49 Weird But Genius Items Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists

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If you've spent any time on Facebook lately, you've probably seen those videos of strange but trendy products — stuff like adhesive bras, painful peel-off charcoal masks, and miracle foundations that supposedly cover over Sharpie marks. Well, there's infinitely more of these weird but genius products on Amazon wish lists. People can't seem to get enough of them, and instead of sketchy international vendors, you can buy them straight from the world's most reliable retail site.

Like every other shopping website, Amazon has a search bar and a navigation menu. However, there are tons of other features that you can use to find new and interesting products, and the most wished for list is one of them. This is where Amazon tallies and compiles all of the products that people are adding to their wish lists on a daily basis. Then it breaks them down into specific categories, so you can find something that's right up your alley.

That being said, with over 300 million users, some of these lists can get a little bit overwhelming. That's why I picked out some of the most surprising yet awesome products that people can't wait to get their hands on.


This Earbud Case Prevents Dirt, Kinks, And Knots

Budley Tangle-Free Ear Bud Case, $10, Amazon

The Budley tangle-free case effortlessly stores standard sized earbuds, power cords, and other cables while eliminating knots and kinks that cause damage over time. It’s portable and lightweight for storage in your bag, suitcase, or pocket, and it has a hidden area to keep your earphones clean. It also comes in a bunch of fun colors.


The Natural Scrub That Tackles Acne And Blackheads

Tea Tree Oil Exfoliating Scrub, $14, Amazon

When it comes to acne, blackheads, and dead skin, people are so psyched about this Tea Tree Oil exfoliating scrub. In addition to naturally antibacterial tea tree oil, it's got detoxifying ingredients like activated charcoal, neem oil, and coconut oil. It's also vegan, cleanses without drying out your skin, and even battles foot and body odors.


This Ridiculously Funny Game Based Off Memes

What Do You Meme?, $30, Amazon

A game made specifically for millennials, What Do You Meme? is like Cards Against Humanity with all your favorite internet icons. Match pictures of memes to hypothetical situations, and the funniest and most clever answers win. Reviewers say it's definitely not for children, but they also "laughed so hard playing this game that I had a full six pack of abs by the time I woke up the next day."


This Sticky Pad So You Can Mount Your Phone Just About Anywhere

Sticky Gel Pads, $9 (Pack of 4), Amazon

Because they adhere to both your device and any surface using a temporary adhesive, these multi-purpose cell phone sticky gel pads are awesome for driving navigation, reading recipes, watching videos, or taking group shots. When they start to lose their stick, simply rinse with water to clean and reuse.


This Shower Mat That Lets You Exfoliate Your Feet While You Wash Your Hair

JNSM Loofah Shower Mat, $25, Amazon

Make your shower even more luxurious with this loofah shower mat that attaches to your bath with eight suction cups. The fast-drying non-slip mat is mildew and stain resistant making your shower even cleaner. The loofah texture also exfoliates your feet throughout the shower for an easy deep clean. Another added bonus: Reviewers noticed the mat catches hair before it can go down the drain to prevent clogging.


This Pillow Made With Aloe Vera And Bamboo

Bamboo Aloe Vera Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, $22, Amazon

This memory foam pillow is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, will properly support and shape to your head and neck, and is great for back, stomach, and side sleepers. It's also made from bamboo which helps with ventilation and will keep you cool all night.


The Headphones You Can Fall Asleep In

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones, $16, Amazon

Whether you need to drown out your partner's snoring or sleep on a plane, CozyPhones sleep headphones are a genius invention. They're a breathable, comfy layer of fabric that doubles as a sleep mask and has flat speakers so you can listen to music or podcasts while resting. They're also flexible, non-bulky, come with a durable braided cord, and come in a bunch of different colors.


This Super Slim Car Organizer That Keeps Your Stuff At Arm’s Reach

KMMOTORS Ultra Slim Car Pocket Organizer, $13, Amazon

If you’re constantly in need of more car storage, this ultra slim pocket organizer can help. It uses durable double-sided tape so you can install it anywhere you need it — whether that’s on the glove compartment, beside your seat, or near the steering wheel — and it’s great for your phone, loose change, cables, or important paperwork.


