5 Heavy-Duty Hair Masks That Anyone With Split Ends Needs

No matter what type of hair you have, it's nearly impossible to avoid damaging it somehow — whether from chemicals, heat styling, or too-tight ponytails. Thankfully, many of the best hair masks for split ends are just a click away; use one in place of your conditioner on a weekly basis, and your hair will be healthy again in no time. As for which formula is right for you? That depends on your hair type.

For starters, shopping for split end-repairing masks is a lot like shopping for conditioner. If you have thick or curly hair, you'll do best to choose a mask with shea butter or ultra-nourishing oils (like jojoba, argan, and coconut). On the other hand, if your hair is fine, thin, or straight, you'll do better with lightweight moisture-restorers (like collagen, keratin, and ceramides); These ingredients are effective at treating damage, but won't cause your hair to become extra oily.

It's also important to note that while you can't technically heal an already damaged strand, the right product can smooth the follicle so that it looks shiny and feels softer to the touch. Also — and this is the number one reason to start using a reparative treatment ASAP — a mask with the right conditioners and additives can actually protect your hair from future damage. Stronger, healthier hair means that over time, your ends will be less susceptible to splitting, so whether you're currently dealing with damage or not, using a conditioning mask on occasion is a wise idea.


Best Overall: A High-End Treatment That Restores Moisture And Reduces Breakage

If your hair is particularly prone to dryness and you want to mimic a professional treatment at home, try Living Proof's Restore Mask. The results-driven formula can be used on all hair types (once or twice a week) to dramatically increase the strength of your hair and reduce existing damage. It's particularly great for dry, mature, or damage-prone hair. Overall, with the help of the brand's patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA), your hair will be left nourished, stronger, and visibly healthier. For best results, use with their Restore shampoo and conditioner — your hair will be back to its old, virginal self in no time.


Best Green Option: An Ultra-Hydrating, All-Natural Mask With Argan And Jojoba Oil

An Amazon favorite with over 3,000 positive reviews, ArtNaturals' Argan Oil Hair Mask is an all-natural hair treatment that targets and eliminates damage, dryness, and split ends. Safe and effective on all hair types (even color-treated), this mask contains argan oil, jojoba oil, green tea, and aloe vera in addition to keratin and amino acids, which reduce frizz and restore softness. After using this all-natural, deeply moisturizing, salon-style mask, your hair will feel and look revitalized, nourished, and healthy.


Best Budget-Friendly Pick: A Nutrient- And Protein-Packed Mask With Collagen And Ceramids

If you're looking for a highly effective mask for split ends that won't break the bank, try Korean brand Elizavecca's CER 100 Collagen Coating Protein Ion Injection Hair Essence. The highly-rated mask works to make damaged hair look silky, shiny, healthy, and vibrant. With keratin to reduce frizz, as well as collagen and ceramides to increase strength, elasticity, moisture retention, and damage-resistance, this formula is a convenient, at-home repairing treatment for all hair types, textures, and budgets.


Best For Coarse And Curly Hair: A Creamy, Strengthening Mask With Coconut Oil And Shea Butter

For those with thick, coarse, or curly hair, Carol's Daughter's Sacred Tiare Restoring Hair Mask is a great choice because it's packed with super conditioners like coconut oil, shea butter, and tiare — a type of shrub — which significantly reduce frizz, fight and repair breakage, and restore moisture and protein to your hair. It doesn't include any parabens, mineral oils, or petroleum in its formula, either, which is always a huge plus.


Best For Color-Treated Hair: A Keratin-Fortified Treatment Mask That Protects Hair From Environmental Stressors

Safe and effective on colored and chemically-treated hair, NatureLab. TOKYO's Perfect Haircare Repair Masque contains bamboo, keratin, and green tea and works as a nutrient-enhanced deep conditioning treatment to seal split ends and reverse damage. The formula, which harnesses the power of potent botanical extracts, also works to protect hair from environmental stressors and leaves it feeling smoother and stronger after just one use.

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