5 Best Lubes For Sensitive Skin

by Shayna Murphy

Lubricant can make sex feel better for all parties involved, but if you have sensitive skin that's prone to dryness, irritation, or other forms of discomfort, you need to be extra careful about what you're using. Fortunately, the best lubes for sensitive skin are formulated with this in mind, and they feature a blend of soothing ingredients that can help protect your skin and leave you feeling ready for anything.

But first, there are certain ingredients you should make sure to avoid. Spermicide, glycerin, and capsaicin (which is commonly found in warming lubes) are frequent inclusions in lubricant, though they can actually wreck havoc on delicate skin. Additionally, lubes formulated with added fragrances or parabens, which are often used as preservatives to prolong shelf life, can be equally harmful to skin.

With so many ingredients out there, shopping for lubes that won't provoke your skin can be downright confusing. That's why I've narrowed down some of the best options out there for sensitive skin. While there's no one perfect lube for everyone, finding one that's just right for the night can make you feel confident, relaxed, and ready to enjoy yourself.

(Note: Be sure to reach out to your doctor first if you're experiencing pain or irritation — especially if it's persistent).


The Best Overall

Both FDA-cleared and vegan-friendly, this natural lubricant from Aloe Cadabra is formulated with organic ingredients that are gentle on skin. It's pH-balanced and consists of 95-percent aloe, which absorbs into skin, helping to moisturize and relieve vaginal dryness. Since it's totally free of parabens, glycerin, oils, estrogen, and other harsh ingredients, this can really be a game-changer for those who have especially sensitive skin. It comes in a few different "flavor" options, but I recommend sticking with the natural, or "original aloe" for sensitive skin.

With more than 1,400 reviews on Amazon, this is also one of the most popular picks for lube. "If you're having trouble with regular lube, this is a good alternative for sensitive skin," wrote one reviewer. "It goes on easy, works like a charm and comes in lots of yummy flavors."


The Best Water-Based Lube

Water-based lubes get a bad rep for drying out quickly and being loaded with harsh ingredients that don't play well with sensitive skin, but this water-based lube from Blossom Organics is a big exception to that. It's formulated to relieve vaginal dryness and doesn't contain irritating ingredients like glycerin, alcohol, yeast, or parabens (it's even wheat-free, too!). On top of that, it's pH-balanced, glides on like silk, and washes off easily with water.

One reviewer raved: "It is the BEST! Feels natural, doesn't sting or irritate me, cleans up easy. It's a little thin but not annoyingly so. Does the trick and when we do have the chance to get busy this stuff makes it actually enjoyable."


The Best Silicone Lube

Perfect for sensitive skin, this silky, silicone-based lube from Penchant Premium is ultra-concentrated, condom-safe, and formulated for incredible glide. Made without glycerin or parabens, this lubricant is completely odorless, and it repels water, so it works well for steamy shower sex. "The best lube I have tried by far," noted one reviewer. "It does not dry sticky or messy. It is very hydrophobic too. I could go all night and it would still be wet after only using 3 tiny drops." The only downside is that this lube isn't safe to use with silicone sex toys.


The Best Hybrid Lube

If you're having a hard time choosing between a water-based or silicone lube, the answer is this Isabel Faye hybrid lube, which lasts long like silicone but is safe to use on all toys, like a water-based formula. Made without any glycerin or parabens, it lays on thick but doesn't leave skin feeling sticky or dry. In fact, reviewers say that it works really well as a moisturizer and can be good for massages or other types of foreplay (though it shouldn't be used with silicone toys).

The bottle features a convenient pump, so you can control how much you use. "Functions very well, lasts long enough for us, and is very easy to clean up," wrote one reviewer. "We have and have used 3-4 other brands, from silicone based, to hybrids, and just water base. This has not let us down and is a stock item for our nightstand."


The Best For Anal

Super thick and formulated specifically for sensitive skin, this silicone-based anal lube is a must-have for backdoor play. Waterproof and non-absorbent, it leaves skin feeling slippery smooth while helping to enhance your pleasure. (This is essential, because the anus and rectum aren't self-lubricating). This long-lasting lube is also free of fragrance, flavors, and parabens. One reviewer wrote: "[Gets] the job done. I prefer it to water-based because it lasts much longer. Some silicone lubes have irritated me, but this one doesn't." Just remember that it shouldn't be used with silicone toys.

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