These Personalised Suitcases Will Allow You To Live Out Your Best Love Islander Life

DyeFor / Amazon / HB London

Many of us will admit we have a bit of a thing for personalisation. In a world where we now have access to buy pretty much anything in our imagination (money permitting), we often crave something that is unique to us. The latest trend is personalised luggage, which has undeniably been boosted by the recognisable Love Island suitcases; white with vibrant writing scrawled across the front. Luckily for you, I found five personalised suitcases so you can live out your very best Love Islander life, this summer and beyond. You can thank me later.

The personalisation trend really started picking up last year, when Business of Fashion named it as "the number one trend of 2018." Even in 2017, Forbes recognised that personalisation on a wider scale in fashion was becoming more and more important, with "45% of luxury consumers ... asking for personalized products and services."

In the years following this declaration, personalisation has affected pretty much every facet of fashion you can think of. From monogrammed Burberry scarves to bags, wedding shoes, and alphabet jewellery, there's seemingly nothing you can't add a touch of bespoke personalisation to if you know where to look.

Having personalised luggage is cool for many reasons. First, just think of the endless Instagram opportunities. Now imagine you're waiting at the luggage belt surrounded by hundreds of the same looking navy blue hard case suitcases; yours will be easy to spot and, what's more, you'll be proud to pull it off. Personalised cases can also be practical and smart, too. Samsonite's engraving service, for example, allows you to add your address and phone number to your luggage in case it goes missing.

Convinced? Take a look at these top five ways to personalise your suitcase: