5 New 2019 Fiction Releases That Are So Good, You'll Finish Them In A Day


Like many, I have been ruined by the internet. Where once, I could read novels back to back, a flight of stairs away from my phone and not remotely concerned about it, now I am obliged to Google every fleeting question the book inspires ("jeans styles in the '80s," for example), or read eight reviews of the book instead of simply forming some opinions myself. Once, I would read books on the bus or tube or long car journey; now, I read articles and Twitter threads and submit to the hands-free ease of a podcast. But with the help of these new 2019 fiction releases, so compelling I inexplicably finished them in a day, I've successfully reacquainted myself with a much-missed hobby. Turns out books are great, friends!

To be clear: I have no intention of relinquishing my internet habit (as long as there are dramatic advice columns to feel a little guilty about enjoying, I will continue to enjoy them). And neither should you! But if your bookshelf is looking neglected, allow me to introduce you to five mesmerising novels to revitalise it. An almost guarantee (I don't know your lives!): begin one of the books below, and you'll (probably) find yourself taking the long route to work for a few more uninterrupted moments with it.