49 Genius Things That Will Make You Way More Efficient For Less Than $35 On Amazon

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Some products are more than just fun — they're absolute game-changers when it comes to helping you lead a more productive life. Maybe your kitchen has limited storage space, or maybe you have trouble staying organized? No matter what your problem is, there's probably a useful product out there can help solve it.

But not all products have to come with expensive bells and whistles in order to help make you more efficient. Some of the ones I've included on this list are even pretty low-tech — you can't argue that using a daily planner is an easy way to help improve your time management skills. But then there's also the organizing purse insert that you've probably never seen in stores, as well as the grooming gloves that simultaneously massage your pet as you remove excess fur. And because "efficiency" shouldn't always equate to "expensive," I've made sure that each item on this list is less than $35.

Whether you're looking for easy ways to keep your house clean, or simply window shopping for later, these genius products are perfect for getting a leg up on your daily duties — without breaking the bank.

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