive tape. It comes in rose gold, silver, or grey and makes it easier to hold your phone with one hand and store it without worrying about it touching dirty tables and counters.


A Portable, Manual Gadget That Easily Cuts And Chops Veggies

Toss all of your favorite vegetables into this handy gadget and chop them into fine pieces or use it to make tasty dips in seconds. No need to find an outlet, either — after throwing in the ingredients of your choice and locking the lid, the hand-powered tool has a string and a handle that you simply pull to cut and slice food to perfection. Even better, the sealed lid means it's safe to store food in, and all parts are dishwasher-friendly.

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