5 Travel Hair Brushes You'll Want To Bring Everywhere

By Emily Estep

When you're already struggling to stuff your makeup and toiletries into one bag, the last thing you have room for is a giant hair brush. But the best travel hair brushes are more than just small and easy to pack: They're also durable, come in options suitable for different hair types, and can be used to help you style.

Knowing your hair type and the type of brush that's necessary to keep your hair happy and healthy is essential. This is still the case when you're on the hunt for a solid travel brush. Yes, you may be on holiday for a week, but haircare knows no vacay.

Only you truly know which types of brushes pull at your hair and which types glide effortlessly, and you shouldn't settle when it comes to a travel brush. We've assembled a list of brushes made with nylon pins, boar bristles, and classic plastics in various designs, each of which will fit in your carry-on bag with room to spare.

Whether you're in the market for a pocket-sized comb or a heavy-duty detangler, there's a travel brush out there for you. Some fold, some have their very own mirrors, and some are just flat-out small — but they all detangle and style with ease.


A Tiny, Foldable Brush With A Mirror Inside

Louise Maelys Folding Travel Hair Brush, $6, Amazon

With a convenient, foldable design, this hair brush fits almost anywhere — even in your pocket — and it has a built-in mirror for touching up your makeup. The tips of its bristles are round and soft, and it's also available in a variety of cute colors.


A Popular Detangling Brush With A Protective Cover For Travel

Tangle Teezer The Compact Styler, $15, Amazon

This is the travel edition of the Tangle Teezer, one of the most popular detangling brushes on the market. It has a two-tiered system that combines long, detangling teeth with short, cuticle-smoothing teeth to remove tangles without damaging hair. The compact edition is obviously smaller and also has a cover to protect the bristles from picking up any debris that may be resting at the bottom of your bag.


A Detangling Brush That Actually Vibrates To Massage Your Scalp

TOUCHBeauty Vibrating Hair Brush, $17, Amazon

This travel brush does more than just detangle, it features two vibration settings that massage the scalp. It's easy to clean, too, because you can pop the pad and bristles right out of the holster, allowing you to run the brush under water. It also has an anti-static design to keep your hair shiny, and of course, it fits comfortably in any purse or toiletry bag.


A Folding Brush That You Can Use On Wet Or Dry Hair

Wet Brush Pop Fold, $10, Amazon

With a folding handle that allows you to stash it in your luggage or bag, this travel brush is designed to be extremely versatile — and it can be used on wet or dry hair. It's extra helpful if you like to detangle your hair right when you pop out of the shower and is so gentle that you can even use it on extensions and wigs.


A Mini Boar Bristle Brush That Comes With A Bamboo Comb

iLAZ Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set, $17, Amazon

This set comes with a boar bristle brush and a comb, both small enough for convenient travel. The brush is made of a combination of naturally-sheared boar bristles, nylon pins, and bamboo, designed to detangle hair while also distributing your natural oils evenly. And with a bamboo comb to slowly pick away at big knots before you go at them with the brush, you can significantly decrease hair breakage.

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