This Muscle Roller That Relieves Soreness

Elite Massage Muscle Roller Stick, $11, Amazon

This muscle roller stick is perfect for soothing cramps on the thighs, the back, or anywhere else you feel sore. The customizable pressure, smooth rollers, and convenient handles are wonderful for stimulating muscles, speeding up recovery, or just a nice massage. It's lightweight, great for travel, and athletes swear by it.


This Three-Part Blackhead Remover Kit That Lets You See The Results

Blackhead Remover Kit, $8, Amazon

This blackhead remover kit is a three-step process that you can actually see working. The dissolving serum loosens up dirt and oil, the pores pull out blackheads, and the finishing serum shrinks pores for a minimized appearance. “Oh my!” says one reviewer. “It got lots of gunk inside. I feel so clean.”


This UV Toothbrush Sanitizer That Cleans Your Toothbrush In Just Three Minutes

UV-LED VIO Toothbrush Sanitizer, $40, Amazon

Never worry about germs again with this toothbrush sanitizer that uses ultraviolet light to safely sanitize your toothbrush in just three minutes. The system fits most toothbrush heads and comes with two interchangeable liners designed to fit both longer and shorter toothbrush necks. It can be used up to 55 times before recharging through with a USB. Best of all, it doubles as a travel head that can clean 99 percent of germs while it protects.


These Pillows That Are Comfortable, Cooling, And So Easy To Care For

Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel Pillow, $30 (Pack of 2), Amazon

Crafted with a super plush gel fiber, these Zen Bamboo pillows support and contour your body in any sleeping position. With their luxurious bamboo cover, they’re resistant to mold, mites, and bacteria, and they’re cool and breathable if you tend to sweat at night. “We've tried a few different types of pillows over the last couple of years and these by far are the most comfortable,” says one reviewer who no longer wakes up with a stiff neck.


This Steam Hair Curler That Reduces Damage And Does All The Work For You

Automatic Hair Steam Curler, $63, Amazon

This automatic hair curler is epic for two reasons — it requires zero skill whatsoever and it uses steam to lock in moisture, reduce damage, and hold the style longer. The ceramic barrel pulls hair in, curls it, and beeps when it's ready, leaving you with gorgeous loose curls without any effort on your part.


This Planner That Gets You Organized Without All The Unnecessary Exercises

Live Whale Planner, $24, Amazon

Instead of overwhelming you with unnecessary writing prompts, the Live Whale Planner is designed to help you get organized as effortlessly as possible. It allows you to track your dates, budget, habits, and gratitude levels in a sleek, simple format that reviewers love: ”Exactly what I wanted. I love that it has not only the weekly and monthly calendar, but also the goal setting areas as well as the ‘brain dump’ areas.”


A Mask That Reverses Hair Damage Without Weighing It Down

Coconut Oil Hair Mask Conditioner, $11, Amazon

This sulfate-free coconut oil hair mask helps to reduce damage caused by heat, chemical processing, and split ends. It's also infused with natural oils and vitamins to help protect hair over time, and people say it left their hair feeling "soft and healthy looking" without looking "oily or flat."


This Charcoal-Infused Seat Cushion That’s Saving People’s Butts

CYLEN Memory Foam Bamboo Charcoal Seat Cushion, $16, Amazon

The CYLEN orthopedic seat cushion is weird because of its spine-hugging shape, but it’s even weirder because it’s infused with bamboo charcoal to keep it from smelling or getting moist under your butt. Reviewers say that the soft memory foam design “really saved their ass” after sitting for long periods of time while driving or working at a desk.


The Nail Clippers That Catch The Clippings

ABC Life Nail Clipper and Catcher, $12, Amazon

In addition to the fact that it's made out of sharp stainless steel blades for smooth, even cutting, this nail clipper also catches the clippings for you. It's also extremely durable, stand up to the strongest nails, and empties and cleans easily.


Use Vibration And Warmth To Get Rid Of Dark, Puffy Circles

TOUCHBeauty Sonic Vibration Eye Massager, $20, Amazon

Weird but surprisingly effective, this eye massager helps to promote circulation around the eye. It consequently reduces dark circles and puffiness, and it even has a warmth treatment for a relaxing experience —apply your favorite eye cream in conjunction with this for a soothing and relaxing experience.


This Balancing And Hydrating Toner That's Totally All Natural

Rose Water Toner, $13, Amazon

Looking for something that's both non-greasy and hydrating, as well as non-irritating, but clears acne? People are in love with this rose water toner. It uses 100 percent pure Moroccan rose water to even skin tone, balance pH, soothe the protective layer, help inflammation, and hydrate. One reviewer writes: "I've been using this for a few weeks now and I have to say the results are amazing. I have been using it 2x a day after washing my face and there is a very noticeable difference in the size of my pores and the overall glow of my skin!"


This Weird Thinking Putty That Relieves Stress

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, $14, Amazon

Because it can stretch like rubber and bounce like a ball, Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is great for fidgeting, stress relief, and physical therapy. It comes in 30 different colors, including glow in the dark and magnetic, and people say "it's very satisfying to squish and play with."


This Cute Gadget That Absorbs Odors Form The Fridge

Chilly Mama Fridge Odor Absorber, $13, Amazon

Fill the Chilly Mama with baking soda, put her in your fridge or freezer, and let the stale odors disappear in no time. It's specifically designed so that bad smells sink in and good smells flow out, and it's reusable, dishwasher safe, and really works. It'll keep food fresher for longer, too.


This Oval Makeup Brush Set That Makes Blending A Breeze

Duorime Oval Brush Makeup Set, $10, Amazon

This makeup brush set includes seven oval brushes to cover all your makeup application needs from foundation to contour. These brushes are made from raw synthetic fiber designed to pick up and distribute makeup products evenly across skin. With powerful blending abilities, it’s not a shock that these budget buys are some reviewers “favorite brushes.”


This Facial Hair Removal Tool That Works Without Pain Or Pinching

Bellabe Facial Hair Remover, $16, Amazon

This Bellabe facial hair remover gets rid of facial hair on your chin, lip, or cheeks, and it does so without any pain or pinching. Rather than turning to waxes or stinky creams, you can use this weird but genius device to lift the hairs directly from the roots. The technology works by trapping hair in the tool's precision coils and pulling outward in a smooth, bend-and-roll motion.


Stop Rug Curling With These Smart Corner Stickers

NeverCurl Rug Sticker, $12 (Pack of 4), Amazon

Can’t stand when your rugs curl up at the corners? These brilliant rug stickers use a weather-proof adhesive that sticks to the rug — not the floor — to keep all four corners down. It works inside or outside, and people say they work surprisingly well to stop ripples and rolling.


This Washable Silicone Makeup Sponge That'll Replace Your Beauty Blender

Silicone Makeup Sponge, $6 (2 Pack), Amazon

This silicone sponge applies your makeup smoothly, without absorbing any product. One reviewer even says that when the use this sponge, they need "roughly half of the amount of product" that they're used to using. It's designed to be used with any liquid product — like foundation, BB cream, and highlighter. Unlike makeup sponges made from other materials, it washes totally clean with minimal effort, and there's no drying time, either.


This Magnetic Bracelet That's Supposed To Help With Pain And Muscle Tension

Magnetic Therapy Bracelet, $40, Amazon

If you're skeptical about this magnetic therapy bracelet, check out the 900+ reviews raving about it. It claims to use powerful 3500 Gauss magnets to reduce pain, fatigue, and muscle tension from things like arthritis and carpal tunnel. It also comes in four different colors, is totally hypoallergenic, and has fully adjustable links so it can fit anyone.


This Adjustable Table For The Couch, Bed, Or A More Active Work Life

Avantree Adjustable Laptop Table, $40, Amazon

Create a standing desk, eat dinner on the couch, or surf Facebook in bed with this Avantree adjustable laptop table. Two auto-lock buttons quickly and easily adjust the height, it folds up for easy storage, and it's extra durable to hold your laptop, book, tablet, or food.


