5 New Domestic Thrillers You Don't Want To Miss This Summer

Every summer, bookshelves are flooded with new books for readers of every age and preference, but there is one particular shelf that seems to overflow: mysteries, thrillers, and crime novels. If you are one of the many readers who love to peruse this section looking for your next read, make sure to keep your eye out for these new domestic thrillers you don’t want to miss.

If you’re a fan of mysteries and crime fiction, chances are you’ve come across plenty of domestic thrillers in your reading. A broad genre that encompasses many different types of stories, domestic thrillers are tales of psychological suspense that typically take place at home or in the workplace and focus on interpersonal relationships. They feature narratives about family life, the development (and often the breakdown) of romantic relationships, and the evolution of mental health crises, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or some combination of each. Most importantly, though, the genre focuses on the female experience and explores the idea that domestic life is not always as simple, or as safe, as it appears to be. Because home isn’t always where the heart is. Sometimes, it’s where the horror is.

If you love intriguing stories of broken marriages, secret identities, missing children, and suburban murders, then be sure to pick up one of these new domestic thrillers that crime fiction fans will love.

'The Drama Teacher' by Koren Zailckas

Gracie Mueller is willing to do whatever it takes to keep a roof over her family's head when her husband's career as a real estate agent takes a turn for the worst — even if that means returning to the illegal and high-stakes lifestyle of her past. But when things start to spiral out of control, Gracie must answer some difficult and possibly dangerous questions about her former life. A piercing thriller about family, truth, and the lengths we go to in order to protect those we love, The Drama Teacher is a sizzling summer read that is not to be missed.

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'Whisper Me This' by Kerry Anne King

After a devastating phone call informs single mom Maisey Addington that her mother is in a coma and her father is facing charges of abuse and neglect, she is forced to return home to try and piece together what happened to her family. It's there that she discovers a secret that changes everything: she has a twin sister, Marley. Obsessed with unearthing the truth about her past, Maisey finds herself struggling to regain control of her life and maintain custody of her daughter, Elle. A dark and emotional thriller about abuse and the cycles it can create, Whisper Me This is a searing novel readers won't be able to put down.

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'I Will Never Leave You' by S.M. Thayer

From the outside looking in, banking heiress Trish and her Husband, James, have the picture-perfect life, complete with an adorable new baby that becomes the center of Trish's world. The only problem? James's mistress Laurel is the real mother. But that doesn't stop Trish from trying to make the child her own. Menacing and utterly thrilling, I Will Never Leave You asks readers to ponder one question: How far will you go in order to find happiness, and who are you willing to hurt in the process?

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'Jane Doe' by Victoria Helen Stone

To everyone at the Midwest insurance company where she works, Jane appears to be a perfectly ordinary woman, but underneath her practiced facade is a woman desperate for retribution. That's what drives her into Steven's arms: Her desire to find out his dirty secrets and expose them for all to see. A gripping tale of revenge, Jane Doe will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

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'Putney' by Sofka Zinovieff

At the center of this thought-provoking novel is an illicit relationship between a young girl and an artist 20 years her senior. Decades after the affair, the girl is now a grown woman, and she's forced to confront the truth about what happened all of those yeas ago. A unique thriller about consent, agency, and the past, Putney tells an important story readers get to see told from all sides.

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