These 5 Podcasts Created By Women Should Be Required Listening


For me, the best way to wind down after a long day is by changing into comfy pajamas, crawling into bed, putting on a podcast, and letting my mind drift off into ~relaxation~. As an avid podcast listener, I'm always on the hunt for new and exciting ones I haven't heard of before. And, these unique podcasts created by women are among some of my favorite I've come across.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular among Americans. Forty-four percent of Americans over the age of 12 say they have listened to a podcast, according to Edison Research, and that number is expected to grow.

Whether you are brand new to podcasts or a regular listener looking for something new to add to your mix, there are tons of podcasts out there that feature women and that are created by women. To celebrate this fact, this November WNYC Studios is hosting Werk It: A Women’s Podcast Festival in New York City that features everything from live tapings with your fave podcast personalities to mentoring sessions to opportunities to pitch your own ideas for a show. Plus, the presenter lineup is full of cool women whose projects should definitely be on your radar — including these five podcasts listed below.

Whether you prefer a true medical mystery podcast, podcasts that feature LOL-worthy comedy, or just podcasts about life, the options are limitless. Here are five cool podcasts created by women featured at Werk It 2018 that you should be listening to.



Bodies is created, produced, and hosted by Allison Behringer. Behringer came up with the idea for the podcast when intercourse became painful for her, and her doctor dismissed the claims. According to its website: "Bodies explores the forces of history, society and identity that shape women's health and affect the way the medical community treats people." Behringer hopes that Bodies can help women's voices be heard when it comes to their health and experiences.


'The Longest Shortest Time'

Hillary Frank created The Longest Shortest Time, a podcast described as "a parenting show for everyone." However, as its website states, you don't necessarily need to be a parent to listen. The podcast has gone on to win multiple awards from New York Festival’s World’s Best Radio, The Academy of Podcasters, the Webbys, and the Third Coast International Festival. The Longest Shortest Time was also critically acclaimed in The Atlantic and Time as one of the 50 best podcasts.


'The Habitat'

The Habitat is hosted by Lynn Levy, and this podcast is truly ~out of this world~. The podcast is about six volunteers living on a fake planet Mars on a remote island in Hawaii (seriously) as part of an experiment. The goal of this experiment is to provide NASA with some information on what life could be like on Mars IRL. Levy has been chronicling the experiment and communicating with the volunteers through audio diaries, and thus, the podcast was born. If you like sci-fi, this one's for you.


'Side Hustle Pro'

Nicaila Matthews Okome is the creator and host of Side Hustle Pro, a podcast featuring "bold, black women entrepreneurs who have scaled from side hustle to profitable business," according to its website. The podcast currently has more than one million downloads and a large social media following. If you're looking to turn your side hustle into a full time job, this podcast is a must-listen.


'Terrible, Thanks For Asking'

"Notable widow" Nora McInerny hosts Terrible, Thanks For Asking, a refreshingly open, funny, sad, and vulnerable podcast "about talking honestly about our pain, our awkwardness, and our humanness," according to its website. If you're looking for a podcast to take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, this one is your best bet.

All in all, you can't go wrong with any podcast, especially if they're created by women. Happy listening, people!