5 Easy Ramen Hacks To Keep You Cozy All Winter Long

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When you hear the word ramen, you likely think of one of two things — some of you picture a microwavable cup o' noodles, and some of you picture a steaming bowl of gourmet Japanese soup with thick, tangy broth and loads of toppings. Because the ingredients for authentic ramen are difficult to source for even the foodiest foodies (trust me, I've tried), I've assembled a list of easy ramen hacks to keep you warm this winter, and get your instant noodles tasting a little bit closer to the real thing.

In Los Angeles where I live and eat, to get even average ramen at a restaurant during winter, you're gonna be waiting outside in the cold (yes, I know) desert night for at least an hour, so learning how to make something to satisfy your cravings at home is a good idea on every imaginable level. Plus, it's a neat party trick if you're entertaining people for dinner. As an added bonus, you can even use your slow cooker to make your broth while you work, play, and do the rest of your living outside of your kitchen.

So here are some genius tweaks that you can incorporate into your ramen repertoire to make your soup game strong.

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