Serve Your Tea Piping Hot With These Beaut Instagram-Friendly Brands

by Sophie McEvoy
Tea And The Gang

It's no secret that the UK has a penchant for a nice warm cuppa, and boy do Brits know how to make the most out of this wonderful beverage — especially on social media. Whether it's the beautiful packaging that catches your eye or the amazing colours that herbal and fruit teas can produce, Instagram is becoming the place for companies to sell their brand and inspire tea lovers to broaden their taste buds. So if you're in the mood to revamp your feed with some of the most Instagram friendly tea brands, prepare to be inspired.

Straying from your typical brands like PG Tips or Tetley may make you feel slightly apprehensive, but expanding your tea palette will open your mind to so many beautiful flavours that you've never dreamed of. Not only that, but a lot of these infusions have an abundance of health benefits that help with anxiety, calmness, focus, and overall relaxation. Add that to how pretty these teas look before and after they're diffused and you'll wonder why it's taken you so long to venture into this realm of tea. If you're still unsure as to where you should actually start, the seven brands listed below will make you want to start a tea-based Insta ASAP.




Offblak is a great place to start if you want to try something other than traditional tea. By infusing unique flavours like earl grey and rose (named "Future Is Pink") and strawberry and pink pepper (named "Wild At Heart"), Offblak combines aesthetically pleasing and simplistic packaging with wild flavours aimed specifically at Generation Z.

You can buy Offblak's products here.


Love Leaf Tea

If you're a sucker for miniature accessories including tiny pegs, then Love Leaf Tea is just for you. The Newcastle based loose leaf tea brand focuses on "specialist teas, fruit and herbal infusions" and bringing the experience of tasting — and watching — loose leaf teas envelop your mug and teapot.

Love Leaf Tea also promote health and wellbeing with their teas, especially when it comes to the calming effects that lavender, valerian root, and peppermint can have on the body.

You can buy Love Leaf Tea's products here.


Tarn & Moon

Look. At. Those. Colours. Only a brand that specialises in capturing "the wildness of the Yorkshire Dales [...] with a haunting dark touch from the Bronte moors" could produce this mesmerising tea, and that's what Tarn & Moon specialise in.

This brand is steeped in nature, and has some seriously magical packaging to intertwine with their wild flavours and shades.

You can by Tarn & Moon's products here.


Tea And The Gang

Tea And The Gang

Made in the UK and influenced by Scandinavian design (think of it as the IKEA of tea), Tea And The Gang make the brewing of tea super easy and quick, along with some seriously amazing flavours by sourcing their whole leaf tea "from the best tea estates from around the world."

If that isn't a reason to pick up some of this brands blends I don't know what is. Plus, they are super photogenic.

You can buy Tea And The Gang's products here.



If you're perused the tea aisle of your local supermarket, you may have noticed these beautifully packaged temple tea bags then you'll know the allure of Teapigs. With so many different blends to choose from that infuse whole leaves, berries, spices, and flowers it's hard not to pick up at least one of their flavours on your weekly shop.

Their staple temple tea bags are just so aesthetically pleasing, and they're biodegradable too.

You can buy Teapigs products here.