Deodorize Your Shoes With This Essential Oil Spray

Natural Mint Shoe Deodorizer, $13, Amazon

Because it fights bacteria and odors using only natural essential oils like tea tree and eucalyptus, people are all over this Natural Mint shoe deodorizer. It can be sprayed in your favorite pair or directly on your feet, and reviewers say it even helps with athlete's foot.


This Brush And Blow Dryer Hybrid

Revlon Salon One-Step Dryer And Styler, $34, Amazon

This brush is called the Revlon Salon One-Step, and that's because it simultaneously styles and dries your hair. It'll detangle and smooth your hair like a brush will, and it has two heat settings and ionic technology for frizz-free results.


This Brush And Blow Dryer Hybrid

Lescolton One-Step Dryer And Styler, $37, Amazon

This brush is called the Lescolton One-Step, and that's because it simultaneously styles and dries your hair. It'll detangle and smooth your hair like a brush will, and it has two heat settings and ionic technology for frizz-free results.


This Towel That’s Made From T-Shirt Material

Ultimate T-shirt Hair Towel, $20, Amazon

Ever heard that you should dry your hair with a t-shirt? This Ultimate T-shirt hair towel allows you to do just that, but with more convenience. In addition to causing less breakage and damage than your average towel, it’s big, soft, super absorbent, and stays in place with an elastic loop


These Outlet Covers With Motion-Sensor LEDs

SnapPower Guidelight, $17, Amazon

These brilliant SnapPower Guidelights replace your usual coverplates. The outlets work exactly the same, but each one features energy-saving LEDs that turn on when they sense movement. They install in seconds and are great for kids or people who need the bathroom in the middle of the night.


This Serum That Helps Grow Your Brows And Lashes Faster

Hairgenics Lavish Lash Growth Serum, $30, Amazon

Grow your lashes or brows fuller and faster with Hairgenics Lavish Lash. It’s a serum that’s loaded with nourishing ingredients, and people say it caused “No irritation for my eyes and my eyes are very sensitive.”


This Serum That Helps Grow Your Brows And Lashes Faster

Beautyness Eyelash & Eyebrow Advanced Growth Serum, $19, Amazon

Grow your lashes or brows fuller and faster with this lash serum, which promises a boost in eyelash thickness and in volume over the course of just 15 days. This allergy-free serum strengthens hair follicles in both your lashes and brows and reviewers say it works wonders on short lashes that have been damaged by extensions.


This USB-Rechargeable Callus Remover For Super Smooth Feet

Dr.HeiZ Rechargeable Callus Remover, $22, Amazon

Get rid of cracked heels and rough feet with this Dr.HeiZ callus remover. The rechargeable USB battery powers a 360 degree rotating head that buffs away dead, tough skin, and it's got a built-in LED light so you can see what you're doing.


This Alarm Clock That Hacks Your Circadian Rhythm

Warkit Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock, $31, Amazon

Hack your circadian rhythm with this Warkit wake-up light alarm clock. Instead of using a jarring noise, it wakes you up gradually with a soothing light that mimics the sunrise. It also showcases the time, has six customizable colors, and doubles as sound machine with five natural noises, too.


These Foot Masks Cause The Dead Calloused Skin To Literally Peel Off

Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask, $20 (2 Pairs), Amazon

These weird but effective exfoliating foot peel masks help you get baby-soft feet in as little as a week, and that’s because they literally cause your feet to shed off the dead skin in sheets. Simply put on the booties, let them sit for about an hour, and rinse off your feet. Then watch as the callouses and rough skin melt off within days.


These Foot Masks Cause Your Dead Calloused Skin To Literally Peel Off

Bad Air Sponge, $11, Amazon

This non-toxic Bad Air sponge works by neutralizing odor molecules in the air, getting rid of smells from pets, mildew, mold, urine, sewer gas, cleaning products, and paint. One reviewers says, "Cigarettes, burnt plastic, and skunk -- this worked for all of them!" while another comments, "This is magical."


