5 Cooling Face Masks That Could Take The Heat Out Of Your Hayfever Symptoms

Thegoodly/RooM/Getty Images

Hayfever season is upon us, and every year, thousands of us suffer with pollen allergies, myself included. From a scratchy throat to a blocked nose and sore eyes, the symptoms can be pretty distracting and uncomfortable. For those of us at the severe end of the spectrum, there might also be that overall feeling of itchiness and heat on the face, which is never fun. Over the years I've found my go-to allergy relievers: from antihistamines to eye drops, and even a spoonful of local honey if you can get it. But, what can also help to soothe and calm during hayfever season is a cooling face mask.

In particular, I've found that lightweight gel formulas are great for taking away that itchy feeling. They're naturally cooling and refreshing, and also leave skin feeling hydrated and calm. Sheet masks are another good option, usually packed with active ingredients, to further boost your complexion.

Here are five of our favourites face masks for hayfever season, to hopefully make your summer a little more manageable.

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