5 Foundations For Dark Skin Under £20, Because You Don't Need To Shell Out Loads Of Cash To Find Your Match

Vladimir Gjorgiev/Shutterstock

Finding a foundation shade that matches your skin tone can be a pretty arduous task when you have darker skin. Then when you finally find your perfect shade match, you never want to let that go. Many of my teenage years were spent on shopping trips with my friends feeling frustrated that there were so very few high street makeup brands that catered to darker skin tones. Luckily, the high street is finally catching up with the rest of the makeup world and there are now affordable foundations. Here are five of the best foundations for dark skin under £20.

For a long time, like many teenage girls, I wore the wrong shade of foundation. I look back at photos now and cringe because my face and neck were totally different colours. We've all been there, right? But for people with darker skin it's because there weren't too many other options. As Metro reports, presenter and comedian London Hughes recently spoke up about a makeup artist using hot chocolate powder on her face for a prime time TV job because they didn't have any makeup for black people. It's disgusting and totally unfair.

One of the main previous problems with high street foundations for darker skin tones was the "one size fits all" approach. This meant that there was a lack of multiple dark shades, and the few that were available didn't match people's undertones, making the skin look ashy. Brands like Fenty Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, and MAC have created an inclusive safe space within the makeup industry for people of colour and those with darker skin tones by finally catering to the nuances in peoples undertones. But these are luxury brands, and so aren't really accessible to everyone. Luckily now the high street is widening their colour spectrum so our skin can glow from the inside out.

Nyx Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation



Nyx is one of the heroes of the makeup world and this foundation is amazing. This is a full coverage foundation, but when it's applied with a beauty blender it delivers a medium coverage. This comes in 45 different tones so there will hopefully be one for your skin tone. It keeps the T-Zone matte so no fear of an oily breakout during the day and it doesn't look cakey. This is my high street go to.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation



At £5.99 a pop this foundation really is a steal. This is for normal to oily skin and it really does absorb all the shine on the skin, maintaining a matte finish. It's long wearing and unlike other matte foundations at this price point it doesn't make the skin feel heavy.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation


Cult Beauty

The Ordinary are really out here showing brands that you can have a broad range of colours for darker skin tones, at a good price and care about skin care. Amen for that. This gives a pretty flawless coverage and doesn't look cakey or settle into the creases in your skin. I am so here for this.

L'Oreal Paris True Match



With 28 shades in this range, and colours reflecting the warm and cool tones in your skin, this can be an amazing range for people with darker skin. It offers buildable coverage that conceals all your imperfections, if that's preferred, but doesn't mask your skin.

Revlon Colour Stay



This foundation is built for combination and oily skin and it keeps your T-Zone looking matte while letting in a small amount of your natural glow. It's buildable coverage and it really does stay on all day.