This Bladeless Lint Remover That Keeps Your Clothes And Blankets Looking Like New

Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover, $20, Amazon

Three interchangeable edges safely get rid of all the pilling on your favorite sweaters, knitted items, and coats. Best of all, the Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover contains no motors or blades that might damage your clothing — instead, it gets rid of pet hair, lint, and dandruff using a special grabbing fabric that reviewers call “a miracle.”


This Muscle Roller That Reduces Pain And Relieves Muscles

Vancic Two-Wheel Muscle Massage Roller, $11, Amazon

Skip the masseuse with this two-wheel massage roller that deep massages tissue with specially designed bumps to break down fascia and relax muscles. The ergonomic roller is just six inches long, letting it precisely reach every part of the body to help improve circulation and treat muscle fatigue. One reviewer wrote it was a great massager and let them relieve “those tight spots and trigger points.”


This Weird Hanger To Organize Your Accessories

Whitmor 10 Hook Accessory Hanger, $8, Amazon

If your belts, ties, or scarves are all over your closet floor, the Whitmor accessory hanger can help. It’s got ten hooks with a slip-resistant vinyl coating to keep all your accessories neat and organized. It’s also durable and well-made, and some people even use it for jewelry and purses.


This Brilliant Notebook With Reusable Pages

Nu Board Memo, $15, Amazon

If you're a chronic doodler or go through sticky notes like nobody's business, check out the Nu Board Memo. It's a reusable notebook that has 8 dry-erase pages, so when you're done with your lists, notes, and drawings, you can start over again without the guilt of wasting paper.


This Detachable Phone Lens For Fish-Eye, Wide Angle, and Macro Photos

3-in-1 Phone Camera Lens, $14, Amazon

Take your Instagram game to the next level with this three-in-one clip-on lens that attaches to any phone or tablet. Choose between a fisheye lens, macro focus, or wide angle shot for dynamic photos that look professional. The high-quality lens gives you a DSLR level experience with an AR coating that reduces glare and ghosting.


This Phone Mount Is The “Easiest To Use” According To Reviewers

Scosche Magnetic Window Mount, $14, Amazon

The Scosche magnetic mount attaches to your dashboard or window using a convenient suction cup design that won’t damage your car. Then it attaches to your phone, GPS, or navigation using a strong magnet, so you never again have to fiddle with annoying cradles and release buttons.


This Korean Peel-Off Brow Gel That Actually Stays

Etude House Tint My Brows Gel, $8, Amazon

This Korean Beauty favorite is called Etude House Tint My Brows, and it's a gel formula that lasts way longer than powders. It dries into a wax-like substance, and when you pull it off, your brows are tinted, defined, and shaped. It also comes in light to dark shades for any hair color.


These Silicone Brushes That Don’t Absorb Product, So Your Makeup Lasts Way Longer

Silicone Makeup Brush Applicators, $13 (Set of 7), Amazon

These silicone makeup brushes take the genius idea of a silicone sponge and apply it to brushes. It comes with six different sized brushes and a sponge, all of which are easy to clean, easy to use, and won’t soak up all your excess makeup.


This Balm Stops Your Glasses From Slipping Down Your Nose

Nerdwax, $11, Amazon

This genius invention is called Nerdwax, and it's specifically designed to stop your glasses from slipping down your nose. Whether it's your sunglasses at the beach or your prescriptions at yoga, it's made with gentle ingredients that provide friction without irritating your skin.


This Salt Lamp That Doubles As An Essential Oil Diffuser

Aroma Diffuser Himalayan Salt Lamp, $25, Amazon

When the bulb heats up this Himalayan salt lamp, the natural salt releases negative ions into the air. They cling to allergens and impurities, making your space cleaner and fresher. Unlike regular Himalayan lamps, though, this one's got a dimmer and a spot for essential oils, so it doubles as a diffuser.


This Container Keeps Guacamole Green For Days

Casabella Guac-Lock Container, $16, Amazon

Leftover guacamole browns within hours, but this Casabella Guac-Lock container keeps it fresh and green. It uses a special mechanism to press all the air out of the container, and it doubles as an attractive serving bowl.

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